5 Most Popular DIY Home Renovation Projects for 2024

The global pandemic of 2024, a unique event in all of our lives, has brought us closer to our homes than ever. There came a time when all of us needed to spend time indoors, in our apartments and houses, in order to stay away from the risks associated with this worldwide crisis. Most of us had to turn our usual comfort space into an all-in-one living arrangement. This space not only needed to provide us with a means of relaxation, but also with an environment that keeps us focused on work.

The situation opened people’s eyes to what could be improved and how we can make it a more pleasant environment, best suited for our current needs. A circumstance like this is extremely rare and this is why we can take the time to finally implement those DIY home renovation projects we’ve always dreamt of.

You don’t need to be an expert to do this. In fact, according to Renovation Kingdom, more and more people are now relying on watching Youtube videos for their go-to home DIY advice and inspiration. So here are some of the most popular DIY projects ideas in 2024:

1. Create Your Green Balcony Oasis


If you feel the need to see more green spaces around you, know that you can create such a space in your very own home. If you have a balcony, you can turn things around in such a way that it quickly turns from a functional, somewhat boring space into a green oasis that will straight up emphasize the golden hour.

Use your railing creatively by attaching potted plants to them. Declutter the entire balcony, get a comfy armchair in a corner, in case you want to kick back with a good book, and accessorize the space according to your taste. Decorate the balcony with a set of beautiful lights, so you can’t do anything but make a pitstop in the balcony both during the day and when the evening sets in.

2. Create Your Own Glass-Topped Table


Creating a glass-topped table is extremely easy and it can instantly incorporate your passions as well. Simply put, you can always place a piece of tempered glass over an object of your choosing and it will quickly become a functional table.

The best part about it is that using a glass top enables you to showcase beautiful, quirky or fun items from around your home. You can place your car collection underneath the glass, just as well as you can place your marble collection or your numerous bottle caps.The possibilities are endless and you just need to get high-quality glass that won’t easily break. It’s recommended that you get tempered glass because it’s much more durable due to the chemical and thermal processes it underwent.

3. Give Your Pantry a Makeover


That’s right, pantries are some of the most overlooked areas of the home. Opening the door to your pantry you’ll most likely be met by forgotten items, poor and unexciting lighting and a dull aesthetic. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.

Make sure you throw out everything you’ve been neglecting and don’t need anymore, so you can start renovating the pantry. Watch a video and create your own beautiful shelves, add some resilient plants and get all the cute jars you’ve always dreamed of. The atmosphere in the pantry will change in an instant. On top of this, if you replace your normal light bulbs with a more extravagant or intriguing feature, you’ll want to dip into the jam stash a lot more than before.

4. Emphasize Your Work Space

Since this pandemic has inspired us all to turn at least a corner of our home into our office, it would be great to also take a look at the DIY projects you can implement for this space. Put everything in boxes and make sure to declutter the desk – this will come in handy when trying to keep track of your tasks and items.

Since extra living space is not something we can just magically add, optimizing your workspace is key. This is why you could easily try installing modular shelves above your desk, so you can save on much-needed floor space. Add contrast to this space and make it vibrant by adding more colors or at least choose shades that will revitalize this corner of your home. Add a beautiful chair and an interesting lamp and you are guaranteed to work in a more upbeat, productive and inspiring environment.

5. Replace Your Fixtures

You’d be surprised to discover how much can change around the home when you replace those tired old fixtures. Look at all your standing lamps, desk lamps, bathroom and kitchen features, and visualize how they could look differently in order to give the room a different feel. And then purchase them straight away.

There are so many styles to choose from, we guarantee that any change you make won’t go unnoticed. If you’re feeling more eclectic, you can have different lighting styles in different rooms. It will be like entering an entirely different universe when walking from the kitchen to the bedroom. While you’re there, you can also change the light bulbs themselves with better energy-saving options, as well.


These are only five of the most popular DIY home renovation projects for 2024, but the possibilities are really endless. It’s all a matter of putting your creativity and imagination to the test, regardless if you want to tackle a smaller, more detail-oriented DIY project or a larger one, such as renovating a room in your home or more. There are no mistakes to be made, only possibilities to create something that wasn’t there before – with your own hands even! So confidently look up the Youtube videos that approach the same projects as the ones you’re interested in, arm yourself with patience and start creating the home you’ve always wanted to live in.

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