Secret SMS Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know About

A long time ago, when cell phones weren’t as popular as they are today, we were all relatively limited to how many calls and texts we had in a month. In practice, today’s subscriptions did not exist and we operated on the principle of prepaid credit that we topped up once and then used while we had it available.

Today, we have numerous free minutes, SMS, and internet services with our subscriptions. But many of us remember that it wasn’t always like that. That’s why online SMS services were popular, where you could send a limited number of messages and hope they would reach the intended recipient. Naturally, those services did not work ideally and it happened that due to overload the message would never arrive and still be deducted from your daily balance.

If you remember this, then you will be surprised to learn that similar services still exist and work in almost the same way. The difference is that the new services are more sophisticated and in some ways, more secure than they used to be. You will find an excellent example of that here.

Why does anyone still use this type of service?

The need for anonymity is now greater than ever. There could be too many reasons, but still, it is not ours to focus on. The fact is that sometimes these services may be abused and threatening messages or contents with false information are sent. But sometimes it can also be useful, for example, to anonymously report bad service, violence, someone hiding that they have a coronavirus or STD, or other phenomena that are a risk to society and the general health of the population.

Many times the problem of violating someone’s privacy in this way is also questioned, but there are limits in which we can act and still not hurt anyone in that way.

On the other hand, there are also controversies related to such SMS services. Free services are usually followed by a lot of ads because they have to survive on something. This means that the data is not 100% protected, which is not the case when you use a paid service to send an anonymous or secret SMS message. And of course, it is best that paid SMS services do not save your data, that is, they are destroyed after half an hour, or depending on how much time is regulated by the rules and conditions of use.

That’s why we have some interesting tips for you, which will certainly be useful to you:

1. Use a new email for registration


Many do not want to use the existing e-mail they have because part of the information may be remembered on the service. Our recommendation is to open a separate email address with which you will register for services where you want to remain anonymous.

If you pay for the service, no information about you is likely retained for more than a few minutes. But if you use free services, you should be careful with sharing data.

Many people use alternative emails every day to download games or register on forums and online services. It’s practical because you’ll never have promotional messages and notifications clutter your inbox and miss out on something important.

This tip may not seem like a big deal, but it’s still important if you really want to keep your online security top-notch.

2. Choose a reputable service


This is really difficult, but if you spend a few hours researching, then you might find a service that won’t disappoint you. The biggest problems with secret SMS services are that it can happen that the messages don’t arrive, it can’t be used in your geo-location or it can be very expensive, which is not worth paying the price at all.

That’s why we recommend you be very careful when choosing something like this. Look at all pricing plans and carefully read the terms of use, no matter how long they are. These data serve to protect you and the service you have chosen.

When you choose a reputable SMS service, then you know that all messages will arrive on time and that, in fact, no private data about you is stored anywhere.

3. Use these services wisely

Anonymity gives us a lot of strength to say things that we would otherwise keep silent. On the other hand, it makes us more courageous to speak openly about certain problems. There are multiple extremes, and anyone can make a wrong assessment and abuse the anonymity of these services.

That’s why you need to be clear about your intentions right from the start. If you are using anonymous harassment services, then we recommend that you discontinue that practice immediately. But if that’s how you’re sharing information that could protect someone, then be detailed enough and make sure what you know is really accurate.

Don’t use secret texting services to be mean to someone or to get revenge. Don’t try to approach someone you like, or harass ex-partners, friends, or employers. Don’t let the benefit of anonymity cloud your mind, because you can easily fall into a trap with no way out.



We are sure you knew these things yourself. There are no particularly secret or interesting tricks associated with using secret SMS services. What you should always be careful about is how you use them and what your ultimate goal is. We know you don’t want to hurt anyone and maybe the goal is just to prank someone, but always before you send a message, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and think if it makes sense to complete your intention.

As we said, anonymity makes us braver and more open, but there are situations in which it is better to act in person than to hide. On the other hand, if you want to protect yourself and give an anonymous tip to the police or social services, use secret SMS services, but do it smartly. The most useful advice you will receive today is not to abuse these services, regardless of whether you have a reason to do so.

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