7 Ways You Can Earn Bitcoins Without Mining Them

Cryptocurrencies have brought us a new way of earning money fast. They also brought some changes in our communities as well as offered many of us a different way of doing business and trading. Most of you think that since cryptocurrency is new it can be easily earned and owned to make you a hefty profit. Well, that just couldn’t be more wrong.

Bitcoin as a leader in cryptocurrencies is just like any other currency that is already traded and owned. Just like you can’t own a lot of money easily and risk-free, you also can’t easily or magically own Bitcoin. Crypto in general, as I already said, bring some new possibilities for generating additional income, but the basics are the same – you cannot own Bitcoin or any other crypto without investing time and money to gain money.

Several methods are available to earn Bitcoin without having to invest large sums of money into mining equipment but we all have to take into consideration some factors such as effort you have to put in earning it, profitability that comes from the effort as well as the risk that is involved in obtaining a certain amount of Bitcoin.

Below you will find ways to earn Bitcoin without mining, and for additional information regarding the topic check out

1. Micro jobs

This is without any doubt the cheapest, easiest but the most time-consuming way to earn Bitcoin. Most of you already are familiar with micro earnings and the way they function. For all, we know you probably still earn some side money with this kind of work. What you have to do is join a site that pays in Bitcoin for every micro job you do. The tasks on those sites vary from clicking on ads to writing, correcting texts, retyping audio files and much more. The basic principle is that you do a job as intended and get paid with fractions of the coin. Some calculations state that with this method, if you work nonstop, you might cents per hour which is not the great profitability for the time used but it’s a start.

2. Build a Cryptocurrency site as Faucet

As a user of the one you really can’t expect to earn a great deal of money, but since the time and technology has made everything simpler, owning and running your crypto faucet has never been easier. Honestly, you can build it very easy and fast and start earning money from selling ads on your it. Depending on the sort of site you decide on and its traffic, as well as the advertisers on there you can expect to earn up to a thousand dollars. Few things you have to know first. Crypto faucets will take a lot of time and effort from you but it will return a bigger profit than micro-jobs. The second thing is the fact that you will have to invest money in this.

3. Signature-ad Campaign

Renowned Bitcoin forum – BitcoinTalk have something called signature-ad campaigns. Thanks to them you can use your BitcoinTalk signature to advertise a certain product through posts you write and get paid in cryptocurrency for it. The amount you will get paid depends on your membership level on the forum. If you have a status which is less than the full member than you shouldn’t expect to get paid a lot if you get paid at all. A way to earn by this method is to gain higher memberships (full member). To do so you will have to have 120+ posts behind your name. Certain limitations will be in your way – posts you share have to have a certain length, original content and much more. Sometimes you will encounter a limitation in form of a minimal post per week which is another hindrance. The calculation here is the more you write the more you earn, just don’t forget to rank up your membership!

4. Trading

Now here is high risk and variable profit way of earning Bitcoin. Trading is easy to understand, well basics at least. If you want to turn a profit than you have to buy Bitcoin at its low and try and sell it when it is high. The best traders don’t depend on luck or guessing, they invest heavily in learning how to trade right and how to overcome risks of trading. For the loses are in short term and big winnings are in long-term trades. The first year usually used as a method of learning and preparing for the latter. When opting for this method you have to know that some capital for investing in education is the first step and more money that you are OK to risk with is necessary to start trading.

5. Affiliate marketing

Another way of earning Bitcoin is affiliate marketing. If you are not already familiar, this type of marketing makes you promote a certain business for a commission in return if you manage to bring in a customer that is going to spend money in or on the business you promote. With the rise of Bitcoin, many of its exchanges, services and products now have their affiliate program in which you can enrol. After signing up and getting your affiliate link you can start promoting a certain product, service or business. If you want to be successful use social networks, run campaign ads someone else’s website, or try and start your website that promotes your links within your content.

6. Gambling

Since Bitcoin skyrocketed in popularity it is only natural that casinos for it follow as well. Lots of Bitcoin casinos are out there and they are a sure way of effortlessly, and with tremendous risks gain high amounts of the cryptocurrency. Gambling is easy and everyone knows how to do it, we only advise being careful with the amounts of money you invest and try and find a fair casino. Those casinos gain their earnings through a complicated algorithm that involves cryptography, and if they want to prove that they are fair they will make sure you can check that the results of the game you’ve played are completely random.

7. Blogging

Not all of us are talented for writing, but those of you who are should consider this way of earning Bitcoin. Since more and more sites and forums regarding this or any other cryptocurrency are popping out like mushrooms after rain they are desperate for writers. If you are as half-decent in writing and can submit a decent work for proof, you can be earning Bitcoin from doing what you do best and from the comfort of your own home. Check all the web for Crypto writers and see if you will find any ads looking for a writer right here right now.

All you read here is something to inform yourself about the possible options. We always urge everyone to do your market research and see if there is anything that suits you better or is best for you. The bottom line is your money and the decision should be yours, and yours alone. Each of these ways to earn Bitcoin has its pros and cons – some riskier with higher profits while other a lot less risky but with fewer profits. It is all up to you and your current state of finance, time and patience so choose wisely.

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