What is Crypto Mining? 101 to Crypto Mining

The phrase crypto mining means collecting cryptocurrencies through solving cryptographic equations via computers. This procedure includes validating data blocks and including transaction data to a public record (ledger) called a blockchain.

In a technical understanding, crypto mining is a transactional manner related to computers and cryptographic procedures to resolve complex functions and data records to a blockchain. There are whole networks of gadgets concerned in crypto mining and hold the shared statistics through those blockchains. Understand more:

It’s essential to recognize that the cryptocurrency marketplace is an opportunity for the conventional banking system that already exists more than a decade ago. To better comprehend how crypto mining works, you need to recognize the distinction between centralized and decentralized systems first.

Cryptocurrency Mining Software

While some people brush aside Bitcoin as a fad, many people are starting to watch it as the future of the market in this world. A 2024 survey confirmed that 36% of small and mid-sized corporations already accepted Cryptocurrency, as do many giant corporations and organizations, such as AT&T, Microsoft, and Wikipedia too.

While you can purchase Bitcoin with some cash, it is frequently “mined” by employing a combination of specific hardware plus software. This section will study what crypto mining is and the best bitcoin mining programs or software based on their reputation in 2024.

Here is the list of the best crypto mining software so far:

  • BFGMiner
  • MultiMiner
  • CGMiner
  • Awesome Miner, features, ease of use, and more.

Is mining cryptocurrency profitable?

Cryptocurrencies’ interest has surged from 2015 as bitcoin had indicated its increased price from around $ 300/coin to a higher cost of about $20,000/coin in 2017, then decreasing to $8,000 per November 2019. Other cryptocurrencies have indicated the same surges and dips in value. It is around 3,000 cryptocurrencies indexed on However, the common alternatives to bitcoin such as Ethereum ($145 for a coin, $15 billion in market cap, 2019) and Litecoin (with $45, $2.9. 000.000.000). While buying on an exchange like Coinbase is usually fairly simple and allows you to buy fractions of cryptocurrencies, there are those who prefer to mine their coins. The best option likely depends on individual circumstances.

Cryptocurrency mining activity is not a complicated thing to do. In fact, most of its practitioners are mining the Crypto with ease. In detail, you will have to mind and solve the math formulas that appear like a jigsaw in the system, and once you solve that, you will be rewarded with a cryptocurrency coin or a partition of a coin. The Crypto mining method was more straightforward before, where you can get a coin faster and much more efficiently than today.

Today, bitcoin mining is way more complicated. Instead of getting the ease by the technology development, you will get the complex system and tight competition among the crypto miners. The result you will get from this mining activity is also not as much as before. You may be able to get the whole coin back then, but today you can only get half of a coin per mining.

If you still insist on starting your own mine, you better mind the cost you will allocate to this activity. For the kickstart, you may need $3,000 to buy some equipment starting from Pc cases, shelves, and graphic cards that are necessary for the mining process. In some cases, some miners may spend more than $ 9.000 for the equipment sector only.

Besides your equipment, you need to discern that you will use a lot of power to supply the machine and the whole process. If you possess high power rates, you may spend many budgets to mine the coins—particularly the bitcoin. The electricity cost required in mining a single bitcoin can cost you more than $2,500 for the cheapest states. While for the states with a higher electric rate, you may pay more than $5,500 for the electricity only to mine a single bitcoin. With the expense of a single bitcoin increasing at $6,500 per December 2019, the energy costs for the power supply per se may drive you crazy.

Which Cryptocurrency to Mine?


Bitcoin is the popular Cryptocurrency that becomes the darling for the Crypto enthusiast and the world’s common people. You need to know that even if it is able to give you a lot of money, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get success in an easy way like what you have dreamed of. Why? Because there are a ton of ASIC and mining machines that already exist and are working on it. Besides, the cost over its hardware is expensive. Thus, if you are not taking it seriously by providing the proper hardware for mining, you will only get bankrupt with gaining nothing.

Don’t get down yet. The good news is there still a perfect reason to mine Bitcoin – to enhance decentralization on the network. Many Bitcoin miners believe that only Bitcoin grants the immutability and restriction resistance needed for real decentralized money. The cost of operating Bitcoin mining equipment is a little investment to ensure the essential things in Crypto mining: Cryptocurrencies.

If you are not a visioner in Cryptocurrency, and only looking for an economic opportunity over Cryptocurrency, we suggest you not to mining Bitcoin. Why? Because you need a lot of budgets and it may affect your incomes in the long run. The solution is you can try to mine Altcoins instead of Bitcoin.


One of the most fluent people in the world, Alex Ohanian, states that Ethereum is the next future of Cryptocurrency for this planet. He continues that the Ether token will be skyrocketing in late 2024 and touch $15,000 per coin or more. By that fact, Ethereum is the only potential competitor for bitcoin. If the prediction is accurate, Ethereum is the best option that brings the Crypto miner a good run for the long term.

The prediction from the economist and also Alex Ohanian is reasonable. There are many applications created by the Ethereum networks, such as Air Bnb, an application that becomes the competitor for über. Then if the popularity of that application is able to increase and achieve a strategic place in the market, it will affect Ether to make its value increase as well.

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