Quick Wedding Checklist for your Big Day

Take it from the couples who have planned their weddings; it is no easy task. Things can get pretty hard with so many things, emotions, and the budget in mind. That is why it is essential to start planning your big day months before the actual event. As the bride and groom, this can save you from a lot of last-minute stress. Unfortunately, planning the whole thing yourself is never easy, especially if it isn’t a simple event. This is why people opt for wedding planners to tackle a long list of requirements regarding a wedding.

A wedding planner is an event management team or individual that caters to all your needs up to and after the big day. Unfortunately, these wedding planners can range from 1800 dollars to four grand or more depending on many factors. That is why it’s always better to opt for planning and organizing the event yourself.

Below we have compiled the most important aspect of a wedding after talking to Willmus Weddings. You can further categorize them for convenience. Have these in mind and start planning for your big day!

Date and location

After making it official, the first thing to decide is the date and location for your special day. These are essential to confirm from the get go since it will help you fit everything with it. The place or venue of your event is significant since the whole wedding is designed around it. You can go to a wedding hall, and choose a date they have a free slot in.

Similarly, you can opt for a church or beachside wedding if that’s what you want. But make sure you decide a place, ask for all the relevant details, and book it for your date. Most halls require months of booking to have the place to yourself. Keep your budget in mind and stick to something both you and your better half would love.


After you have selected the venue and date, it’s time to get the invites out the door. You can design them yourself or hire someone to do them for you. A quick tip is to get services off freelancing sites as an expert will make you a unique wedding card invite for pretty cheap.

You can get these printed for pretty cheap at your local stores instead of paying a high-end wedding invite company. Afterward, mail them along with the RSVP details to know who will attend the event.

You can also visit BasicInvite website and select the invitation card design that’s perfect for you.


Another major aspect is the wardrobe. This includes the brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and best men’s apparel. These are also important since a wedding dress takes months for delivery. That is why you need to get the dresses out of the way as early as possible.

Make sure to go to places that don’t blow up your budget; you can opt for preloved wedding dresses if you want to. Make sure to get the dresses for the bridesmaids too.

You also need to look for other clothing items you may need, such as an after-party dress or reception dress, etc. Make sure you have all the outfits sorted and ordered months before the wedding.


Keep your jewelry to a minimum to prevent diverting attention from your outfit. Just the right wedding stud earrings, bracelets, and necklaces may be required.

When purchasing wedding jewelry, particularly your wedding necklace, bear in mind the facts.

The neckline and design of your dress will affect your jewelry choices.

Entertainment sector

This includes planning about the following.

  • Photography: You need to contact professional teams to ensure that all your special moments are captured perfectly. You will be looking back on these memories, so make sure you get a team or agency that knows what they are doing.
  • Media team: You may need music, video, and cute speeches at your event too. For that too, it’s always better to hire a dedicated team. They will be in charge of the music, the dances, the choreography, or any other tribute video you may want to arrange on your big day.

Hair and beauty

Who doesn’t want to look spot on, especially on their special day? That is why investing in the best makeup and hair team for the bride and groom is a must. You can contact many professionals to find one who you like and who is under your budget.

You can also reach out to your friends for wedding make up and hair. They will not only give you a friend discount but you will get a chance to grow out their beauty business too. A win-win situation for all.


Nowadays, most wedding venues offer their own decor, so you won’t have to worry. Try to explore the options and themes the venue offers and if their price points match your budget.

You can always arrange the decor yourself. The decor contains all the furniture, table cloths, ribbons, flowers, lights, and the like. If you have a door team doing the decor much cheaper, you can opt for that.


At weddings, the main focus is the bride and groom. Nonetheless, it’s pretty bland without good food and the perfect wedding cake. Wedding cakes can be expensive, especially the tiered ones, especially since you need to look around for the perfect flavors and price.

Make sure that they can deliver and are not a new baker since it’s your big day. Also, ensure that your refreshment can be delivered to the location on the date.

Transport and stays

You also have to keep this in mind, are some guests coming in just for your wedding? Do they need a place to stay? How will they get to your event? Transport and hotels is another thing you have to keep in mind, especially for family and guests flying in just for you.


Another important aspect of your wedding checklist is to check whether you are relaxed, satisfied, and happy. You don’t want to forget yourself with everything else. Always keep your peace of mind and yourself in check. Ensure that during all these endeavors, you are happy.

Concluding remarks

Weddings are one of the biggest events of one’s life. It’s not every day one ties the knot with a special someone. But without adequate planning, the best day of your life can turn into a disaster. That is why it’s necessary to have a checklist in mind to know what things to take care of for your big day.

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