Secret Ingredient to Prepare Scrumptious Cocktails at Home

Cocktails offer a refreshing treat to the taste buds. Those who develop the habit of having these delectable beverages can seldom go back to having plain vodka, wine, rum or any other alcoholic drink for that matter. However, as scrumptious as these drinks are these are equally pricey. A glass of cocktail costs almost as much as a pitcher of plain alcohol. So, having these each time you crave for alcohol can actually dig a hole in your pocket. Although preparing these at home can be a cost effective affair but it is quite a hassle, isn’t it?

But what if we tell you that you can prepare your favourite cocktail at home effortlessly and that too without spending much? Don’t believe us? Well, we have a secret ingredient that can do the magic.  Read on to find out about it!

Prepare Cocktails the Easy Way

If you have already tried preparing cocktails at home then you sure know that even the simplest of recipes require good number of ingredients and can be quite time consuming. Fresh fruits, citrus oils, fruit essence, sugar cubes, spices and various other ingredients need to be brought together and mixed in the right quantity to get that taste you savour. Fruits need to be chopped, minced or crushed depending upon the cocktail you plan to prepare. Similarly, spices need to be grinded or crushed. So, not just the preparation but the cleaning that follows can also be quite taxing. This is the reason why most of us refrain from preparing cocktails at home and opt for plain alcohol instead. Boring much? Well, let’s make it exciting for you. All you need is to bring home the colourful and flavourful Proof syrup and the matter is sorted. You won’t have to settle for plain rum or vodka if you have these handy.

Available in different flavours, these syrups include all the necessary ingredients required to prepare cocktails. You just need to add few spoons of the syrup to your favourite alcoholic beverage and stir or shake it and guess what? The cocktail drink is ready. Yes, it is that simple! No more chopping, grinding and measuring the amount of different ingredients to get that perfect taste. Isn’t it great?

Perfect Addition for Your Weekend Dinner

Cocktails can add colour to your weekend dinner plan. It is a good idea to bring home few flavours of this high quality syrup to prepare different varieties of cocktails that can be served along with mouth watering snacks to start the special evening on a relishing note. You won’t have to begin the preparation process way before the party commences. You can very well make these delicious beverages as you enjoy the evening since the activity is just effortless. In fact, it is a good idea to prepare these as per your guests’ demand after serving the first round.

You can also prepare vibrant mocktails using these syrups. The kids at the dinner will definitely love them.

Break the Mid Week Monotony

Cocktails can also help you break the mid-week monotony. As you try to de-stress on a Wednesday evening by ordering your favourite food and turning on that web series you had been planning to watch for long do not forget to stir a cocktail by adding few spoons of the savoury syrup to add to the mood.

Easy Garnishing Ideas

You can make your delectable cocktails all the more flavourful by garnishing them the right way. Garnishing also makes the drink more presentable. Here is a look at some really easy garnishing ideas for few of the most loved cocktails. We have also shared the fruits, spices and other ingredients that are needed in the preparation of these drinks. However, these ingredients can be skipped if you have the necessary cocktail syrup handy. So, let’s get started:

Tequila Sunrise

Best served in a highball glass, the bright tequila sunrise is prepared by mixing orange juice and tequila in the right quantity. Crushed ice is added to the mix to offer a refreshing taste to it. To garnish this vibrant, two-toned drink you just require a thin slice of fresh orange. You may add a cherry to enhance its look further.

Dry Martini

This gin and vermouth recipe can take hours to prepare if you start with raw ingredients. Mixing gin with adequate amount of vermouth and orange bitters is the key to achieve that delectable taste. A lemon twist is the best addition to a dry Martini. It is all you need to garnish this beverage.


One of the most refreshing cocktails, Mojito is prepared by bringing together mint leaves, lime juice, club soda and white rum. Adorn your drink with fresh mint sprig and lime wheel and serve it in a highball glass.


This Mexican beverage is prepared by mixing together blanco tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. These ingredients need to be shaken well in a cocktail shaker. Next, these need to be strained into a glass filled with ice cubes.

A lime wheel is enough to garnish a glass of chilled Margarita. You may sprinkle some kosher salt on it to add to the effect.


This bright pink coloured beverage is a combination of vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice. Appropriate amount of these ingredients need to be added to get that perfect colour and taste. A glass of cosmopolitan looks perfect when garnished with a lime wedge.

Although these recipes seem quite simple and require few ingredients however it can be difficult to achieve that flavoursome taste at home. It is best to opt for the tastefully prepared syrups to get that aromatic flavour you enjoy at the bar. The syrups also speed up the preparation process drastically with bare minimal effort.

So, if you relish different kinds of colourful cocktails then stock up your bar with our secret ingredient. You may also use the simple garnishing ideas shared above to add to the look and flavour of the drink.

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