4 Reasons Why Bitcoins Has Such A Big Influence On Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has been there for quite some time now, and it has in recent years entered the current bull market. By entering this market, cryptos have made investors believe that it is robust enough, and can also stand tough times. It has gained significant popularity all over the globe and people are investing in it to gain major profits.

After crypto entered the bull run market, people have gained their trust again in the currency and are after buying bitcoins with the help of their credit cards. This enables them to participate in the financial revolution. People often pay attention to the alternative crypto choices to gain significant profits, and they trade in and out of them. To know more about bitcoin trading visit this site.

However, investors should always note that no matter how many cryptocurrencies enter the market, it will always depend on a major choice, i.e bitcoin. Let us know more about bitcoins and why it is preferred more by investors as compared to the other available options.

What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin came into existence in the year 2009 and was introduced by some mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. However, until now, the identity of this creator is not known. The main aim behind introducing bitcoin was to provide humans across the world with a common digital currency. This enables the users to exchange values or currency for things and doesn’t require any intermediary.

The creator expected that our current currency system will soon fail because it is dependent on central banks and the government. The answer to all such issues was one and only Bitcoin. It is a digital currency that has a limited supply. It would provide a hedge against inflation and will also open the economy of the internet to people across the globe.

The entire bitcoin industry is spawned by a handful of investors and miners and it is now evolved into a trillion-dollar financial system by the users. will provide more insights on how bitcoin is a major player in the crypto market.

You must have heard that the entire crypto market is influenced by bitcoins, and there are several full-proof reasons behind the fact.

Top Reasons Behind Bitcoins Influencing The Market

A person who has been following the crypto market for quite some time now must have noted the fact that whenever the price of bitcoins falls, the price of other cryptos follows, and vice versa. This depicts that the price of all other bitcoins is highly dependent on the price of bitcoins.

However, have you ever thought about why this happens? What is the reason behind the popularity of bitcoins that the entire industry follows after? Let us know a few reasons that explain the above saying.

  • Bitcoin was number one:


Bitcoin is the pioneer in this industry, and hence it puts significant weight on the industry over the years. This enables the original crypto, i.e bitcoin to become a sure shot value store, which further increases its popularity to astronomical levels. Outbidding all other facts, bitcoin is responsible for putting the price of all other cryptos into the mainstream.

The simple concept of bitcoin caught the attention of the normal public and this has made people take interest in this investment option. Bitcoin made way to success for the entire industry and any investor who has invested in the crypto market owns at least some amount of bitcoins. However, it is worth noting the fact that the creator of Bitcoin is still not known by the people.

  • The network of Bitcoin is highly secure:

Bitcoin is a crypto that is based on the mechanism of proof-of-work. This concept is ensured by miners from over the globe and that counts for almost 18 million in number. They participate in a decentralised network of blockchain. The huge number of participants in the industry makes an effect on the highest level of decentralisation of the network. It also ensures seamless security of the bitcoin payments system.

  • Several altcoins are the dupes of bitcoin:

To be very specific, they are clones of bitcoins. Since there has been an increase in the value and popularity of bitcoins, a proliferation of the clones of cryptos was noted, after it was released during the years. The first altcoin that was adopted in the mainstream was Litecoin. This employs the same code of bitcoin and the only difference is that it is a faster and lighter version of the original version.

The market is flooded with several other similar clones, which are the Bitcoin Diamond, Gold, and several other similar types. Though there is tough competition among the clones and each choice strives to be a better version. However, many times they only follow the lead.

  • Several Investors Consider Bitcoin as Reserve Currency:

Bitcoin has a pioneering status and it is one of the major reasons that investors consider it as a reserve currency. It operates in the same way as USD in the global stock exchange market. Furthermore, most of the trading platforms of crypto, do not consider crypto for fiat trading, because some countries have different regulatory measures and compliances.

This is why, most of the investors, initially, invest in bitcoins to get started with trading altcoins and then begin earning profits.

Most of the traders don’t compare the prices of fiat currencies to that of the altcoin prices. On the contrary, they compare the value of BTC, since the market’s pair matters the most to them.

The above-stated reasons clearly show how the price of bitcoins influences the entire cryptocurrency and that it plays a major role in driving the market forward.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin is the original currency that gave a kickstart to the entire crypto industry. Thus, it has a pioneering status that enables the industry to become a multi-million industry. Its significant user base has enabled the industry to experience a significant rise in prices, and also provide a highly secured network to the entire ecosystem.

Bitcoin is considered as the final word as far as the market segment is considered. It begins with the price of bitcoins and ends with its prices as well. It influences the entire market and its sentiments as well.

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