6 Ways a Catering Company Can Relieve Event Planning Stress

Planning an event, especially a large one, can be stressful for the host. In fact, event coordinators have been listed in the top 10 most stressful jobs in a report, with a stress score of 51.19 percent. The stress level will likely be higher for a non-professional planning an event. There are many things to consider in the planning process, from the venue to decoration and guest list. One of the most important elements of the party is food, contributing significantly to the stress. After all, food is often the party’s highlight, so you want to ensure that the quality is top-notch.

Arranging the food for a large event is simpler when you seek help from a professional catering company. A caterer can relieve event planning stress by assisting you in choosing the items, serving style, and table preparations. But that’s only part of what a catering company can do for you. Learn more about how a catering company can reduce event planning stress below.

1. Menu Selection

Choosing a menu for a large event is a huge responsibility as you want to ensure that all the guests are happy with the items you offer. This is particularly challenging when you host an event with a diverse group of guests. Some people may have food preferences or restrictions, making it challenging to choose items that everyone can enjoy.

The good news is a professional caterer can simplify the selection process based on their expertise. Caters with extensive industry experience know how to cater to guests with different dietary needs, enabling them to assist the hosts with menu selection. You can also ask your guests to mention any dietary restrictions when they RSVP for your event to make the menu selection more straightforward. The most common dietary restrictions are lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity, vegetarian or veganism, and dairy-free.

2. Narrow Down Venue Options

Selecting the ideal venue for your event can take weeks of research and legwork. You must consider several factors, such as the number of guests, location, and venue setup, to find the right venue. In addition, you will need to check schedules, request prices, and learn about potential limitations of the location.

Working with a professional catering company can shorten this lengthy process as they can inform you about the venues they have worked in before. They can help you understand which venue might be better suited for your event, depending on guests and event type, to select the right option. Familiarity with the venue is a great way for caterers to do their best work, as they are already accustomed to the location. The catering company will likely be familiar with potential problems they can arrive at the location, making it easier for them to navigate them to make things simpler for you.

3. Transparent Communication

In addition to tasty food with high-quality ingredients, a caterer must have excellent communication skills. Planning an event is stressful enough, and the last thing you want is to deal with a caterer who does not communicate effectively. Lack of communication can result in a menu you’re unhappy with, unexpected costs, and other problems during the event.

A reputable catering company like McEwan Catering is focused on customer satisfaction, so they go the extra mile to communicate effectively with their clients. They will communicate with you from day one until the event is over to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This involves consultation, menu planning, budgeting, execution, and guest service. When you work with their streamlined team of professionals, lack of communication will be the least of your worries.

4. Reliable Budgeting

One of the biggest concerns hosts have when hiring a catering company is the cost. According to planners surveyed for a report, food and beverage comprised 23 percent of their budget, the largest segment among other elements of an event.

Some catering companies rack up prices at the last minute, creating financial challenges for hosts. A reputable caterer will ensure you have confidence in your budget. They will discuss the budget with you and confirm what steps to take if you need more food than initially ordered. Knowing the cost of catering will give you peace of mind if more people get added to the guest list last minute.

Good caterers also know where to save and where to splurge. For example, if you want to stay within a specific budget but order a particular main dish, the caterer can recommend which appetizers to choose to offset the cost. A professional catering company will help you get the service you deserve without breaking the bank due to their reliable budgeting skills.

5. Management Tools to Streamline Processes

You will feel overwhelmed with the information if you manually try to remember each aspect of your catering, such as the menu, cost, and additional services. An experienced catering company will likely use management tools that streamline processes and allow you to keep track of the different elements associated with your event. When you need information, they can pull out their device to show you precisely what you’re looking for, saving you from the hassle of scrambling through notes.

One of the most common management tools that catering companies use is catering software that helps them plan food production according to customer demand and increase the accuracy of their deliveries. Catering management software allows the caterer to keep track of all the elements, saving hosts the time and hassle of staying up-to-date on every process.

6. Ensure Guest Satisfaction

A professional catering company will go above and beyond to offer the best service. When you work with a full-service catering company, you don’t have to sweat over the small details. The catering company will handle all aspects of catering, from transporting the food to setting up tables, serving the guests, and cleaning up. When your guests are satisfied, it also benefits the catering company. Research has revealed that “customer satisfaction is important because it will be more likely to return to the business, spread positive word-of-mouth and support stronger brand loyalty.” Catering companies will likely strive for customer satisfaction to maintain their brand image.

Choose a catering company that is an expert at logistics in addition to preparing and serving fresh food. When the caterer knows how to bring your event together, you won’t have to stress over whether the guests are satisfied.

Final Words

The food you serve at your event will likely be the night’s highlight. Your choice of caterer can play a critical role in how your guests remember the event. Work with a reputable full-service catering company to relieve event planning stress and enjoy your event with your guests!

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