The Couple’s Guide To Wedding Photographers

We all want the best for our dream weddings – the most elegant dresses, the fanciest venue, the most glamorous decorations, and most of all, the dreamiest wedding photos. But it can’t be helped that some couples are on the fence in hiring certain vendors for their weddings such as a wedding photographer.

After all, with the emergence of high-end smartphones today with cameras that produce decent photos, it has become easier and cheaper to take as many photographs as you want.

But here’s the thing. While our smartphones can take a thousand pictures, they will never compare to the story that professional photographers capture with their every shot.

Wedding photographers are more than a luxury, and this guide will convince you why. From the benefits of hiring a wedding photographer to tips on finding the right one, this couple’s guide to wedding photographers will help you make one of the most important decisions for your big day.

Why should you hire a wedding photographer?

1. They’re professionals. They know how to capture the best memories of your wedding

With weddings, everything happens in a moment of a blur. One moment your entourage is walking the aisle, the next, everyone’s dancing and having a good time. There’s no room for second takes.

An experienced wedding photographer will never miss any important moments during the event. They know when to capture posed and candid shots. They understand the flow of the wedding and know when to press the shutter button to capture the story of your special day.

A professional photographer also knows how to make their subjects feel at ease. They don’t just shout orders at everyone to pose or smile at the camera. They know when to ask for it, and when to capture those candid smiles without you or your guests feeling awkward.

2. They have the eye for good photos

According to MILKBooks, it takes an artistic flair to take those dreamy wedding photos you’ll treasure forever in your photobook. Think of it like a painter – everyone can splash paint on a canvas, but it takes an artist to create a story from that spectrum of colors.

It’s a wedding photographer’s sole mission to tell a unique love story through a series of photographs. They’ll do whatever it takes to take a shot, even if it means kneeling on the floor or stand under the scorching heat.

3. You have more opportunities to celebrate your wedding without worries

With professional taking care of your photography needs, you’ll have one less thing to worry about to ensure this is one wedding to remember. You can mingle with guests or spend more time with your partner as the photographer goes around taking the shots you want.

4. You only get one chance to relive this beautiful chapter in your life

Tying the knot with your partner is a once-in-a-lifetime feeling of eternal bliss, and you want to encapsulate that feeling forever. When you hire a wedding photographer, you’re guaranteed to secure this opportunity, have something to tell your friends and future family about one of the greatest chapters of your lives.

How to choose the right wedding photographer

There are plenty of wedding photographers available today. How can you make sure you hire the right one? Here are four tips to follow:

1. Do your research

Consult the internet for wedding photographers in your area. If you’re having a destination wedding, check out photographers based on your chosen venue. Check out their portfolios and see which styles suit your liking. Have at least three to five photographer options before you decide to end your research.

You can also ask your married friends or relatives for any wedding photographer recommendations. Ask them their experience working with one so you’ll know what expectations to set.

2. Review their experience in the industry

An experienced photographer will know how to conform to the different wants and requirements of their client. Check their previous works and evaluate how they’ve tackled various weddings throughout their time in the industry.

Because as much as it’s important to stick with a style that defines their brand, creativity goes a long way in telling a unique story.

3. Check testimonials and reviews about their work

What do their previous clients have to say about their work? Did they live up to their expectations? Were they a delight to work with? Did they deliver the photos in the discussed deadline?

4. Review their rates

Price always seems to be the major factor that turns off other couples from hiring a wedding photographer. But remember, you’re paying for their experience, artistic skills, and time here. You’re trusting someone to handle one of the most tedious parts of a wedding, and a professional at that.

So instead of feeling regretful on the potential expense, focus instead on the quality output and stress-free benefits they can bring to the table.

Don’t be shy to talk to your preferred photographer about the price. Professional photographers will always be willing to make a custom package for their clients, depending on their needs and expectations. Let them know about your budget so they’ll have an idea of how to price their services.

Bonus tips!

To create a harmonious working relationship with your photographer, keep these three tips in mind:

1. Prepare your photo inspirations

Photographers love it when their clients know what they want to achieve in their photos. So before meeting your photographer, have some of your favorite wedding photos ready so you can show it to them. Check out Pinterest or even their portfolios for inspiration.

Just remember not to stick strictly to these photos. It takes out the opportunity for your photographer to unleash their creativity. Leave them as inspiration and nothing more.

2. Create a wedding timeline

Having a schedule of your big day can help everyone stick to the flow of events and have everything in-time for your photographer. But don’t forget to leave room for unexpected events, like the officiant arriving a little later or the guests taking more time to move out of the ceremony area.

3. Have faith in your photographer

As mentioned, they’re professionals at what they do! You hired them because you like their approach to photos, after all. Trust them to apply the same style and keep the best parts of your wedding vivid for years to come.

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