Upgrades to Consider When Building Your Dream Home

If you get the opportunity to build your dream home from the ground up, this is your chance to dream big and think about all the elements that will bring your vision to life. Budget is always a consideration so, yes, your plans will have to fit within your financial limits, but listing out all your wants will help you determine what your needs are, and how to appropriate your funds. The idea stage is your opportunity to think through what you need this home to do for you in terms of function and also how you and your family can grow into the home and have it still work for your needs. Even if you never plan to sell it, there will inevitably come a time where the home will be back on the market and although it is your dream home, you are going to want to invest in choices that are timeless and will appeal to the masses once that time comes.

Permanent Elements


Things like paint, décor, and flooring can be manipulated over time if over the years you find what you originally loved is no longer your preference. But permanent elements like pools, and structural designs are likely not going to be things you redo beyond the original development, including a home lift in your plans is something that can do so much for your home in terms of both function and value. If you are designing a dwelling that is multi-level, and large, going to this site here to check out Lifton Home Lifts allows you help ease the transition from space to space.

Additionally, as you age, adding a home lift system creates the opportunity for you to enjoy and stay in your home into the years where stairs are more difficult. There is a luxury element to having a lift inside your home as well. And when we are talking dream homes, luxury and exclusivity are key words that are associated with that.

Hobbies and Activities


Put some thought into your hobbies and social activities, and how those can be incorporated into your dream space. Indoor spaces like game rooms, home theaters, and wine cellars, can help you indulge your favorite activities in an upgraded fashion. Or if outdoor living is important to you, options like outdoor kitchens, and pools are extremely popular additions to dream home builds. Regardless of your specific hobbies and passions, it is likely that they can in some way be incorporated into your design.

A great element to these extra spaces is that since they are generally on the wants end of the spectrum, and not the needs end, they can be manipulated to fit the budget. Changing up the materials used, or even a swap out like a dry bar instead of a wet bar, can save thousands of dollars to that you can still incorporate the feature into your home without compromising your budget. Remember, before your commit to any upgrade of this nature to consider what works best for not only your family, but your demographic and area. It is not uncommon for homeowners to consult local real estate agents when designing their spaces for their input on how some of these features will affect resale.

Future Focused


Dream home implies forever home, so spend the extra time to think about how this house can transcend the times and have adaptability as the world around it changes and improves. Energy-efficient homes are becoming increasingly trendy, and this is a trend that will likely never go out of style. Picking appliances and materials for your home that are kind to the environment is going to reduce your personal footprint on the planet and can also result in lower bills each month. Enlist the help of an energy inspector and you can explore the different options available. When building a new home, this is a great opportunity to make the big choices now that will create lasting efficiencies in your home. Choices like types of windows and amount of insulation are good examples of ways to improve your home that can last for decades.

Technology is another way to set your home up to be able to compete with the homes, and all the latest and greatest as far as gadgets and smart home capabilities. A smart thermostat is a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade you home and make it more user friendly by syncing everything up to your own smartphone. High tech doorbells with cameras and smart lock systems for all points of entry are also ways to get your home operating on one system and elevate it from a technological standpoint. Window shades, appliances, lightbulbs, and smoke detectors are all examples of home must-haves that can be modernized and lend themselves to making your home a smart home. These upgrades will likely eventually become the standard so starting ahead of the curve gives you a chance to have an edge on older homes and will also prove to be money saving features.

Finishing Touches


The little things that will give your home its unique personality should not be overlooked. Things like furniture, wall color, and window treatments will all reflect your personal style and when you are designing your dream home it should reflect you and your tastes. The four walls of your home will house all your memories, traditions, and family gatherings and you will want to consider all those happy emotions as you pick out the overall design theme of your home. A cohesive theme will help you to streamline all your ideas and develop a space that makes good design sense but does not feel sterile or staged.

If time is on your side take advantage of it while you select the finishing touches that you will add to your home. Being able to compare aesthetic choices and having the chance to change your mind should your tastes or budget demand means there is a lower likelihood that you will be unhappy with what you decided on had you been forced into a hasty choice. Give yourself permission to go slow in this process, this is your dream home and enjoying the moments will enrich your overall experience.

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