Types of Hairstyles

With time, different hairstyles become popular, and there is nothing wrong if you try them out. You can experiment with your hair in whatever way you like and make other people jealous of your looks. Such trends keep on changing, and you must go with the flow. Women are quite concerned about how they look, and they want to stay trendy.

Therefore, they never scared of trying anything new. Instraight offers amazing hair styling products that will allow you to pick and create any style. In the following write-up, we will discuss various types of hairstyles, and you can pick any one that you like the most.

1. Wavy Bob

It is another trendy hairstyle, which you can choose to surprise your friends and family. It is an excellent combination of wavy hair, which is cut in a bob style. The wavy texture will give you an exceptional and enhanced appearance. It is easy to manage your hair on every occasion. You can opt for the super-flattering style whenever you want.

2. Low Bun

Women in rush can pick this hairstyle and make a messy bun. You do not need any skill to create this style. It does not matter whether you have short or long hair. You have to make a bun at a low level to make it messy.

It is a perfect way to show off your flicks and locks. If you want to fall your bangs, then you can also do it to give it a messy look. You can wear any dress with such a hairstyle and go to any place with your elegant look.

3. Curly Hair


It is one of the classic looks that you can opt for your hair. You can use a roller or hot curling machine to curl your hair. You can roll your short as well as long hair with ease and get a classic look. Your haircut does not matter, and you can curl your strands easily to look beautiful and gorgeous.

4. Straight Hair

It is another classic hairstyle, which never goes out of trend. People like their hair straight, and they go for many straightening treatments. Well, these treatments last longer and hence, it gives you a straight and subtle look. But if you want to get ready with temporary straight hairstyle, then you can use a straightener to make your strands stay for a specific location.

5. Classic Ponytail

Any woman can pick this hairstyle for any occasion. You can match your look with any dress. It does not matter whether you are going to a party, office, college, etc. If you are tired of loose hair, then also, you can pick an elastic to hold your hair well. Your ponytail will also last longer and gives you a simple and elegant look.

6. Top Knot with Open Hair

It is cool and easy to make hairstyle. You can take some strands of your crown hair and tie it as a bun. You have to keep your hair at the back open to enhance the looks. The top knot looks appealing, cool and trendy. You might observe this style in colleges. Well, it gives a messy and voluminous look. It is easy to create and carry on casual occasions.

7. Vintage Curls

Vintage-like curly hairstyle is quite trending these days. It is an old fashion that is coming into existence by women. The curls are set like old movie actors with the help of a thick wand. The locks of your strands are perfectly shaped on the side of your face. You may get a sleek look, but when you brush it up, you will get a voluminous look.

8. French Braid

If you are heading towards your gym or club, then you can style a French braid. It looks stylish and fashionable. Initially, you may find it challenging to create it. Once you get mastered in it, then you can easily make a French braid on your long hair. It is a highly-trending style that anyone can choose for casual and sports occasions.

9. Waterfall Braids


It is another hairstyle for long hair, which looks stunning and beautiful. It is easy to create and gives you a more royal look. If you have to attend a wedding, then you must pick this hairstyle. There is no need for an extra bounce to design and create it.

10. Fishtail Braids


It is another easy and standard braid, which never goes out of trend. You have to separate your hair in two sections and make a braid with a small section of hair. You have to repeat the process until you reach the end. It is the best way to keep your hair tied very well. In addition, you can keep your flicks out to create a stylish look.

11. Inverted Bob

It is a good combination of short and long hair in a bob style. You can try out the inverted bob style, where your strands are short in the back and long in the front. It is one of the unique hairstyles that you can choose if you get a new and a different look. There is no denying that you will look fantastic for sure. You can choose this styling opportunity to become beautiful and gorgeous.

The Bottom Line

For women, there are plenty of hairstyles that they can choose as per different occasions. It is good if you experiment with your strands to look different and beautiful. If you are not pretty sure about the right style, then you can pick any of the mentioned ones.

These types are quite trendy and unique. With time, hair trends also change, and if you take a chance, then it is quite good for you to surprise others. Now, it becomes easy to make you gorgeous and different.

You must consider the occasion, and check what hairstyle is looking good on you. It is possible to try different styles daily and give yourself a different look. Every woman loves to look fantastic so that everyone appreciates her beauty.

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