UK Road Trip: Exploring The Countryside On A Memorable Holiday

Everyone needs to take some time out of their busy schedule and plan a vacation to rejuvenate themselves. And road trips are a great way of doing this. There is an added factor of excitement whilst planning and going to road trips, as it is not a very conventional approach for many. But nonetheless, it is about the journey more than the destination.

There are many scenic destinations and picturesque spots all around the UK. But the joy and fascination that road trips bring on the trails of any suburban English village remain unmatched. If you are someone who wants to plan a trip, but are not sure where to start, then you might want to visit this site. It has covered all your needs, from selecting routes to booking rooms, everything at one place.

Planning any trip takes a lot of time and visualizations. It can become a daunting experience if all the details are not well-thought before. If you too are looking for some holiday ideas in the UK, then you have stumbled across the right page. The following article deals with some of the best roads in the UK for a scenic road trip. Hoping it would help you turn your next road trip into a memorable holiday:

1.  Castleton, Derbyshire

Located at the heart of the Peak District, Derbyshire, Castleton would be a great way to kick off your countryside adventure. Since it is located in a close proximity to the Peak District National Park, you might as well also visit the same. Overall, it is a great place,with stretches of natural beauty just waiting for you to be explored. The village is known for its hospitality and can get a little busy during the peak seasons (pun intended).

Another major tourist spot around this village is the Peveril Castle, which would require you to ditch your car and take a walk around. This castle is considered as one of the oldest and most dramatically positioned castles in England, and is a great way to get some cardio done.

2.  Keswick, Cumbria

A market town, which has established itself as one of the most influential places in the art culture of the UK, Keswick should be a must-visit on your list. Along with beautiful trails that go around the lakes, you can also enjoy the town for its sports and other recreational activities. These are very famous tourist attractions, and sports enthusiasts make it a must to visit the place in the months of May and June, when the water’s not too hot and weather’s just perfect.

Derwentwater is another scenic spot, not too far from the village, making it too hard to miss. Additionally, for the alpaca lovers, Alpacaly Ever After could be considered as a treat. The place is not very far from Keswick, and could be reached in under 15 minutes of drive.

3.  Painswick, Gloucestershire

This historic town needs no introduction. Painswick is known for its high-quality wool and is better known as the “Queen of Cotswolds”. Located on the outskirts of London, it could take almost 3 hours to reach this town. The journey would be filled with picturesque details, such as lushes of green forests, making it a marvelous countryside.

The town is also very dramatically built. With its narrow streets and luscious greens, walking around it would surely make you feel inside a fairytale.

The town is not very far from CHipping Campden, which was a historic wool market back in the earlier centuries.  The historic church of the town, The St. Mary’s Church still carries scars and wounds from the battles in the seventeenth century. All of these would make you wonder about nature’s beauty and would ask you to stay longer.

4.  Hawes, Northern Yorkshire

One of the highest points in all of the UK, Hawes is a scenic town with medieval vibes. Located in the midst of Yorkshire Dales, Hawes is a small town which lies on the quieter side of the spectrum range. It is famous for its coffee shops and book houses, paved with cobbled streets, giving it a unique and rustic touch.

Hawes has another scenic, yet marvelous attraction – River Ure. The river, along with its branches and tributaries, flows all around the village. It seems like it is dividing the place in two, separating them from each other. But it is the river that has kept the town together, and now doubles up as one of the most important points of attraction in the town.

Hardraw Force, one of the highest single drop waterfalls in the UK is also present here. It is almost 25 metres tall, and could be reached easily via a car or by foot.

5.  St Ives, Cornwall

If you are planning to visit Cornwall, then you should not miss the chance to say hello to St. Ives. This small harbour town is perfect to relax after a long drive, with its mediterranean views and beautiful white sand beaches. It is also named as one of the best places to holiday in all Europe according to many surveys. There are many other touristy places near to St Ives, such as Sennen and Penzance. All of these places together make Cornwell so attractive and beautiful.

Cornwall has always been important in history, and has established its roots deep into the tourism sector in England. It is bound to see some extra traffic during festive seasons and seasonal holidays. It is advised to plan your trip accordingly.


Traveling and vacations do not need reasons. They could be done to elevate one’s mood and destress from work, or to escape from reality for a few days. And road trips are one of the most efficient ways to explore any new place. These are more focused on the journey, rather than the final destination, and the perfect environment that people always remember and cherish forever. Road trips around the country should be planned in accordance to the weather and climatic conditions, as these would be the deciding factor for comfort of your trip.

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