What is Zero Waste – All you need to know

People’s negligence has led us to live in fear of our future. It is even assumed that the world pandemic as a fear that is present in each of us is a result of human negligence. From the growing negligence, the world changes its face, things change, nature is no longer the same and again we humans are to blame for that. And you wonder how? So the answer to this question is too easy! Through the too low level of care for nature, and with that care for us and our future. All this has brought us to a big problem that we have to fight, that problem is the waste that is all around us and pollutes nature.

Oceans, seas, rivers, and large green areas have changed in recent years. They look like large landfills full of waste from unscrupulous people. A large amount of waste can be seen around, which as a rule should be collected in bags and thrown in the garbage bins, which are many around. The fact that the waste is in all these environments that we have mentioned endangers the lives of animals, the lives of people, but also endangers the resources without whose help we would not live. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the selection of waste, and even to focus on its reuse if it allows the contribution and composition of waste.


The waste selection allows a very simple way to separate one type of waste from another type of waste. This process is facilitative and precedes the recycling process. Recycling is a process of processing waste and its preparation into original material from which something can be recycled. That thing will not be as good and quality as the first product whose waste was processed. Therefore, it is better to reuse the waste as much as possible so as not to pollute the environment, say the experts from Puratium who have been taking care of a clean environment for all people for years. It is necessary for every single waste that can be reused to be reused, and if it can not be found at least some minimal purpose and function that will facilitate nature, but we will facilitate ourselves. This process is called Zero waste, ie reuse of the waste so that it will not be thrown in the bin. What do you need to know about this? Find out more!

Zero waste means waste conversion!

Any waste usually ends up in a trash can or dumped somewhere in nature. That’s not good for any of us. Waste when left somewhere in nature releases toxins that harm us and all developing animals and plants. Do not throw rubbish around! Get to work and find some conversion. Open the browser and type in the type of waste you have, or at best, open YouTube and look for solutions for recycling. It will save the planet, nature, and it will save us and all animals from living in contaminated environments that we are not even aware are unfavorable for life.


Zero waste is a way of life!

Taking care of nature and leaving clean nature behind is a habit, but reusing waste for a purpose or finding a useful and specific need for all of us means a way of life. This way of life can be compared to a good mission because we do good to ourselves, but also nature. We clean it and use the waste for something we need a long time ago in finished form, but we have decided to do that thing and have it in another, a home-made form that will be more important to us because we made it ourselves. . Therefore protect nature and live without waste, repurpose!

Zero waste is fun and an opportunity to show your creativity!

Avoiding polluting the environment and taking the waste into your own hands by remodeling and reusing it means creativity and fun for everyone. Imagine that in nature you found 3 transparent bottles made of glass that were thrown out by someone who drank juice. Make these bottles in three different vases that you can use at home. Always make sure that the bottle is well prepared, ie washed, and finally decorated or redesigned. With that, we will prevent breaking glass and the pollution, the dirt of the environment. Be creative and easily create new functional tools and facilities for the home. You can see Ecoy and check some available 100% organic products.

Perfect time of year to waste New Year and Christmas decorations and accessories to design


We are all aware of the high level of waste pollution in the whole environment. But there is always a chance that it will change or improve. In these pandemic conditions it is necessary to find a hobby, but also to help nature to recover slowly. The end of the year is already here for us, and with that opens a great chance and opportunity to turn part or all of the waste into decorations for the holidays. Open the internet and see what pieces of waste you can use, find a model or plan for making waste decorations, and make the sweetest and most unique decoration you have ever had. By doing so, you will help nature, but not only that, you will make it easier for yourself and your budget by saving on buying Christmas decorations this year!

Being different is super cool. Helping is even better. And when we combine these two things and combine it with nature, then it already grows into a humane act. In that case, Zero Waste is a huge human act that humanity has come to remember. It is one of the better projects, ie initiatives that humanity has ever thought of. Great is the idea that easily helps the planet to slowly cleanse itself of all the waste it has and return it to humans for reuse. There is nothing terrible in the reuse of waste, so we do something interesting for ourselves, we train our creativity and performance, and on the other hand, we clean the living environment of every person and thus the country is not allowed to receive all the chemicals that waste leaves on the soil if it falls to the ground. So let us all be human and help each other cleanse the planet because it is our only home and only then can we be grateful that we have the right and opportunity to live and feed on it. Let us do good deeds – for the planet, for all, for us. Only in this way will we contribute to the initiative for zero waste to succeed and to apply it all over the world as often as possible.

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