Selling Your Property Without A Real Estate Agent

Selling your property on your own without the help of a real estate agent can be a great way of cutting down the conveyancing costs. When you decide to sell your property by yourself, it means that you have to become your own agent. However, you need to keep in mind that it will cost you a lot of time and it calls for extra effort. Here’s how to sell your property without involving a real estate agent:

Guide on selling your home without a real estate agent

1. Prepare your property for marketing


Your home should have an amazing visual appeal to attract potential buyers. It should be fit for their lifestyle and not yours. There are several things that buyers look for when buying property. While your property is on the market, you might want to acquire a storage unit to store the things you won’t need.

Keep away all the things that are in the basement, garage, closets or the attic. It is advisable to store away a third of the things in your home that you don’t use daily. You can store these things in a portable unit so that when you move to your new home, the moving process is less stressful.

Removing your personal photos and memorabilia makes potential buyers feel like they are already living in your property. This will make it easier for them to focus more on the main features of the house. It is also advisable to clean your house thoroughly by scrubbing appliances and kitchen counters, clean the tiles, dust the shelves and shampoo the carpets. Also, make sure your home is lit with natural light, as poor lighting in a home feels a bit depressing. You can also consider using fresh paint to brighten the interior of the house.

The most important part is the outside of the house because it is the first thing buyers see. Trim the hedges, ensure the lawns are well maintained and that the driveways and walkways are clean.

2. Come up with a competitive selling price


Research thoroughly in the market before you arrive at a realistic price for your property. You can do it by checking out the recent sales around your locality. Compare those properties with your own by looking at; overall space, size and number of the rooms, street location and size of the land, quality of features and fixtures and lastly, the quality and age of the building.

Once you have an idea of your property’s market value, it will enable you to advertise your home the right way and eventually attract potential buyers and it will be advantageous when the time of accepting buyers’ offers comes.

3. Take the best photos of your property


While taking pictures of your property, ensure that the photos are of high quality. If they are of low quality, they will not do you any justice. If you live in a rural neighborhood, potential buyers will want to see the land available and other views surrounding the property. If you live in a central location and your property is modern, take photos of the area’s lifestyle. This will capture the interest of buyers compared to bathroom and bedroom photos.

4. Prepare your property for listing

The Multiple Listing Service also known as MLS contains an updated list of properties that are on sale. Besides being available to real estate agents, MLS is available to potential buyers for such purposes. If MLS is available in your community, once your property is listed on your community’s MLS, it will feed to national real estate websites. You will only have to spend some money to get your property listed on the MLS.

5. Market your property


Once you are successful in listing your property, it is now time to advertise your property using brochures, starting a website for marketing purposes, and using ‘for sale signs. You can check out WeBuyAnyHome if you wish to sell your house quickly.

This article from Roofstock could help you sell your property fast.

6. Have an open house


You can hold an open house as a way of advertising your property. You can do this on your own without the help of a real estate agent. Advertise the open house by posting online and putting up signs around your neighborhood. You can offer light refreshments and make some brochures that visitors can go home with.

7. Know your property’s selling points

You know your home well than anyone. You know what inspired you to buy that house and the modifications you’ve done to it so far that might inspire potential buyers to buy it. When coming up with adverts for brochures or websites, ensure you include basic information regarding your property.

Some of the basic information can be; number of bathrooms, location, number of bedrooms, and the property’s size. You can also include some specific details that can make the house feel special such as building materials, its age, yard, and many more. You can check out other real estate websites for details that agents and sellers are including like this one on catherinenacar.ca.

8. Negotiate with the buyer

Once you find a buyer, he will submit a contract to you. You can choose to accept the contract or have it revised based on your preferences. Until you agree with the buyer, the process does not stop. In most cases, there is usually a standard contract for any real estate purchases. You can have an attorney help you to review the contract in case you are not familiar with it.

9. Finalise the contract with the help of a lawyer


Once you agree on the selling price with the buyer, you will need to have a solicitor to assist in organizing the contract. The solicitor or conveyancer will draw up the contract and check to ensure that it is legal before settling the property and finally exchanging the title. Until both parties sign the contract, nothing is binding them legally. Therefore, negotiations can happen. The solicitor is always in possession of the deposit and ensures the sale and the contract is all legal. It is important to acquire professional help, especially from a lawyer.

An alternative option to selling your house through an estate agent is to use a cash house buying company like thepropertybuyingcompany.co.uk.


It might seem tasking selling property without getting assistance from a real estate agent. Once you carry out enough research on real estate, the whole process becomes much easier.

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