Trying Out New Slots? Make Use of These Tips to Win Big

Well, the online casino industry features heaps of slot games, numbering in their millions. As a result, it’s practically impossible to have a grasp on all of them. While there are loads of popular slots that feature high payouts, most players might find it a tad bit difficult getting a grasp of the titles they see for the first time.

Aside from getting a hold of gameplay, one significant aspect of playing games at online casinos is to make wins and garner huge sums of money. Anxious to know how to play and win? If you’re positive, let’s take a peek at the following winning formulas sure to come in handy for that intended casino bankroll increase.

Play to Win at Online Casino Games: Top Ten Tips

If you’ve read to this point, congratulations! You’re one step into the world of garnering wins at different casino games. With a search on Google concerning these tips, lots of pages are sure to pop-up, each with its unique winning methods.

However, this article aims to be different as we’re going to be giving an in-depth analysis of what you can expect. Also, note that this article wouldn’t be smooth sailing all through as reading through will expose you to some harsh realities. Without further ado, let’s head right in!

The strategies or tips to employ include:

Tip 1. Peruse Player Forums

This might come as a surprise, but to stand a winning chance at any casino game, it’s pertinent to go through player reviews concerning the game you wish to play.

These reviews will give you an insight into which games to play and which ones to avoid. However, note that not all players present on these types of forums are genuine as some act as puppets for some games.

Tip 2. Try Playing the Most Obscure of Games

The most effective way to increase your winning chances is by playing games with the best RTP (Return to Player) percentages. Unfortunately, online casinos don’t always give this information to the public. So, how do you know what games to play if you can’t find their RTP?

For starters, try to avoid games that have a license associated with them. For instance, online slots that are based on a popular TV show like Games of Thrones, Walking Dead, and so on.

Why? These slot games have to pay duties for licensing. Casinos will have to bear this cost somehow, and your wagers are the easiest way for them to do so. Hence, these games won’t be rolling out big returns.

Sticking with titles that aren’t too popular is your best shot at avoiding that tax that limits your winnings.

Tip 3. Skip Progressive Jackpot Games Completely

Just before you get apprehensive, we have our reasons, so hold your horses and read on. Progressive jackpot games are simply games where jackpots rise over time until they’re won. But have you ever thought for once where the money is coming from? Well, it’s from your pockets and those of other players like yourself. The truth is that with these types of games, you’re almost sure never to make a win as the chances are one in a million, literally.

Tip 4. Set the Highest and Lowest Wagers You Can Afford

This probably sounds like contradictory advice, but in reality, it isn’t.

  • Slots that feature the lowest stakes are almost free to play, and as a result, you’ll only be making low-value payouts here and there that are meager at best.
  • If you’re looking to take home some serious cash, you’ll need to stick to high stake slot games. At all times, make sure you set bets you can afford to lose.

With high denomination slot games, you have a higher percentage of winning. You can have a peek at these games at SlotoZilla.

Tip 5. Try to Measure Your Actual Return to Player for Each Game at Every Casino

Although this might sound daunting at first, it’s easier than you think. Here, all you need to do is record how many credits are in your possession when you start spinning and how much you’re using to set wagers.

When the gaming section ends, calculate your actual return to player by subtracting your starting stake from your ending stake. This way, you now have an idea of how much you’ve won and lost.

Tip 6. Don’t Buy Into Superstitions

Every online casino makes use of an RNG (Random Number Generator) to create mixed results. Outcomes aren’t influenced by the casino itself, and it will be foolhardy to believe so, especially when playing at a licensed and regulated site.

Hence, don’t buy into any superstitious beliefs. Just sit back, place wagers, and enjoy the immersive experience of online casinos.

Tip 7. Learn How to Gamble Online Effectively

To win big at online casinos, you’ll need to know how to pay undivided attention to the games you’re playing. One way to do that is by taking breaks in-between, as you’re more likely to get tired after looking at your phone’s screen hours on end.

Alternatively, you can also try setting a daily limit to cap your overall gameplay time.

Tip 8. Read the Bonus Terms and Conditions

Most players don’t have the luxury of time to read the terms and conditions binding to a casino’s bonuses. Not reading the bonus terms can spell doom for some gamers as some casinos feature astronomical wagering requirements.

That said, make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions before placing deposits and wagers.

Tip 9. Avoid Fake Sites

With so many mock-ups of original betting sites on the web, it’s crucial to keep a hawk’s eye when picking sites where you play. You should only place wagers at approved and licensed casinos. Otherwise, you might just get scammed out of your money.

Still in doubt about where to play? There are tons of casino review sites on the internet, where you can find the most legit gambling operators on the market.

Tip 10. Gamble Responsibly

This is the icing on the cake. Irrespective of the type of gambler you are, you should endeavor to gamble responsibly. How can you achieve this? Always set wagers that accentuate your casino bankroll to avoid debts that can lead to other unfavorable circumstances in the long run.

Always Remember!

You win some, and you lose some. The goal isn’t to win all the time but to ensure that your winning margins either equal or outrank your losing margins. By following the above tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that.

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