Reasons Why Singapore Is The Best Asian Destination For Nightlife

A vacation in Singapore is what dreams are made of. If you’re a fan of the hangover movies, you would definitely love a night filled with fun, excitement and thrill in the orient. It’s a lot more relevant to be having fun in Singapore with friends over family if you want to enjoy the nightlife.

It isn’t really PG 13 for nightlife in Singapore all around. That does not mean Singapore cannot be enjoyed with your families as well. You can have a fun night in Singapore even with your parents and kids if you’re a parent yourself. The city center of Singapore is mainly where the action prevails.

You could grab a quick bite in any restaurant in Chinatown, take in the sights of Marina Bay while sipping on a drink or you could sing, hop and dance till you drop at the Clarke Quay all in a matter of a few hours without having to lose anything special in every experience. If you want to have a better nightlife for a more personal and satisfactory experience, visit SGVIPEscorts to know more.

There’s never a dull moment in the Lion city, filled with award winning cocktail bars, karaoke joints, world class restaurants home to michelin star chefs, and so many more attractions that one cannot miss out on.

A visit to singapore is a once in a lifetime experience and there’s just so much to take in that you will be physically and mentally satisfied after your visit there.

Before we jump into the different nightlife hotspots, let’s take a look at why Singapore is one of the best cities worth taking a vacation in.

Singapore The Lion City

Singapore is one of the most attractive cities to visit in the world. Westerners love coming to Singapore because of its contrast to normal American life. It is one of the richest cities in the world having a record breaking 45 billionaires that live there.

It is ranked 7th in the aspect of housing millionaires in the world and is truly one of the most successful cities. Singapore has the world’s busiest cargo seaport and if that in itself does not talk about its volume of trade, we don’t know what will.

With its foreign debt being zero, its high government revenue and its fast paced business sectors involved in finances, trade and tourism, Singapore has established itself to be one of the richest cities even competing with countries on the asian continent.

High Cultural Diversity

One of the best parts about going on a vacation is the variety you can experience from your normal day. Singapore is home to several cultures that are celebrated through handicrafts, art, and architecture. It has four official languages of Malay, Tamil, English, and Mandarin.

Four official languages of four native countries of Malaysia, India, England, and China. People all over the world of differing cultures and faiths can find themselves at home because of how Singapore has been built.

Best Nightlife spots in Singapore

  • Clarke Quay


Probably the best hotspot in Singapore to go for an evening of drinks, Clarke Quay is a historical riverside Quay in the river planning area of Singapore. Clarke Quay is home to award winning cocktail bars and is not only popular for its drinks and parties.

The Clarke Quay has the Singapore river that is situated at the heart of the quay. This doesn’t just offer as a pretty sight for you to enjoy your drinks as you sit there, it is filled with boats that offer cruise tours throughout the entire length of the river, letting you take in the vibrant and upbeat lifestyle reflected by the lights coming off the skyscrapers.

This quay is home to some of the best bars in Singapore. If one wants to experience the clubbing nightlife, you should definitely visit bars such as Crazy Elephant Bar, Shuffle Bistro Bar. For the music lovers, Attica and Harry’s Boat Quay is a must visit.

  • Marina Bay Sands

One of the most popular resorts in the world, the Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort located within the Downtown Core district of Singapore. It has some of the most stunning sights in all of Singapore. Starting off, you should definitely visit the Gardens of Marina Bay which is a hyper futuristic man made theme park.

Entering this park is definitely going to make you feel like you’ve set foot in the world of Pandora from James Cameron’s record breaking movie Avatar. They have enormous man made trees that are part of the attraction called the ‘Supertree Grove.’ The Bay Sands Skypark is the best place to visit during the night to look at all of Singapore in its glory.

It has a three pronged structure that offers a complete view of the vibrant and colourful skyscrapers in all its beauty. Marina Bay Sands is a must visit in Singapore to enjoy nightlife that is common to both families, couples and single individuals visiting with friends.

  • Orchard Road

The Orchard road is the city’s main shopping attraction for shopping enthusiasts. This place is known mainly for its luxurious malls. Shoppers can go crazy with a wide range of normal priced products to expensive goods such as Armani, Versace, Chanel and so many other brands.

Orchard road although known mainly for its malls, the place instantly flips sides for a party scene after hours. They open up to customers looking for attractive pubs and wine and dine centres. An extremely versatile place, shoppers can have a fruitful day sowing their shopping interests here and can instantly go out for cocktails and beers once the evening sets in.

The place that tourists need to visit right after shopping in Orchard Road is to go behind it, where lies Emerald Hill, for good draught beers and cocktails.

  • Marina Bay Sands Casino

One of the best casinos in the world, gambling freaks need to visit the Marina Bay Sands Casino to win some serious money in blackjack and other games. It is spread over 15000 sq meters and has over 1600 slot machines with a Swarovski dorned chandelier which is treat to the eyes at the centre of the casino.

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