Renovating A House Checklist – Where To Start?

Usually, at the beginning of spring, we all start thinking about how we could make some changes to our homes – or completely renovate and remodel individual rooms. The process of renovating the apartment or a house is not a bit easy – and each of us would love to be able to move to another place until all the work is complete. If possible, you should avoid all that chaos, piles of dirt, dust and all the clutter. Otherwise, try to organize yourself so that you can function in your space in some way. Make your renovation checklist and try to figure out where to start.

House Renovation Involves Organizing


Renovating a house is not so easy as it seems. It is not just some work you need to do – it also involves good organizing. Many things come to mind when there is clutter in the house, dust all over, while several craftsmen eagerly cycle through the space finishing their work part by part. Then, you think about how long it will take, what needs to be changed and supplemented, and whether everything works in the intended way?

Where to Start?

Expert advice is always welcome in these situations, so it is good to stay calm or to hire help in renovating your apartment. There are many different types of home renovations – and each situation requires that you consider all the circumstances that may affect the course of events. So make your priority list when it comes to the work you will do in your home. Below are some of the things to keep in mind when renovating an apartment, to a greater or lesser extent.

Put Bathroom Renovation On The Top Of Your List


If you are renovating your bathroom, be sure It takes the most time to do it. Especially when you need to replace the entire sewerage and water supply system. This is not a job that can be completed in a couple of days. How your new bathroom will look – depends only on your preferences and options. Usually, this part of the work is left to women whose creativity and imagination are almost always respected. In search of ideas, you can browse through countless photos posted on the internet or in magazines that deal with these topics. Various elements, as well as colors and patterns of sanitary ware, tiles, walls and other details, can be combined.

Kitchen: A Place Where The Major Work Is “Cooking”

After the bathroom, you can arrange the kitchen – and that is something every housewife will look forward to. If your kitchen is old and your appliances are worn out – it’s time to change something. In smaller apartments or homes, the custom kitchen is the right choice. You should complete a 3D blueprint that should be made long before the kitchen – and that can help you see each element and its fitting in a space. A quality carpenter can also give you many suggestions and ideas. It is up to you to choose the material you want it to be made of, the color, the pattern, and after that to go looking for built-in home appliances. Such elements will give a modern look to the kitchen.

Think About The Tools: No Tools No Crafts


You can also do some of the work yourself. For example, you can reconstruct an old kitchen cabinet with new paint, or add new knobs to it. These DIY jobs require you to have some tools. A handy cordless drill is one of those appliances that is needed in almost every home. It can always be useful, whether you are renovating your home or not. According to the Cordless Drill Guide, these drills have a very wide application and, compared to wire electric drills – they give you greater handling comfort. Furthermore, you might want to learn more about jamb saws, especially if you haven’t used them before. It may come in handy.

PVC Windows And Doors – Safe Installation

Installation of windows and doors is quite simple, quick and convenient. PVC joinery is often placed in homes and apartments. The complexity of installation in apartments comes when the building has several floors, so heavy materials need to be carried hundreds of steps – unless there is an elevator. PVC windows and doors are not very heavy and vary in size. Besides, you must take into account the safety of installation workers. If you live in a multi-story building, these buildings have dozens of floors as well – so seat belts and accessories are required. However, there are companies that, in addition to selling PVC joinery, also install PVC joinery.

Special Significance Is Given To Installations

Whether you are renovating walls, floors, carpentry or any other alteration in your home – installations are the first things to think about. The reason is that they are a source of electricity. Any work involving the removal of cables, sockets and other power sources – results in the initial shutdown of electricity, and often water. Electricity is checked several times, and at least temporarily switched off during operation. It is necessary to inform the tenants of the building, to be efficient and careful – to get the works as reliable and as short as possible. When renovating an apartment, it’s important to think about other people’s needs.


Plaster Works – A Common Source Of Noise

If you are a fan of suspended ceilings, three-dimensional panels, partitions, and other incredible wall shapes – this will entail higher levels of dust, noise, and impurities in general. Although it results in phenomenal designs and your satisfaction – the noise level can affect the dissatisfaction of your neighborhood. That is why such work should be carried out during the day – not in the evenings, or on weekends when everyone is usually resting. Such works may require more than seven days because of the design and drying of the walls and the plaster cast. This is where we have to pay special attention to installations, conducting electricity, lighting – and other effects that often occur with modern walls and ceilings.


There are many things to keep in mind when renovating an apartment or a house. We have to think of everything from objects of renovation to relationships with neighbors. Only one change in the color of the walls is demanding, and some major and significant changes can require much more effort. However, satisfaction after the job is complete cannot be measured by anything. Decorate your home to your taste and enjoy the place in which you bring in some of your ideas.

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