Most Popular and Trending Hairstyles 2024

We are living in a world where there is a need to look gorgeous all the time. You want to be the first to try the latest hairstyles or even be the trendsetter. We are here with a list of some of the most popular and presently trending hairstyles recommended by the best hairdressers in Cardiff. It is the start of 2024 and already we have a clear idea of the winning hairstyles. We can also predict which hairstyles are going to be a huge success in the coming months.

For fashion enthusiasts, this list can be a guide for hairstyles to try this year to stay ahead of the game. Whether you have an oval face, square face, round face, whether you are cheeky or not, these hairstyles guide will help you make the right choice. Here we go:

Popular 2024 Hairstyles Recommendations by Hairdressers in Cardiff

Baby Bangs


Bangs have been famous since 2018. They were trending in 2019 and are still trending in 2024. If you still have not tried this hairstyle, then do it now. It is still a hairstyle, that makes anyone look younger and it makes you feel confident. In fact, it is a hairstyle for people of all ages according to the best hairdressers in Cardiff city center. If you have an oval-shaped face then the bangs will soften your facial curves and make you look more delicate and attractive.

Bold and Chic haircuts


Why not go for something different and try the medium length haircut. Hairstyles with lengthy layers have been a very cool trend for too long. This is why the bold and chic haircuts are gaining a lot of popularity, according to Bellisimos Hair, one of the best hairdressers in Cardiff. You can add some decent hair accessories to the hairstyle and look very chic.

Bob Haircut

Bob haircut is one of the few hairstyles that never get outdated. You are still seeing it in 2024 and will continue to see more of it. This iconic hairstyle has in fact been a favorite since the sixties. Presently, two months into 2024, it is already a hairstyle that the hairdressers in Cardiff city center see celebrities flaunting. It is easy to maintain and never gets outdated. All you need to do with this is a quick wash and comb it out, and you are ready.

Cornrows, Bantu Knots, and Braids


This year is going to be a very big one for this hairstyle. Most people will have braids with all kinds of accessories in their hair. Headbands, trinkets, and all kinds of scarves or ribbons will be trending. The most demand we are already seeing is for romantic waves with Bantu Knots (a.k.a. Zulu). The cornrows or Bantu Knots and Braids are an ethnic hairstyle and look amazing. They are a reminder of the intrinsic charm humanity created in ancient times.

Curly Haircuts


Curly hairstyles have been trending and they will continue to trend. They always come back because the demand for natural-looking hair never gets old. When you feel tired of treating your hair and using the iron rod to straighten your hair all the time, then opting for curly hair is a good idea. You need to let your natural curls show. Curls are always attractive. You can ask the Cardiff hairdressers to give you a haircut that makes you look awesome.

Extensions, Extensions … Extensions

2020 will be a year when people will wear more extensions throughout the year. Hairstyles with attachments will trend and have already started taking the lead. We predict that these hairstyles will continue to rule the world until 2024.

Farrah Fawcett Feathered Layers


Do you want layers? Are you a fan of the layers of hairstyles? There is no doubt that layers make your hair voluminous and bouncy, so go for them. Farrah Fawcett Feathered Layers is a mix of both layers and feathers haircut. The results are amazing. You look both attractive and youthful. Celebrities who have this hairstyle always look classy and stylish. It boosts your confidence and makes you look more charming. You get to maintain your hair without the hassle. Just comb and spay them and be on your way to dazzle people.

Long Bangs


Who does not look adorable with long bangs? Whether you have a square ace or oval one, you can look great with long bangs. Hairdressers in Cardiff recommend this for people with round and oval face cuts.

Middle-Parted Medium-Length Haircuts


This hairstyle never gets old. The only difference between this and the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle is that the hair partition is in the middle. It is ideal for people with medium length hair.

Modern Shag

The shag hairstyle was trending in the sixties and into the seventies. Now, it is back with a bang and it is gaining fame as the “Modern Shag.” Now it looks better and sophisticated. It suits people of different face cuts.

Rachel Haircut


Friends has affected the lives of millions and even today, it has a way of affecting our fashion sense. Rachel was one of the most-loved characters and her style became an icon. The Rachel haircut makes you look younger, fresher, and amazing. If you have curly hair, first ask the Cardiff hairdressers to do the Xtenso or keratin hair treatment and look gorgeous.

“Short, Chic, and Sassy” Pixie Haircuts


The Pixie haircut is awesome and attractive. However, here is a heads up; it is not good for people with a square face cut. The Pixie haircut makes you look chic and cute.

Short n Slick Haircut

If you are tired of the long hair and want something different and easy to manage, then opt for a short and slick haircut. You will look amazing. This is easy to manage and ideal for working people.

Soft Curtain Bangs


Soft curtain bangs are not the same as the baby or long bangs, they are like gentle curtains falling on your forehead. They do not interfere with your vision and make you look so cute.

Well, it is time for you to head to the best Hairdressers in Cardiff start exploring these new hairstyles. Make a great impression wherever you go in 2024.

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