Planning the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Event at Home

If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year but aren’t sure whether parades or public events will be occurring in your area, the best solution is to plan an event at home. Not only will this idea give you the option of controlling how large a gathering you wish to have, but you can also enjoy the company of the particular people who matter most to you.

St. Patrick’s Day is considered a favourite holiday for many people worldwide. If you’re Irish, it gives you a chance to celebrate your cultural heritage. If you’re not Irish, it allows you an opportunity to celebrate and respect another culture that has had an immensely positive influence on the world. In either case, it might be helpful to start by doing some online research to create party ideas that help to emphasize these cultural ties. 

Celebrating Respectfully

Given the specific cultural ties associated with St. Patrick’s Day, it is important to keep in mind that the values of this holiday are felt deeply by millions of people. As such, it is critical that you take the themes seriously and do your utmost to avoid engaging in disrespectful behaviour. The best way to do this is to learn about authentic Irish traditions associated with St. Patrick’s Day and encourage positivity and respectful attitudes among your guests.

Gathering Essential Supplies 

When you’re planning any kind of event that you want to make extra special, one of the most important parts of that process is to shop wisely. The best way to get an advantage when shopping for specialty items like party supplies is to use a website like ShoppingCanada, which offers all the information you could ever want regarding your local stores. 

When you try out a shopping website before you venture out to the mall, you can plan out all of the stops you need to make to find every item on your list. For example, when it comes to party planning, you’ll probably want to find one store that specializes in party supplies while also planning another stop to pick up any snacks and drinks you’ll want to serve.

Saving Money When Planning 

An online shopping resource can also provide you with details on any sales that exist that offer lower prices for the specific items that you need. You also might find out that a new store exists that you didn’t know about. With an online shopping resource, you’ll never miss out on great shopping options for anything you need in the future either. You can even register to become a member and receive important updates about the store you like best. 

Creating a Large-Scale Feel on a Smaller Scale

You might not be able to recreate an atmosphere of an entire parade ground in your living room, but you should be able to capture the feeling of a momentous occasion. Creating a schedule to organize your party will help to imbue the entire day with an atmosphere of grandeur and importance. You should also consider how appealing to the senses can heighten the celebratory feeling. Here are a few ways that you can enlarge the scale of your gathering by creating sensual queues: 

  • Burn Scented Candles 
  • Create a Playlist of Lively Traditional Music
  • Serve Rich Traditional Foods
  • Decorate Your Home with Appropriate Themes 

It will also help to acquire a loud stereo so your musical selection can do its job of exciting your guests properly. 

Using a Screen to Connect to Distant Friends and Family

It’s no secret that we are all living in an age where technology is used as much as possible to connect to the people that we don’t get to see very often due to geographical limitations. You can make your party larger and allow those who are not able to attend in person due to travel restrictions to partake by setting up a video chat while the event is occurring. 

A group chat will allow your guests to interact with people online as they choose while ensuring that no one is sitting around waiting for company. You might also consider using a projection screen to allow people online to enjoy a larger presence at the party.

Invite a Few Musicians

There’s no better way to celebrate traditional themes than to listen to actual musicians playing traditional songs. The best part about many classic Irish songs is that they contain sections that are easy to learn and easy for anyone to sing. If you’re a musician yourself, try learning a few popular Irish songs and offering extra instruments so that other people with musical talents can join in. 

The Green Theme

If you’re running out of ideas to help celebrate the theme of St. Patrick’s Day, you can always resort to the old reliable theme of green colours. Be sure to use food dye to make everything you serve as festive as possible and fill your rooms with green decorations. The easiest way to make everything feel more like St. Paddy’s Day is to go green everywhere you can. 

Don’t Overthink It

Remember, the point of St. Patrick’s Day or any social event is very basic, and that’s for everyone involved to relax and have fun – including you! Given the fact that most people have has fewer opportunities to be social than usual in recent years, the chances are that everyone will be eager to celebrate and socialize. If you feel out of touch as a host, just remember that everyone will be grateful for whatever you offer. They will also be able to empathize with your position easily. 

If you’re planning a gathering for St. Patrick’s Day or any other kind of social event, try out an online shopping resource to find party supplies and other items at stores near you. 

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