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The Tips and Tricks of Instagram Audience Gains in 2024: All You Need to Know in One Text

Times are changing and so does Instagram: what worked for promotion here several years ago doesn’t work today at all and vice versa. Bloggers who care about their page’s well-being always follow the trends of online promotion, but if you’re totally new to this it might get quite confusing – the Internet is full of advice that doesn’t work right now. We have decided to write this article to make it clearer and easier for those who only starts off: we will talk about how a chance to buy Instagram followers can change the game for you once and for all, how collabs with bloggers can boost your profile at any point in time and what other important points should you keep in mind while working on your profile’s online success.

If you’re running a business page, you cannot rely on free promotional options


Sadly enough, even business people who seem to be very serious, sometimes have very common misunderstandings that they follow – for example, that you can easily boost your IG page by using some free promotional methods. The truth is – you cannot. Especially if you have a whole business to run.

All the free options require tons and tons of free time spent online with almost zero efficiency: you can endlessly subscribe to people, like their publications, but the truth is that today nobody’s going to pay any attention to what you’re doing. People have exited the era when anyone could become anybody’s follower “just because”, today everybody reads only the people whom they are sincerely interested in. So if you need results, the best option is to leave your stereotypes behind and be progressive with what you’re going and where you’re going.

If you want to succeed quickly, you have to purchase subscribers


And yes, a chance to buy real Instagram followers from Viplikes can help a lot here. The thing is, if you want to succeed pretty quickly, you need an illusion of success following you from the very start. And nothing can help with it like a chance to purchase subscribers – and if you’d purchase real subscribers you’d also gain an opportunity to improve your profile’s statistics. If it’s going to happen, your page will be shown in recommendations to other people way more often due to the work of Instagram algorithms. These detect how much activity there is on each page and how many interactions it has been having with the other real pages – the more it has, the more frequent are the recommendations to potentially interested people.

If you want to gain specific audience that is going to be interested in your content, you have to constantly work with bloggers

Whilst a chance to purchase subs gives an illusion of success and a base to start off, collabs with bloggers bring a specifically interested audience that is going to buy the product, service or the content that you’re willing to sell. You can get free and paid PR, depending on your intentions and attitude to the matter in general. If you’re not set to spend lots of money, you can try working with the bloggers who have approximately the same number of subs as you do, and PR each other in your posts and stories.

If you’re set to achieve, it would be better to apply for the paid PR straight forward. Choose the big bloggers who are active in your field and contact them to figure out the conditions that they make the ads on. Prepare to spend money, but also prepare to get great results and a very nice influx of the audience straight after such an ad.

The targeted ad should be always on and running

Though it should be set at the very end of your first ever promotional campaign, from that moment on it should never stop – the audience’s reach scale might change (so that you won’t be spending all of your money on the promo always), but the ad itself should never stop. This is the only decent way to never fall out of the field of sight of your audience and your potential readers. These people will be seeing your content in their recommended posts and stories, and who knows, at some point in time all of them might want to subscribe to you.

Your profile should look balanced, so don’t forget to buy likes, comments, views, etc

If you have made a decision to take on subscribers, you should also take on thumbs up, comments, views, etc. Why so? You see, any promotion should look balanced and decent in the eyes of an already existing audience and people who are newly coming to your resource. And if you’d purchase 1k subs and 0 thumbs up and comments, your page is definitely going to look quite suspicious. How come you have so many readers and none of the validation signs? You can balance that out by taking on a complex package or by simply deciding which other options you want to buy for your account’s promotion.



Let’s draw the summary: first you need to realize that none of the free options are going to be as efficient as the paid ones and come to grips with the fact that you have to spend a dollar for your page’s future success. Then, turn to the simpler promotional options first – for example, buy subscribers for your profile and cover the gap that you have, gain an opportunity to assure random comers that your content is actually worth viewing. After that reach out to bloggers; you can either try to PR mutually and for free, or get greater and quicker results by purchasing ads from bigger bloggers.

And now you’re ready to launch a targeted ad. At this point in time nobody’s going to question your authority and blogger’s reputation – you have just enough subscribers, likes, views, comments, etc; you have gone through some collabs and your audience might have actually heard your name. Targeted ad will make your results stabler and bigger, and will help to stay in the view sight of your audience.

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