How Can I Heat My House Without Electricity?

During those cold days, you will want to keep the house as warm as possible. But the problem comes in when you are relying on electricity for that. But that doesn’t mean your last bulb of hope just went off. You can actually stay warm and heat your home without the need for electricity. But, how do you go about it? There are multiple tips and tricks that you can apply to help you with it.

By the way, there are many reasons for keeping your home warm enough. But, how do you do it without electricity, let’s find that out, shall we?

1. A Fireplace


The first option of keeping your house warm without electricity is by turning to the fireplace. This is the traditional way of warming up the house in the house. The fireplace will not only keep the living room warm but the entire home. This then offers you a comfortable and cozy ambiance to live in. Furthermore, it helps to cut down the dependency on electricity for heating the house.

For the record, a fireplace will also give your home a nice and unique aesthetic appeal as it keeps it warm. Even if you don’t have an inbuilt fireplace in your home, you don’t have to scratch your head over it. What you need to do here is go for the temporary option. There are several temporary fireplaces that are available on the market.

If you will be going for the wood-fireplace, here are some tips for getting the best out of it. Remember to observe the safety precautions when working with the fireplace.

Don’t forget about the Sunlight


You can also make use of the sunlight for you to keep the house warm without incurring high electricity bills. Suppose you have sunlight entering directly to your home, you can opt for installing solar panels to help you with the heating. You will need a professional to handle this because the installation part can be a headache.

Heated Blanket

What if making the entire home seems too costly and time-consuming? Maybe you just want to stay warm enough for specific periods? If you want the direct warmth while staying in your home, the best thing to do is to go for a heated blanket.

Well, you might argue that a heated blanket uses electricity. But with the advanced technology, things have gone wireless. You can enjoy a cordless heated blanket that will keep you warm without the need for electricity. Learn more about these blankets on bestreviews.guide. Okay, you might need the electricity to juice it up when the battery runs out. It is a cordless blanket that runs on batteries. The rechargeable battery is reliable enough and it also eliminates the messy cords around your home.

Insulate the Home Properly


Maybe your home is not warm enough because it doesn’t come with enough insulation. Maybe you don’t want to depend on the fireplace with woods or investing in a heater system is too costly. In this case, proper insulation is needed to keep the home warm as needed.

There are different areas that you will need to insulate properly. They include the following;

  • Windows

The windows must be closed and sealed properly because that is where the cold air gets through to the house. You can install the storm windows outside if you have them. However, you might want to keep the windows open if it is warm outside and the sun is shining. This allows the warm air to get in the and remain inside when you close the windows later in the evening.

Also, some removable caulk can be placed around the house for sealing the aggressive windy cracks. Alternatively, you can tape some thick plastic over those cracks or rather stuff some towels or clothes over the cracks. This will help to keep the cold air outside. Usually, cold air tends to get easily through the cracks into your home.

By the way, another way of keeping the house warm enough is by using thick curtains over the windows.

  • Floors

You might have noticed that the floors are the coldest area of the house at all times. But you can use the proper insulation to keep them warm enough. For those that have hardwood floors, a rug or carpet would do for the insulation. Besides that, you can place a blanket on the hardwood floor. For the blanket option, it would be helpful if you have a thin carpet and you can still feel coldness when stepping on it.

  • Doors

The insulation of doors is another thing that can help to keep the house warm enough. Here, you should seal the doors accordingly. One option is using a door sweep. But if you don’t have one, you can place some towels or unused clothes under the door. If you have some extra blankets, they’d do that job even better.

Another option for sealing the door is by hanging thick blankets over the doors using thumbtacks. This would be a great choice for the doorways that have no doors.

  1. Use Candles


Did you know that candles can also help to keep the house warm enough? With the candles, you can use as many as you can. The best part is that they serve two purposes, lighting the space, and heating it too. Furthermore, they will be more reliable if you use more of them. In other words, more candles offer you more light and more heat in the house. But on the contrary, they also come with some serious fire hazards.

If you are not cautious enough, the candles can cause a fire breakdown in the house. That is why you should be extra careful when working with candles if you want to choose them for house warming, literally.

Other options include portable propane-fueled heaters, insulating the attics, using gas lamps, or installing radiator panels.

For the options that will need installations, ensure that you do it the right way or call a professional to handle it for you. Either way, make sure that the house is warm enough and that you don’t have to speed extra to keep it warm. Remember that there are many other ways of keeping your house warm without depending too much on electricity.

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