Moving Tips 101: Essential Things To Do When Moving Long Distance

Planning a long distance move carefully can help avoid complications along the way. As you have to relocate miles away, preparation is crucial for the success of the entire process. From the time you’ve decided to move to the day your belongings are transported to your new home, you have nothing to worry if you use a moving checklist.

To ensure your next long distance move will go off as planned, here are the essentials things you need to do from the very beginning.

1. Create a plan

The task of moving long distance is enormous, which is why you need to make a plan as soon as you know you’re relocating. Whether you’re moving across the country from a cheap Columbus apartment to a New York City condo, or anywhere in between, preparation is key! Be sure to list down all moving-related tasks that you have to accomplish. And with many tasks to juggle, having a plan in place can really be a great idea to make sure every stage of your move will be handled perfectly.


2. Choose to move during the off-season

It’s essential to plan out the schedule of your long distance move to avoid disaster and costly expenses. If you decide to move during summer, chances are you’ll spend more money when you hire a moving company. If possible, set your move-in date during the off-season. Doing so can help you save thousands of money, making your entire relocation a lot easier.

3. Take some time to downsize

You don’t want to spend more money on moving items which are unnecessary and unwanted. To avoid this kind of mishap, you should start purging down your possessions. Go through all your stuff and determine those belongings which you haven’t used for more than one year. From there, decide which items you should get rid of by selling them online or through a garage sale. You can also consider donating some stuff to a charity.

4. Get packing supplies ahead of time

It’s important to note that every packing task can impact the success of a long distance move. To ensure a smooth packing process, be sure to gather the appropriate supplies in advance. From cardboard boxes and packing tape to bubble wraps and markers, these materials should come in handy when you start packing to avoid unnecessary time interruptions. To save money on your boxes, ask your friends, grocery stores, or recycling centers if they can give you some for free.

5. Implement a strategic packing plan

Now that you have supplies in place, it’s time to organize the packing process by creating a timeline. Divide the task into smaller and more manageable parts to keep your motivation high. Then, begin packing your belongings as early as possible. You can initiate the job from the areas which are difficult to sort and pack, then continue with the easy ones. When it comes to heavy and fragile items, use high-quality, durable moving boxes to keep them safe throughout the relocation. Since your stuff will be riding in a truck across hundreds or thousands of miles and for a long time, be sure that all of your things are well-cushioned in your boxes.

Moreover, don’t take the labeling of your boxes for granted if you don’t want to waste time locating unmarked boxes upon your arrival. Make sure to label each box and list down the contents, special handling instructions, and the destination room. By doing all of these, you can be sure that nothing will be misplaced after the move.


6. Seek help from a reputable moving company

If you’re planning a long distance move to New York City, make sure to hire a reliable moving company NYC. However, you need to check everything before you choose the right one and part of the hiring process is to get at least three moving estimates from different companies and compare their prices. Also, don’t forget to check their licenses and insurance coverage. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for referrals. If they can’t give, read online reviews to know how legitimate your prospective moving company is. When everything else is ready, pick the right option for your long distance relocation.

7. Prepare a few essential boxes

A long distance move can be challenging and overwhelming for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking to survive the first few days in your new place, pack some essential boxes which contain useful things that you can use. Also, keep all crucial boxes on your side to make sure they don’t get loaded into the truck by mistake.

8. Get your new home insured by a trusted company

Now that you moved to a new home, far away from your previous location, you want to make sure that your home and everything valuable within it is well covered from any damages that may occur in this new location. To find trusted homeowners insurance companies and plans at rates that will fit your budget, visit websites like Insuranks.com.


A long distance move can be a stressful undertaking if you don’t plan, prepare, and organized ahead of time. Thus, having these tips in mind, you can stay optimistic and focused throughout the transitional period. With the help of Movers NYC who will handle the job for you, the only thing you can do is to think about all the things that await you at your destination.

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