Preparing For The Big Day: Tips For A Stress-Free Move In New York City

Moving to New York City is a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The city offers breathtaking views, and you will love the kind of vibe that you witness over here. Amid all the arrangements, many people will feel overwhelmed during the moving process as it is not easy.

The process can have challenges, but when you properly plan, you are better positioned to execute everything. The preparation begins with finding the right moving and packing agent who is well-versed in New York and whatever it takes to make the perfect move. However, if you struggle to find the right storage in NYC, you can check this link.

When you have a professional backing your plan, the confidence for the move automatically improves. Further, to ensure stress-free moving, here are some tried and tested tips for you.

1.  Having A Personalized Checklist


Before blindly following other things or taking any random steps, you should create a checklist which should be decided at least a month before the moving begins. Early planning will help you prevent any last-minute hassle or rush that can harm your belongings and how you have organized them.

Commonly, you tend to underestimate the time spent packing and all the efforts attached. However, you should not do so and begin sorting in different piles and groups. The piles can be dedicated to the things you’ll be carrying to your new home in NYC and the ones you wish to dispose of or donate. You cannot copy as your tastes will be different. Hence, you should take personalized decisions.

2.  Gather Packing Materials At One Place


When creating a personalized list, you should sort out the requirements related to packing materials. You can use cotton bags that can help store the linen, bedding, and other kinds of fabrics in your home.

All the fragile items should make their way to the container. But, while storing these things, you should also focus on covering your things with bubble wrap. If it is unavailable, you can use a soft tissue that will help the padding process.

If there are any heavy items, you should cover them in newspaper and place them in a plastic container. The container should be solid and capable of handling weight.

3.  Ensuring Better Safety Of Priceless Valuables

Your home is built with different things that reflect your taste. Some might be easily available, while others can be expensive. Also, there are some things that you cannot measure in price and hence, needs extra care to be dealt with.

Losing the valuables in commotion is not a good sight and can completely destroy your mood. Hence, you should separate these things on priority. For example, you can begin by separating your expensive electronic items, followed by jewelry and other things. You should keep them in your vigilance while conducting the moving process.

Also, you should know the rules upon which the moving companies based in New York function. The companies are not liable for the whole cost whenever damaged goods occur during the moving process. The same stands true if you end up losing some items. Hence, whenever you are moving your expensive stuff from one place to another, you should know their liability obligations and alter your choice accordingly.

4.  Ensuring That The New Place Has Everything To Support The Move

The moving preparation is incomplete until you are not securing your new place. You should ensure that your new place is properly cleaned, which will help reduce the hassle of adjusting to the new place and settling in. Also, you should check the pipes and electrical conditions of the place.

If there are any issues with the same, you should timely call the plumbers or any handyman services so that they can dispense their functions to do the needful.

Also, you should use the new home’s measurements and decide on the new furniture pieces to be carried over there accordingly. It is an important step as it will help you understand how everything will fit into your home and how you should unpack the furniture for the best placement and zero damage.

You should have all the details handy and communicate the same to the chosen moving company. Also, your inventories that need to be moved should be communicated for a better plan.

5.  Finding The Right Storage Spaces

So, if you have been house-hunting in New York, you will know that there are small apartments, and you might see that there is no storage space available, too. Hence, you might constantly feel the need to have a bigger apartment or space where all your things can rest and be taken out whenever needed.

You can seek solutions in the form of temporary or long-term storage options. Also, they can offer different facilities for things that need storage and include storage space for your vehicles like cars and motorcycles.

Also, you should see whether the option of self-storage requirements works for you or not. Security is something you should never compromise upon; hence, self-storage options will help you decide the things you need and the ones you are good without.

6.  Extra Management And Finalizing The Move


One day before moving to your new place, you should cross-check your previous place so that you are not leaving anything behind. Also, you should see that the attic and basement are empty; otherwise, you must call the moving professionals again.

If you leave anything behind, it quill be difficult to retrieve the things left behind. Also, you should try being around the professionals when they move. It will help you rework the things that need re-packing.


Stress is an uncalled-for yet tagged-along thing when you plan to move around New York City. The city is beautiful, and you need to take different steps to ensure the process is smooth and does not cause any tension. The right professionals will reduce stress as they put their best foot forward.

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