Biogas Production From Waste Against Global Warming

At the global scale as conscious human-beings, all of us know how powerful we are in our willingness to investigate and create things. Why not being more creative towards out environment? We need to realize our role in this world and act with great responsibility to nature, to the future of humanity. After all, we live at the expense of future generations, who are provided with much worse living conditions, which will inevitably affect their health and social well-being. The essential problem of Global Warming is still very urgent, so everyone can make a little bit of an effort, mental or physical, to find out a solution to the problem of climate changing.


A year ago BIOSCIENCE magazine published a thought-provoking article “World Scientist’s Warning of a Climate Emergency” which was a great success as it got signatures by scientists all over the world.

According to the recognized authorities’ foresight the climate crisis is in an evident progress so that humanity is going to face irreversible consequences in the nearest future.

It’s positively thought that to be happier one should be closer to nature. Scientists have indeed managed to identify that natural beauty has a positive impact on the emotional state of a person. Neither photographs nor landscape masterpieces of world painting can be compared to the influence of wildlife and the euphoria people experience while admiring non-manufactured beauties. It might be true indeed, but nowadays this thought hides a bit of sarcasm if not a threat. Man and nature may really get closer in the battle for survival. According to the latest scientific research the temperature in the South-West of Antarctica is marked to have increased by 2.5 degrees Celsius over the last 50 years. It leads to a rapid speed of ice melting and as a result to the  Antarctic’s ice disappearing. This can have irreversible consequences for all humanity.  Nobody used to think about global warming as a big problem. Ten years passed and the common opinion has been shifted into the opposite side.


Constant monitoring of Alaska, Siberia and Greenland proved that the temperature is increasing. Due to the research by the UNO, the level of climate change is becoming unalterable.  As the sea level is rising, we face regional fluctuations in precipitation percentage, unpredictable heat or floods. For example, since 1993 the level of the world ocean has been rising by 3 millimeters per year, which means that in the last quarter of a century the water on the planet has risen by more than 7 cm. In total, over the past century, the water level in the ocean rose by 19.5 cm, but this process was not uniform, and the problem is that in recent years the situation has sharply deteriorated. How much water in the world ocean will rise in the coming years depends entirely on efforts to combat global warming.

Actually there must be other reasons besides constant population growth, industrial processes, agricultural innovations and farming.

Global warming is fairly believed to deal with emissions of greenhouse gas which consists of carbon dioxide, methane,  nitrogen oxide and water vapor. If the water vapor is quite natural, the other three abundant atmospheric GHGs (CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide) are in constant growth. According to the research of the air bubbles in the old glaciers scientists came to some disappointing conclusions: the methane has 20 times more and nitrous oxide is 300 times higher greenhouse activity than carbon dioxide! Moreover, the researchers concluded that methane clusters buried in the polar ice of the Arctic Ocean are a real time bomb, which can activate global warming. And the process is much faster than previously thought. Almost 19 million tons of methane is released into the atmosphere every day from the largest continental shelf of the planet – the northern coast of Eurasia. This is the data obtained a few years ago, and they are more than double the figures obtained as a result of a similar study in 2010.

This situation is greatly tensed by the fact that greenhouse gas emissions are mainly caused by agriculture that is being expanded every day. And the explanation is quite logical – constant population growth requires a constant increase in agricultural production.

However, we may agree that the current level of production is not superfluous and cannot be limited without birth control. But most people in developing countries are religious and not ready to accept the main family planning tool, contraception. Sometimes the approach is also criticized in the West for echoing racism and sexism. In addition, it is not clear who should implement such programs first. Developed countries, which are responsible for the majority of emissions, are already experiencing not growth but population decline. The main growth is in Africa, the Arab East and Latin America. Some of these countries already have family planning programs in place, but they are not aimed at mitigating climate change. The Kyoto Protocol prompts the way of setting down this problem by inserting technologies that preclude greenhouse gas emissions into the air.

Let’s remember 2015 when two successful businessmen Ovik Mkrtchyan and Mkhitar Mkhitaryan found the SIA EGG ENERGY company, a great utilizer of  the chicken droppings of Balticovo’s company

Read here: https://goodmenproject.com/environment-2/lets-stop-the-global-warming-together


Being the largest enterprise in Northern Europe, Balticovo’s company provides 800 million eggs a year, 70% of which are exported to different countries. Utilization of organic waste – chicken droppings – is processed into biogas with the help of new technological devices and sent to the consumers. So it happens that the production of highly effective fertilizers, used in organic agriculture, is in great demand for waste from biogas production. Ecologically hazardous waste is processed into heat, electricity and fertilizers. This brings colossal advantages not only for the preservation of ecological balance throughout the planet, but also for the whole humanity. The activities of the European enterprise are of global importance, since the production of biogas is an effective  method of emission of methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere.

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