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11 Richest Asian Actors of 2024

As you already know, Asia is formed from a wide range of countries, however, there are few of them that are quite popular for their film industries such as Japan, Indian, Thailand, and of course, China. Besides having a developed film industry, these countries also have some of the highest-paid actors of all time.

If you are interested in learning who these famous, popular, and rich stars are, then you might find this article to be quite helpful. The text below is going to feature a list of the 11 richest Asian actors for the year 2024. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Huang Xiaoming


Net Worth: $80.000.000

According to the newest revenue statistics and reports, Huang is currently meriting approximately 80 million dollars. Besides being a beloved celebrity, he is also a model and a singer. He has played a wide range of roles in various film genres, and he has been the brand ambassador for several famous international companies in China.

2. Andy Lau – Chinese


Net Worth: $70.000.000

One of the richest Asian artists on this list is Andy Lau – with a net value estimated at 70 million dollars. He is one of Hong Kong’s most beloved and biggest entertainment superstars and he is well-known for playing a lot of characters in action films. His latest picture is called “From Vegas to Macau II” – and if you still didn’t watch, now might be a good time.

3. Ranbir Kapoor – Indian


Net Worth: $50.000.000

If you are a fan of Bollywood, you must have heard about Ranbir whose net value is estimated to be around 50 million dollars. He is a relatively new performer and he made his debut a couple of years ago. He belongs to the legendary Kapoor family, well known for their influence in the Bollywood industry – which made it quite easy for him to earn a name by showing off his acting skills.

4. Jackie Chan – Chinese


Net Worth: $400.000.000

Jackie Chan is an Asian & Hollywood star, and he is also the richest out of all actors in Asia. I think that there is no reason to introduce this amazing man, especially since he is recognized by every single person on this earth. This Chinese star is known for his action-comedy flicks that often incorporate his excellent martial arts and comedy skill perfectly. Jackie is also one of the few people in the industry that performs his own stunts. If you want to check out additional info about this amazing person, you can read more here.

5. Salman Khan – Indian


Net Worth: $260.000.000

Khan is approximately meriting around 260 million dollars and at the moment, he is one of Bollywood sweetheart. His first film was released in 1989 and since then, he has acted in over 80 movies during his career! Besides being a renowned artist, he also created his own fashion line called “Being Human” which is a major hit with the youth in India.

6. Chow Yun Fat – Chinese


Net Worth: $100.000.000

Yet another character from the “From Vegas to Macao” franchise, Chow is valued close to 100 million dollars. Now, although he starred in a lot – let me repeat that A LOT – of Hong Kong films, you can also see him in Hollywood flicks as well. In fact, for most people, his character in “The Pirates of the Caribbean” is their favorite. He is the second highest-earning actor in Hong Kong as well.

7. Shah Rukh Khan – Indian


Net Worth: $200.000.000

The biggest star in the Bollywood world, Shah’s net value approximately 200 million dollars. When it comes to his assets, he is the richest actor in India. He also owns several shares of the India Premier League cricket franchise Knight Kolkata Riders as well. His fans all over the world often refer to him as King Khan.

8. Akshay Kumar – Indian


Net Worth: $240.000.000

Kumar’s net worth is estimated to be around 240 million dollars. Before joining the evergreen Indian movie industry, he became an accomplished martial artist – which allowed him to star in various action films to date. He plays the lead role in 4 to 5 movies every year and almost all of his movie broke box office records. Akshay is also the host of a TV show called “Khatron Ke Khiladi”.

9. Jet Li – Chinese


Net Worth: $200.000.000

Jet Li is a renowned Chinese and Hollywood actor, best known for his impeccable martial arts skills. Besides being an actor, he has also produced a wide range of movies that received praise and love from all over the globe. Currently, he is the second-best and highest-paid actor in China.

10. Tony Jaa – Thai


Net Worth: $10.000.000

Tony is an actor from Thailand and he has acted in various Thai action movies such as “Ong Bak” and “Tom Tum Goong”. These two movies made him incredibly popular worldwide, especially since they perfectly showcase his stunt and martial arts skills. However, he still did have his debut in international movies, so his net worth is for the domestic market only.

11. Amitabh Bachchan – Indian


Net Worth: $33.000.000

Also known as Big B, Amitabh has a net worth of 33 million dollars. His career spans over 46 years and he has acted in more than 200 movies – most of which were huge hits in the box office. Besides appearing in movies, he has also acted in various TV series, including hosting the Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”.


So, there you have it – these are the richest actors in Asia, as well as the most popular and loved ones. However, they are not only renowned in their own countries but all over the globe as well. They work all day, every day to create a memorable and pleasant experience for us, hence, it is kind of normal that they earn so much money.

If you did not see some of these actors in action, you should really not lose any more time. Instead, choose an actor, search for his best movies, grab some popcorn and enjoy a pleasant night with some of the best films and acting that you’ll ever see.

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