12 Reasons why Dance is Such a Great Fitness Activity

Regardless you are good at it or you are the one with two left feet, you must to admit that the dancing is something that always brings a good mood. It has always been a part of rituals in different cultures, celebrations, all over the world, in the ballroom, barns and clubs… Some of us are born with a sense of rhythm, some unfortunately not, but we have to admit that dance always brings some nice energy. Dance has a great influence on learning and brain development, as well as self-esteem. In addition, it brings many other benefits to our health, and it is often used as a fitness discipline.

Dance has numerous beneficial sides, for both mind and health, no matter how old are you. Children are meant to move always, and dance is a great way for it, so a lot of schools nowadays thinking about including dance classes in elementary and secondary school’s curriculum. Adults can enjoy dancing in their own home, disco, various social events, or in some local dance school, taking classes. One of these schools is Adelaide’s adult dance school. For more information about various dance lessons visit There are so many dance styles to choose from if you want to take classes, so there is some classical like ballet and the ones which involve partner, like a waltz, rumba, samba, salsa, tango. As well, there are some less classical types, such as hip hop, breakdance, pole dancing, etc…Which one of these are you going to choose to depend primarily on what do you want to achieve.

As we mentioned, dance is a great way to stay fit, for people of all ages, and these are just some of the mental and physical advantages that dance can bring:

  1. While you dance, a lot of calories are burned, and this is probably the most interesting way for doing it, because you have fun, but also lose weight. Do we need more reasons? Well, there is so much more.
  2. It greatly improves the condition, and thus maintains good health of the heart and lungs.
  3. Dance affects positively on muscular strength, motor fitness, and endurance
  4. While dancing, our upper and lower body work, so it strengthens muscles in both areas
  5. Dancing is a good fighter against and prevent various bone problems, such as osteoporosis, and it improves bone density.
  6. It improves the flexibility of joints and muscles because a lot of dancing styles involve a lot of movement and motion, especially those faster ones.
  7. Core muscles are very busy while dancing, and thus positively affect to building a balance of the body, and preventing various injuries.
  8. It lowers the high blood pressure and sugar levels in the body.
  9. In addition to physical benefits, dancing improves mental health as well. It has a positive effect on mental functioning and learning, problem solving, creativity, memory, and numerous other cognitive development.
  10. It improves social skills, primarily through exercising dance in classes, with a partner, in groups, clubs, etc.
  11. By practicing and starting to be better and better at dancing, our self-confidence is increasing each day. As well, by losing weight and starting to get the better shape of the body, and toned muscles, we are achieving greater self-esteem.
  12. What are the best positive effect of the dance is that it provides both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. While going to the gym, and working on resistance training, we are working on anaerobic fitness. By running, we focus on aerobic. Dance combines successfully both of these exercises, by jumping, turning, twisting, and moving in general, and holding different positions in various dancing styles. No matter what dance style you choose, you will definitely get a complete workout and the best fitness you ever had.

Dancing for fitness and exercises can be performed in any place you like. If you are an introvert, you will definitely choose your home, because you are free to make mistakes, and not to be embarrassed. As well, you can practice it whenever you want and whenever you are in a mood for it. Also, there are a lot of available videos online and tutorials for any type of dancing, which will teach you routines and first steps, but as well advanced dancing steps.

If you are a more extrovert and outgoing person, you will enjoy classes in your local dancing school, where you will meet your dancing partner, but also other people from the group. You may go on various dancing events, competitions, or you will be just much better on a club dance floor.

Music is one of the best things about dancing. It makes people move. In any fitness room, music is one of the most important parts. It affects good mood and driving force. This is the reason why the dance is never boring. Music is an integral part, and with the help of different rhythms, when hearing a beat,  it forces the body to get up and move. And you always have different steps and attractive choreography. This is the main reason why dancing is never boring and is always involving, exciting and amusing.

Before starting a dance session, you should behave as you are going to a fitness class. You need to do stretching and warm-up. Always wear layers of clothes, as you may want to take some off because you will get warm during the class. Also, choose appropriate dancing shoes, some you will be comfortable dancing in. Don’t push yourself hard, especially at the beginning, as you can get very tired pretty soon, get injuries or muscle pain. Like in the gym, dring plenty of water, all the time of the class. Always ask your instructor, are your moves good, or you need to improve some parts. It is good to cooperate with a partner all the time, if you have one, in order to synchronize your dancing moves. Dancing is a gentle category, so be sure to always move gracefully and easily.

Whichever style you choose, be sure that you will get yourself the most interesting way of fitness, that will bring some beautiful changes to your life. Don’t wait to start with this lovely way of getting your body and mind in good shape.

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