7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Marriage Proposal

They said marriages are made in heaven and performed on the earth. We always give our best to keep that bond strong and make sure it lasts forever. A successful marriage or a bond is not something that happens overnight. It always asks for patience and trust. Above all these things start from the very first step. But what is the first step? You guessed it right? It is a proposal. No matter whether you know your partner for 10 months or 10 years you always get blank when it comes to that important step. Hence to make you relieved with this stress we have come up with a few tips that would help you to make this moment extra special for you. Here we go!

Choose the right time and the location

Here comes the very first and important step. Most of us get stuck at this step itself. There are many options you can choose from to pop up that question to your partner. Many matrimonial websites would give hundreds of ideas and the ideal locations. Here are a few things which you would need to keep in mind before deciding the time and the location. Please check whether the location is closer to your partner’s place. You would also need to check whether the place that you choose would interest both of you or not. Some people would also recommend you to take a trip to a romantic destination. Proposing your marriage to your partner in a family gathering is also a great suggestion. Prepare yourself and all the set up well in advance so that you would not make yourself embarrassed on your special day.

Buy your Engagement Ring

The very important aspect of your proposal is the engagement ring. No matter whether you are going for a traditional wedding or the modern one ring ceremony is the most common practice. Since you are planning your proposal well in advance make sure you choose your proposal ring wisely. You will get tons of options for the rings such as diamonds, a combination of gems, coloured gemstones or only metals. Since you know your partner better you can decide the type of ring accordingly but diamond is always the best pick for girls. You can never go wrong with it. It is known as the universal symbol of love and commitment. You can browse the websites such as for some amazing collections.

Plan your budget

Since you are planning for a special proposal, there would be a lot of expenses incurred in this process right from the ring to the travelling. If you are planning to buy a diamond ring then make sure you have a good amount of budget since diamonds are expensive as compared to the other gemstones. List down all the activities and the tasks which would be included in your proposal activity and plan your budget accordingly. Here you can add the things as per you and your partner’s choice. A perfect romantic proposal is not always expensive. Working on those small things which your partner likes would always make that day special for both of you.

Get a professional photographer

Don’t you wish to capture that special moment of your life through lenses? Of course, you do and here a professional photographer would come to your rescue. Here the photographer will capture amazing shots of your proposal day including your moment and the beautiful surrounding that you have chosen. Hence do not hesitate to invest in a professional photographer who would help you to cherish this moment and give you beautiful memories. Want to surprise your bride? Gift these photographs clicked on the proposal day to your bride on the wedding day. You can even get these photographs printed on your cushion covers or on the mugs to make them memorable.

Music always works best


A Romantic proposal is incomplete without music. It could be a soothing violin or any favourite song of yours which you wish to dedicate to your partner. After that perfect lovely proposal, you both can enjoy a couple of dances to that soothing music and make this moment memorable for her. If you are in a family gathering then you can also sing a song for your partner in front of everyone.

Flower therapy would always enhance the moment

Apart from the music here is another thing which would make this special moment memorable for you. Flowers always work best with a proposal. A special flower arrangement, a diamond ring, a romantic place and the soothing music are what else one could ask for a perfect proposal moment. You can either get a surprise bouquet for your partner or decorate the venue with flowers. Does your partner love specific flowers?  Then make sure you get a lot of it and get the venue decorated with it. You can also play around with a lot of ideas with the help of flowers. For example, if you know each other for 5 years then you can get the bouquet designed according to the number of days you are being together.

Go for the right time and speak your heart out

They say that there is no right time to express love but since it is a big day for you and you have planned a lot of things, it is important to execute it at the right moment. What if it is hotter outside during the day when you can’t even think of taking your partner to that perfect venue? Solution? Choose the evening time. You can plan the whole proposal activity considering the early evening time where you can also get the beautiful photographs with the pleasing view of sunset in a breezy wind. After the proposal, you can also go for a dance in the moonlight and enjoy the candlelight dinner with your partner? Sounds perfect? Then block that evening time of the day for your proposal. Make sure you speak your heart out before offering that perfect ring to your partner. An instant thought always works better than a well-prepared speech. Make sure you are expressing the true feeling to your partner and see that joy in her eyes.

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