6-Efficient Steps to Set Price to Sell it at a Profit

The only thing that the buyers and sellers are concerned about is the money or income they will generate after selling or buying the house. The seller wants to sell it at great rates because mostly, it’s the only financial assets that many families have. The owners felt more conscious and concerned in the listing process. On the contrary, the buyers want to buy highly exclusive property at reasonable rates to invest their money in a suitable place or save some amount for further use.

If you are the seller, you must search for the best platform to sell your house at maximum profit. Many websites are working actively and providing multiple listing services to potential customers like houzeo.com, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, FSBO.com and many more. These are online MLS platforms where you can list your property.

Many factors influence the listing process of your property or house. If these are performed in the exclusive executable manner, then there are chances that your listing will get back you a significant amount of income.

The most crucial factor is the proper pricing of the house. To determine the correct price of the home, you need to create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to estimate the adequate amount of your house. It is the most common and effective technique to set the price of your home.

Now you might tickle with the most crucial question of how I will do comparative market analysis. It is effortless to create with the help of robust online software. Through these steps, you can quickly sell your house for sale by the owner.

Pricing always plays a vital role in your house listing. If you pay high concentration on your listing pricing, then it will sell at reasonable rates. I have aligned the pricing estimate process into some easy steps that will lead you towards exact outcomes for your ease.

So, let’s rundown through the steps to make your price estimating process much more manageable without further ado.

Here are six essential steps that will help you to estimate the price of your house

Step 1. Estimate on Zillow estimate and redfin estimate


The first thing is to estimate your house prices by adding them to the Zillow Zestimate and Redfin Zestimate. These are the software that calculates the correct price of homes without any error and mistake. It will surely help the home sellers to make an estimated price of the houses. These software’s are highly integrated and well developed. Zillow’s Zestimate and Redfin Estimate will help you calculate the profit you can generate on the sale of your house. To complete the step, you need to follow up with further steps.

Step 2. Look at the currently sold houses in your listing near locations or run comps

These are the most common software used by the agents to run the comps. The Zillow estimate and redfin estimate software takes about 1 hour to run your comps. Most of the time, sellers think it’s a waste of time, but I can indeed say this is worth exercising to estimate the correct price of your listing. to run the comp, you need to add general information to select comparable homes.

First thing you need to select half of a mile of the radius from the listed home. Second, your comps should not be sold for more than three months; it must be sold within three months. Thirdly, if your home is newly established, use new home comp; otherwise, select similar age homes. The last is the square footage of the houses. Adjust it accordingly, and as soon as you find 3 to 5 good comps, set its age, property size, lot size, condition and let the software work median per square foot to run comps to price your home.

Step 3. Review similar active listing in you near a location

The amount or the estimated price you will get through these software’s then adjust your price on this base. Now at the bottom of these numbers, you need to search for the sold comps in the buyers and sellers’ market. You can search the current listing on the base of these comps on the Zillow and redfin software. After searching, you need to compare them if there are higher rates of prices in buyers’ market of similar homes then you have to price it high and if there are high prices in sellers’ market, you need to list it lower so you will get more attraction from the buyer.

Step 4. Think about the minimum price that you can accept


Most often, the house is not sold at the rates at which it initially listed. The bidding war game constantly changes the game. I will tell you how it is possible. In the beginning, you need to price your home at low rates to gain more traffic and think about the low rates that you can accept as a price. Now, wait for the traffic to visit your listing. The more people show interest, the more you will upgrade your listing price, and in the end, you can sell it at the reasonable rates that you desire.

Step 5. Play the Final Number for Psychology game

The final number of psychologies always works great, like if you estimate the price of the house up to $600,000, then you need to set the price at $599,999. It is called the psychology number.

Step 6. Minimize the price if there is low traffic


In one of the researches performed by Zillow, it is observed that 60 percent of the sellers once change the price of their listing. The key to this point is the seller quickly makes the judgment that they have overpriced it and changes it to get the listing on board. You need to monitor yourself closely during the selling process. If you are gaining minor attraction and you have less traffic, reduce your price. Set your price according to the market.

Final words

We hope we have mentioned all the steps clearly, and it will surely help you set the right price for your listing because pricing plays an essential role in your listing process.

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