6 Smart Home Renovation Ideas For Your Dream Home

There comes a point in every homeowner’s life where they either need to design the new home they have just moved into, or re-design a home that is well overdue for an overhaul. No matter what group you fall into, it can be hard to find new ideas in the ocean of style concepts that you can find online nowadays.

Where do you start? How do you make your own home stand out? How can you use the budget you have to its fullest potential? These are all valid questions that need good answers.

So today, we delve into 6 smart home renovation ideas that can elevate your home in all kinds of ways. And by smart, we mean brilliant ideas in and of themselves, rather than smart technology (although some smart tech ideas will pop up throughout).

With all that ironed out, let’s get stuck in.

Floor Lights


This may be a strange one to start off with, but it can not only light your home effectively, but it can change and improve how light is dispersed in your home.

There are so many creative ways to do this, but by far the easiest is to install circular lights along the edges of a room. This allows the light to disperse up the side of the wall and will improve the lighting efficiency of each bulb. This is ideal for large, open spaces.

It can also look pretty neat too. You could even turn one or two of these kinds of lights into a backlight for a trophy or display case; giving you another unique feature you can design around.

LED Strip Lights


Sticking with ways to light your home, you can always consider LED strip lights. This works particularly well for contemporary styled homes and provides you with ample colour  to choose from after installation.

Want a soft white for the bathroom? Or maybe a cool blue for the movie room? Or why not program it to softly pulse between different colours over time?

They are both practical and stylish. Using them around the ceiling or floor skirtings is probably the best way to install them, but you can also line the bottom of tables or counters too. Why not jazz up the kitchen with some under counter LED lights?

Vont Smart Light Strips are cuttable so you can stick them anywhere you need ambiance lighting. Turn an old office into a futuristic game room or a dull studio into a cosmic movie theater. There are tons of ways you can spruce up your home with these lights. And you can do all these with just a few taps on your phone.

Overhaul Your Radiators


Now this one is an aspect many homeowners tend to overlook. Radiators are an essential part of any home for both heating and drying purposes – be it staving off the cold winter nights or drying out your most recent load of laundry.

But besides their functional use, radiators can also contribute to a room’s aesthetic. Most of the time homeowners will resort to applying a neutral shade of paint to a radiator to make it blend in. Sure, that’ll do, but why not take it a step further?

There are so many models of radiators out there now for all kinds of purposes and aesthetics. Traderadiators have an excellent selection to choose from, for example, with everything from antique cast-iron style radiators to vertical column radiators in copper, bronze, grey, white, black, you name it!

Get a radiator that is tailored to your room’s aesthetic rather than trying to tailor your current radiator to it – it tends to work out better this way both aesthetically and economically as modern radiators tend to save more energy.

Get Some Houseplants


Another common one that people consider, but don’t put a lot of thought into. Having plants is important not just for style, but for carbon dioxide recycling – it will keep your home’s air feeling fresh rather than stuffy.

But you can’t just choose any old plant. Different plants have different needs, and some are quite demanding. Go for plants such as cacti or succulents, as they are not only easy to maintain but tend to match almost any room aesthetic.

It is also worth considering what kind of colours your plant will flower with, as you can match them with particular rooms in order to add an accented flair into your home’s room design.

Plants to avoid (unless you have a green thumb) are things like ferns and vines as they can be particularly difficult to look after.

Consider Seasonal Curtains


This tip is not only an aesthetic one but also one to consider when it comes to wintertime saving. Heating bills can be expensive during the wintertime, but making use of thermal curtains will help keep the heat in.

But this is exactly the opposite of what you want in the summertime. You don’t want your home to be overheating. You want a cool place in the shade away from the sun and heat to relax (sometimes). So, for summertime, you will need lightweight, breathable curtains.

So, why not consider getting two sets of curtains that match your home’s aesthetic? Not only can this help with energy conservation and retaining or losing heat, but it also helps you switch up your design throughout the year and not get bored of your surroundings.

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