All You Need to Know About Mythical Keystone

Information on the “Keystone” that can be used in the Mythic difficulty dungeon has been released on the North American official website. Keystone is a system that can increase the difficulty of Mythic Dungeons step by step, and in high-level Mythic Dungeons, you can receive a level of compensation equivalent to the raid.

Draenor’s Warlords and Legion Expansion Pack dungeons are divided into Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty. Heroes and Mythic Difficulty are open only to players above level 110, and Mythic Difficulty cannot be entered by finding a dungeon, so you must gather your own party. If you are looking for good teammates to complete weekly mythic +10-15 dungeon, we advise you to try Leprestore mythic dungeons boost.

What is a Keystone?

Starting from September 22nd (domestic time), if you target a mythical dungeon, you can receive a mythical keystone that can be used in a specific dungeon. The first keystone you receive is Mythic 2nd level, with a higher level of difficulty than normal Mythic dungeons, and a slightly increased reward.

The keystone disappears when the raid is reset. The item tooltip shows the time to use the keystone, so you must consume the keystone before that.

Fast-moving is essential! Time limit of

Mythic keystone to activate the mythical keystone, you must first gather 5 party members to enter the mythical dungeon. Then use Keystone as the source of the force (tentative name, Font of Power) in front of the starting point. If no keystone is used, the dungeon will function as a normal mythical dungeon. You can know more about mythic keystone carry at lfcarry.

When the keystone is activated in the mythical dungeon, the timer starts and the time limit starts, so the party must attack the boss of the dungeon within the specified time. Some players think the keystone’s time limit is similar to the challenge mode, but unlike the challenge mode, the purpose of the keystone is not to attack the dungeon as quickly as possible.

If you attack a dungeon activated with a keystone within a specified time, the keystone is upgraded to a high level. And if you do not attack the dungeon in time, the keystone is damaged. You can upgrade the keystone by attacking the dungeon again with a damaged keystone, but you will not be rewarded.

Difficult challenges, monsters are strengthened as

The level of the mythical dungeon rises, the monster’s vitality and attack power rise together. In addition, monsters with new modifiers appear at levels 4, 7, and 10. The special abilities of these monsters can be seen in each mythic keystone, and the level of all the keystones and the special abilities of the monsters are assigned weekly.

The following are examples of modifiers attached to monsters.

– intense

The vitality of the monster, except the head, is lowered when raging below 30% attack power increased by 100%

– bukdotneun

The health and damage of the monster die Monster, except for the head to nearby monsters affected across my shout of death Increased by 20%

-The threat level created by the capricious

A defensive player is rapidly reduced

-When volcanic ash

A battle starts, a volcanic eruption is spawned at the foot of a distant player

What are the rewards for Mythic Keystone?

In mythic dungeons with increased difficulty with keystones, normal monsters do not give loot, and after completing the dungeon attack, you can receive two high item level equipment as rewards in the reward box. At level 2 of Mythology, level 845, and at level 10 of Mythology, you will get equipment of level 865, and you can climb to level 895 by attaching War Forged and Titan Forged.

Note: In the first week when the Mythic Keystone opens, the item level of the reward is limited to 850, and the item level limit is lifted during the week when the Mythic Raid opens.

Regardless of who used the keystone, attacking the mythical keystone dungeon as a party also earns a reward box at the weekly job hall. The Hall of Rewards of the Hall of Fame contains the rewards and keystones corresponding to the level of the highest mythic dungeons this week. The upper limit is up to item level 880 and mythic level 10 dungeon. The mythic keystone obtained here allows you to immediately challenge the mythic difficulty of the next week’s level.

The Mythic Keystone Dungeon System is a newly added dungeon content from the Legion, which allows you to complete a constantly strengthening 5-player dungeon and receive more powerful rewards. Players must complete dungeons within a given time limit, similar to challenge mode, but more emphasis on perfection than unconditional speed.

Mythic Keystone Overview

When you complete the Mythic Keystone dungeon, you can obtain higher item-level gear than you can get in any other way than raids.

In the mythical keystone dungeon Level (only) this exists: Level 3 wedge dungeons are much harder than level 2 wedge dungeons but will be easier than level 5 wedge dungeons.

Enemies in the Mythic Keystone dungeon have more damage and higher stamina than previous levels.

The higher the level of mythic keystone dungeons, the more item level loot you can earn.

For each level, a “prefix” has been added to the wedge dungeon, changing the attack against the enemy and making it more difficult to deal with.

Every week, players can acquire gear that scales according to their achievements in the last week’s Mythical Keystone dungeon.

All Battle for Azeroth Dungeons provides Mythic Keystone difficulty.

Complete Mythic Keystone Dungeon

In Mythic Keystone dungeons, Flayer’s goal is to kill all the bosses and a certain amount of mobs in the dungeon within a time limit.

Starting in Battle for Azeroth, players can decide whether to roll additional dice using the Seal of War or Destiny after completing the dungeon. This allows players to randomly get one of the entire dungeon’s loot, except Azerite Armor, and the item level of the equipment is the same as the item level of the wedge dungeon just completed.

When you complete the dungeon, you can see whether the dungeon has been completed within the time limit through the appeared UI, and you can also see how many levels of the keystone have been raised when you complete the dungeon within the time limit.
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