Last-Minute Wedding-Day Checklist Guide

Weddings are wonderful events, but they sometimes take a lot of time to plan. Since everyone that’s getting married wants to remember this moment, they spend a lot of time arranging things and making sure that they have the best day of their life. This is why there are professional wedding planners, but they cost quite a lot, and not always a person has the budget to hire one.

There are a lot of costs when it comes to planning a wedding, and it’s also very easy to forget something important from your checklist. This is why we decided to help you by creating a list with all the last-minute things that you have to check before the actual main event. This will help you out both if you are a professional planner or you’re just arranging your wedding, so let’s begin right away.

The music playlist

Most modern weddings are planned in such a way that the organizers decide what music there will be. Unless you are going with the live band performance option, making sure that your playlist is done is the first check you need to do before the day.

It’s not difficult to create a playlist, and you can do it with so many apps on your phones, such as Spotify, YouTube, and a few others. Make sure to choose songs that are suitable for the event. A good tip is to start “slow” and move up to the more energetic titles later on as the night progresses.

If you are the one playing the music at the wedding, it’s easy to switch things up whenever you feel like the crowd needs something else. However, if you hired a DJ to do all this for you, make sure that you talk with them a few days before the wedding, and explain what kind of atmosphere you want them to achieve.

Double-check delivery times

Every event of this kind needs fresh food, drinks, and most importantly, the huge cake. However, since there is a lot of planning going on, and just overall a lot of action, some of these things can be easily forgotten by the deliverers.

You can avoid going through any trouble by calling them once more and double-checking if everything is ordered correctly and arriving on time. Guests like to receive their meals while they’re warm and fresh, and although the chances for the delivery service to mess up something like this are low, it still happens now and then.

Schedule your hair-removal treatment

This goes out for the ladies who want to look stunning at the important event. Don’t forget about your hair-removal treatment, and call your beauty salon to double-check if everything is scheduled properly. It’s best to do this either one day before the event or on the same day. Sometimes those pesky hairs can start growing rapidly throughout just one night, and they’re frustrating.

If you happen to be someone that gets weird after-effects from hair-remove treatment, maybe it’s better to do it a bit earlier, and not on the same day of the event. You don’t want to arrive there with rashes all over your body, it’s an unpleasant feeling and it’s going to prevent you from enjoying the night.

Wrap your gifts

If you are one of the guests, wrapping up your gifts nicely is important. This is something that’s going to leave a lot of impressions, especially if you are handing over a gift to someone close to you. Gift wraps don’t cost much, but they surely make everyone happy. There’s just something special in the feeling you get while unwrapping presents.

If you decide to support the bride and the groom financially, you can still buy something symbolic just to avoid going over there with only an envelope with money in it. Sometimes the symbolic gifts mean a lot more than just cash, although money is pretty important these days.

Book a limousine

Arriving in style is very important, so if you want to impress a lot of people, or pick up the bride in a limousine, this is your chance to do it. You don’t get a lot of opportunities where booking an all-inclusive limo service is the way to go, so don’t miss your chance and visit if you happen to be from Mississauga.

These things come with all sorts of expensive and luxurious drinks inside, so you’ll have a lot of fun even if the time it takes to arrive at the wedding is longer. The experience is even better when you share it with some of your friends, or as we said above, the bride or the groom.

Ensure you have a transport home

We all know that weddings are events where people are extremely happy for the bride and the groom, so a lot of drinking takes place as well. We also know that driving under the influence is strongly forbidden in almost every country worldwide, and even if it’s not, it’s a very unsafe thing to do. To simply avoid any trouble, either ensure that you have a sober friend to take you back home, or book a cab in time.

If you decided to go with the limousine option we mentioned above, you can use that transport once again to get back home safely.

Bring your wallet with you

Forgetting your wallet is quite common, and that’s fine, but some people leave it home on purpose just because they’re about to attend a wedding. Yes, on an event like this all of the food and drinks are going to be free, but that’s not a reason to be left without any cash on you.

You never really know what can happen, so bring your wallet with you just in case. Maybe you’ll want to leave early, or you’ll drink too much and you won’t be able to continue celebrating. Everything is a possibility. We’re pretty sure that even if you do end up forgetting cash, a lot of people will be there to help you, but make sure to check this before leaving anyway.

Make Sure Your Dress Still Fits

You’ve probably spent countless hours researching wedding dress styles, and designers. Do you pick something timeless? Or perhaps an empire waist style, or a mermaid silhouette. After creating your Pinterest ‘dream dress’ vision board, there is the journey of trying on a mountain of dresses, just to find the perfect one to walk down the aisle in. Every bride wants their dress to fit perfectly, not only so they feel beautiful in their dream dress, but because they should feel comfortable too. Nothing adds more panic to a wedding day than tugging at zippier, trying desperately to do it up.

Even if you have had several alterations over the past few months, your dress may not fit properly on your wedding day. Our bodies fluctuate and change from month to month, or even week to week. Add into the equation, busy work days and organising a wedding, it is possible you may lose or gain a bit of weight from your last fitting.

Karen from renowned bridal boutique Pearl Bridal recommends booking in for a last minute fitting, just to ensure your dress fits perfectly on for your special day. Your bridal store will provide skilled seamstresses’ to ensure any last minute alterations are done to perfection, so if something is a little out, it will be fixed up beautifully and be ready to go for your special day.

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