5 Types of Swimming Pool Water Features

Since the world became aware of it, water has represented numerous things, but one of its most prominent properties is the peace it brings. Whether it’s a swimming pool, a river, a lake or just a clear puddle, its very sound, murmur, and reflection soothe the senses, and it doesn’t take much for this therapy to dissolve all the stress and negative feelings.

And how happy are those who are able to enjoy it in the warmth of their home! In order to get this sound and relaxing effect, many homeowners often decide to add some special features or mechanisms to their comfortable water haven that further enhance the impression. A handful of possibilities come into consideration here. And what’s actually the best in the whole story is the opportunity to take into account such features when choosing materials and making a sketch of the desired object you’re about to build.

Not clear what all this is about? That’s why we’re here – to explain to you in more detail what additional devices and water characteristics can be added to the regular version of the pool.


Image source: poolresearch.com

Is there ANY person in this world that doesn’t simply adore bubbles? Even if you aren’t impressed with them in general, you’ll definitely agree that they can look pretty attractive and playful in the pool. Bubblers are the devices created for those who want to enrich the atmosphere of their pool experience and feel the pleasant tickling of bubbles scattering all around.

The secret is in the special nozzles that are placed below the surface, but not at too great a depth so that once they’re activated and start emitting tiny jets, we get the same effect as when we blow through a straw into a full glass of drink. Combined with solid lighting devices that should also be installed underwater, this looks like an extremely elegant and posh solution that everyone would envy you for.

Infinity wall

Remember those lavish pools on the tops of buildings that look as if they were never-ending? Yes – they look absolutely lovely, and there’s absolutely no a single reason for not trying to obtain one in case you feel like it.

What exactly is an infinity wall? The whole meaning of the infinity pool is based on the position of single or multiple specific walls, that is, aside or sides where the water level is at the level of its edge. Since the waves overflow over it, it seems to the observer that the edge basically doesn’t even exist, which creates an extremely powerful visual effect.

Such a feature would surely attract many interested glances and the admiration of passers-by, but we also believe that you won’t be able to take your eyes off this scene yourself. After all, that’s the reason for its popularity and for the decision of well-known hotel and resort chains to include such facilities in their regular offer.


This is a classic feature that’s perhaps most often seen in regular pools. The very sound of the water sliding and flowing into the lower level of the pool and the perfect shape they form are reason enough to think twice (and think positively) if you’re hesitant about making this.

Some clients opt for the classic ones, in which the water flows from a higher level to a lower one and where there are no special nature-like objects such as stones, for example, but they’re made of the same material as the rest of the pool. However, some people prefer the concept that includes elements that are similar to natural waterfalls that you can see in forests or resorts  – it all depends on preferences and personal taste.

What’s certain is that this creates a unique ambiance that, in addition to acting aesthetically appealing, also contributes to a more realistic feeling. An absolutely cool option if you have space and resources to have fun building it.


Remember those showy fish figures throwing out a whole line inside the fountains? Here is some good news – these types of small statues are also one of the most sought-after and acceptable solutions for this type of object. Admittedly, mostly in the homes of wealthy house owners. The best thing about this is that you’re completely free to decide for yourself what type of figurine you want to place there, as well as where. Numerous people decide to place them somewhere in the middle of the pool, but they can also be positioned somewhere near the edges.

As we have already mentioned, the most common are statues of animals – lions, fish or other aquatic creatures, because of the symbolism. However, this isn’t the only option – it’s possible to place statues of women or men, mini replicas of works of art (if you’re a true fan), different types of birds or plants of a certain type. You see – the decision is entirely up to you.


If you think that slides are reserved exclusively for parks and aqua parks, it’s time to reassure yourselves. This feature can easily capture your heart by taking you back to your childhood days when going down the slide was the peak of adrenaline and excitement.

In addition, it’s fun for the whole family, and it’s especially valuable if you have children who won’t have to wait in line in the park to go down through it, but will have their own source of entertainment. The choice of material from which it will be made is also yours, as well as determining the height and size of the slide itself, but you can also opt for pre-made units that only need to be mounted. Also, if you visit here, you’ll be able to get familiar with some more aspects that need to be considered when it comes to slides and the rest of features, like shapes, sizes, and so on.

Have you already decided which one of these looks like something you would love to see in your own oasis? Whichever choice you make, we’re sure some of these will definitely capture your heart and make a decent adornment for your happy place!

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