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A Guide to the Best Rolls Royce Wedding Rental in Atlanta

A wedding is a special event that most people plan to do once in a lifetime. If you are planning a wedding in Atlanta, you will definitely have a memorable big day because this is a vibrant city. In fact, people come from many other states to have their weddings here.

As such, it calls for thorough preparations in all areas such as catering, décor, venue selection, transport, and any other. No wonder, it is important to work with a wedding planner who will oversee all the arrangements.

You can make your event stand out by renting high-end vehicles such as Rolls Royce cars or SUVs or any other vehicles. But the biggest concern for many people is whether or not Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta is a difficult process. Just to answer you, no, it is not. There are a variety of rental companies with different Rolls Royce for wedding packages. If you are planning a wedding in Atlanta, Georgia, we will give you some insights that you should know.

How to Go About Rolls Royce Wedding Rental in Atlanta

The process is pretty simple for both the couple and their wedding planner. First, you need to identify a reliable company with various models of Rolls Royce vehicles. It is good to have a variety of choices even if you have already decided on the one you want to use.

The second important thing is to assess the condition of their vehicles. Most reliable companies have well-maintained Rolls Royce and other luxury cars. In fact, you might find new Rolls Royce models, especially when you decide to use a reliable company for Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta.

You can now book the car if you are comfortable with the prices per day. Most companies recommend using their website. So, you can book from the comfort of your home and have the assurance that your cars will be reserved to use on the big day. You can try this on the website to see how it works.

Rolls Royce Wedding Rental in Atlanta Options

Rolls Royce is a well-established luxury car brand with about five popular models along with many classic models. A reliable company for Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta will help you to decide on your model depending on the theme of your wedding or your preference. Here are the major categories to choose from.

  • Modern luxury Rolls Royce models – Do you want to have a wedding with a modern yet formal theme? Then you will have an easy time with Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta because most models are new versions of the Rolls Royce Phantom, Wraith, Cullinan, Ghost, or Dawn. If it is a 2018 model or later, any of these cars will stand out during your wedding.
  • Models for a casual wedding – These wedding setups are common these days, especially with Generation Z, also called the zoomers. They prefer to use convertibles and stylish luxury cars for their weddings rather than the formal types. Therefore, the Rolls Royce Phantom convertible is preferable. If this is what you want as well, you can easily get one from a reliable exotic car rental company in Atlanta.
  • Old classic Rolls Royce models – If your wedding has a classic theme, the old classic Rolls Royce cars will be the best option. Talk to your Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta to see the available options. For this, you might have to go with what is available rather than what you want. The common vintage Rolls Royce models include the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1907, the Phantom 1 of 1925, Silver Wraith 1946, and Silver Cloud 1955. There are also many 70s and 80s models depending on what the rental company has.

The Benefits of Rolls Royce Wedding Rental in Atlanta

A number of car rental companies in Atlanta have luxury and exotic vehicles to serve the ever-growing demand. Apart from weddings, there are many business people and vacationers who come to Georgia and want to enjoy such expensive rides as a Rolls Royce. It is also perfect for VIP and celebrity events. As such, you can get a fair Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta deal for your wedding.

Apart from the reasonable cost of renting Rolls Royce cars for your wedding, you will also get a variety to choose from. These include all the cars we have mentioned and more. If you are about to wed, all you need is to identify reliable companies for Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta to compare their vehicles and choose what you want to use.

Most companies offer a chauffeur as part of the wedding package. They know that the groom or the bride will not have time to drive the car. However, you can always request a chauffeur if this is not part of a package to make your event smooth. Also, this reduces the chances of damage, which will affect your security deposit.

The Cost of Rolls Royce Wedding Rental in Atlanta

Any wedding is guided by a budget. Therefore, it is good to have an idea of how much it will cost you to rent any of the Rolls Royce cars you need for your wedding. Typically, you will part with about $300 per hour or $1600 per day depending on the company you choose to work with for Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta.

You will also need a deposit of the same amount as the rate for the hours you want to rent it or the daily rate. Additionally, the company might ask for extra payment for a chauffeur. So, check on the terms and conditions for renting the car.

But even with all these, you can lower the price significantly if you negotiate well. But the best way is to book early so that the Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta company can give you the early bird discount. Fortunately, most people know their wedding date early and can book online via the company’s website.


Do you have an upcoming wedding in Georgia this year? You now know how to go about a Rolls Royce wedding rental in Atlanta. Make the right decisions early and book your cars to enjoy the best rates and avoid last minute rush. Some companies can even make arrangements to get you some cars from their competitors if you need more than what they can offer. All the best.

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