5 Things Every Foreign Student in London Should Know

What every single student studying abroad should bear in mind when deciding to leave their genuine place of residence is to be prepared for the possible differences they are about to encounter when they arrive at the destination country. The same rules apply when you name the city of London a place you want to continue your education. What you should know is that as a foreign student, you can experience the extraordinaire benefits of organized college life and work with professionals eager to share their knowledge.

Choosing a place where you want to continue your schooling never comes as an easy task. Therefore, picking up the capital of England as a pitstop on your journey towards reaching high educational goals must come with a certain weight attributed to it. Not only that you need to settle yourself and get to know your new surroundings, but you also need to learn about the city itself and what to expect from it.

Other things you should consider when making London your place of living and studying is whether you intend only to put yourself in the service of making yourself more educated or your plans involve other activities such as experiencing a different lifestyle from what you are accustomed to and other.

Whatever the reason for your selection may be, choosing to live where the Rolling Stones come from will probably exceed your expectations, since whatever you listen or hear or even find out via thorough research may prove to be a pale copy of the real thing. Therefore, choosing the capital of the United Kingdom for the place where you want to perfect your skills as a professional will follow you for the rest of your life whether you like it or not. It is almost impossible for a city of that magnitude to act solely as an educating facility, therefore, prepare yourself to be partly sculptured by its majesty, London.

Since you have made a decision that will probably affect the rest of your life on a major scale, it is beneficial for you to get to know some tips and tricks that will come on handy while strolling through the streets of “the Big Smoke”. Therefore, make sure you check the following list of things every foreign student needs to know when studying in London.

Acquiring the Visa

The most important segment regarding this particular issue is whether you arrive from a country that is a part of the EU, or you come from somewhere else. So, if you come from a country that is not a part of the European Union, then what you need to do is to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa. After you win the battle against all the paperwork and acquire your Visa, you will be good to go. What is also worth mentioning is that if you come from a non-EU state and have acquired your visa, your working hours will be limited to only 20 a week, while working hours of those coming from an EU state face no limitations.

Where to Stay in the UK

Probably one of the biggest doubts one has when moving to another country whether to study or to do anything else is where he or she will settle. The good thing about London universities is that they care about their students and have brochures offering different types of accommodation prepared for them to choose from. There are two types of halls, mostly resembling the US dormitories. The first group includes joint dining facilities, while the other one does not. Make sure you visit if you need certain guidelines regarding tips and tricks about London.  No matter what you have chosen, bear in mind that the roommates you make the first year will share their rooms with you until the end of your or their schooling.


Do not allow yourself the luxury of surprise for the weather when you reach London. Although the rain does not fall 24/7 it bothers people quite frequently. Therefore, make sure you secure yourself with some clothes fitting the situation and an umbrella or two! On the other hand, if you do not secure yourself with warm clothing, you may have to use the services in charge of heating a bit more, therefore, your bills may be slightly higher.

Book Supply

While all of the books you need are a part of the collection of your local university’s library, the chance that they could secure the exact number for every single student is not likely to occur. Therefore, inform yourself about the material you will need and be prepared before it is too late. You can get all the info regarding the material you need from your lecturer so make sure you consult them before it is too late.

Essay Your Way Out

What may come as a surprise for foreign students educating their selves in the capital of the UK is the importance of essays and the impact they have on your final mark. Therefore, focusing on the quality of essays you present your mentors may prove to be crucial. Thorough research and implementation of data acquired via that research are what you need to do to answer the demand imposed by the ones in charge. Secure your arguments and place them in order to aid your statement and you will not be having problems to satisfy the requirements of your teachers. If in need of a support, you can check the Therefore, you will answer for the most segments of forming your final grade.

What is an interesting thing is that you will most probably feel like at your own home as soon as you get to know “the Big Smoke”. Considering all of the aforementioned stuff will only bring you closer to establishing yourself as a student in the capital of England. Apart from that, there are multiple things you should be familiarized with, but first thing comes first, therefore start with the basics. Enjoy staying in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Another piece of advice is to remain warry because when you become a part of London for once, it is hard even to imagine that you could ever become separated.

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