Can You Lose Weight Without Sweating?

Lose weight and eat healthier. Two promises that each one of us repeats at the beginning of the year and after the summer holidays. Well, yeah – the hardest thing is to start. After a season of excesses enjoying those forbidden, delicious whims and without checking how harmful they can be for the organism and for health, it is time to establish a plan to start taking care of yourself and eliminate those extra kilos that have been gained during the break.

Sweat is part of our daily life and cannot be avoided. Sometimes it’s imperceptible, at other times it’s quite obvious. But is sweat a factor to consider if what is sought is to lose weight and get fitter? The quick answer is – it depends. When we want to recover the figure and be fit it’s clear that what is needed is to burn more calories consumed. And the best way to burn these calories is to exercise. When you do physical activities, sweating increases and when you sweat your body loses fluids.

However, there are a couple of other equally effective alternatives that don’t involve it. And, in case you’re thinking of losing weight, but you don’t feel like being all sticky and sweaty – well, bingo – you’re on the right page. Here we leave you these four pieces of advice on how to do it.

Walk, don’t run!

It’s not necessary to run in order to achieve this goal. To be healthy you need to make an average of 10,000 steps a day. Or at least that’s what the World Health Organization (WHO) says. Now, there are different devices such as smart watches or smartphone applications that record the steps we take and show it on the screen, just like the distance we walk and our heart rate. This objective has become a viral challenge in social networks. It has been the nutritionists themselves who have raised this initiative, which consists of taking 15,000 steps in the same day.

Although this might not look as effective as running, it can do wonders with your physical activity routine and help you obtain a better body shape. You can choose a park nearby, a mountain, a hill or simply walk from one side of town to another – and do it very often. Not only will it flatter your physical condition; it will also make your thoughts clearer and give you much more fresh air.

Try with a healthy diet

This one should actually be the first. Whether you decide to only adjust it, for example, stop eating sweets (oh, drama!), greasy and junk food, white bread and fizzy drinks, or to completely change it, this is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. In case you would like to follow some stricter regimes, inform yourself about the ones which won’t harm your health and make you weak. But mostly, a slight change of eating habits would probably be enough to take off a couple of kilos.

There’s a widespread trick among nutritionists – the 80/20 diet which consists simply in changing our eating routine. That is, between 80 and 100 percent of what we eat should be healthy food (vegetables, fruits, water) and between 0 and 20 percent is allowed for everything that harms our body and fattens (industrial pastries, alcohol, fast food, etc). However, remember that there’s only one product that you must remove – yes or yes – from your diet if you want to lose weight: sugar. With this measure you might even lose five kilos in a month. Still no sweating though, except in case someone brings a large, scrumptious chocolate cake in front of your face.

A peculiar Japanese method – that might actually work

Have you ever wondered why there are almost no overweight Japanese? In addition to having the highest life expectancy of the entire planet, since 2008 the government forces companies to measure the waist of their employees over 40 years. Those who seem to be overweight, even if it’s a very little amount of fat, are forced to attend fitness classes paid by the company. Or, otherwise, they’ll be punished by paying more taxes. Just imagine it!

But let’s go back to the point. In addition to that curious Japanese norm, and a diet based on fresh fish and sushi, for a few years the Japanese have also been able to practice a technique to lose weight that doesn’t really require much effort: breath control is enough. This curious technique, popularized already in 2013 by the Japanese actor Miki Ryôsuke, is to control the muscles involved in breathing and, according to him, you can lose up to 13 kilos and about 12 centimeters in waist in just a few weeks.

To popularize it, the actor created a video explaining the technique in detail but, in summary, the steps that follow are the following:

a) placing one foot in front of the rest of the body, and tightening the buttocks so that you leave 90% of your body weight resting on the foot you leave behind;
b) breathing deeply while raising your arms above your head
c) exhaling strongly for seven seconds, contracting all the muscles of your body.

The usual thing is that you take out all the air from your body in the first two seconds, so in those 5 seconds of difference is where “the miracle” occurs. Believe it or not? Who knows – but we don’t lose anything by trying!

Guys, find your perfect weight loss vest!

A thermal vest is a good garment to help you lose weight. Most are made with materials that work with the body’s natural temperature, generate heat in the abdominal area that stimulates the fat burning effect. Some of them even go quite good under clothes and aren’t noticeable – this makes them convenient for use throughout the day without anyone realising it.
Although most vests like these make the body warmer and often actually DO cause sweating, it doesn’t make you sweat because of physical activities.

In case you like this idea, but you don’t like feeling all watery and moist, there’s a new invention, so check thischeck this – a freezing vest! Well, it’s mostly dedicated to men who struggle with their chest fat, but it works well, being completely safe for your health. In combination with a special gel, the vest reaches a perfect temperature, not causing any harm and shaping the body accordingly.

If you’re looking at supplements that can aid weight loss, brands such as Lyfe Botanicals offer natural products such as turmeric, which research suggests can help maintain a healthy weight.

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