Does Vaping Weed Smell? How to be a Stealthy Stoner

Vaping is the new normal in the cannabis world. From using rolling papers to the innovative spliff and joints, the world of cannabis is ever-expanding with innovation and creativity. Vapes changed the game altogether for tobacco lovers and cannabis alike, pushing its popularity to the highest.
But with newer devices came more questions, and here we are discussing vaping weed smell and how can you be a stealthy smoker.

Even though vaping is the most loved smoking paraphernalia in recent years, it is still not widely accepted, especially when it is coupled with the stigmatized reputation of cannabis, our most controversial green friend. But hey, if you’re a novice toker hiding away from the prying eyes of your parents or the society, or someone looking to vape in the crowded streets or a hotel room, we have just the perfect tips and tricks for you.

Before we tackle the bigger question, let’s look at whether vaping weed is a process that leaves your house scenting like one big ball of strain.

Does Vaping Weed Smell?

If you’ve ever entered a strain shop, you know that distinctive aromatic fragrance of weed that heightens your senses and sends you on a frenzied trip. Yeah, that’s what I am talking about.

Cannabis is lined with terpenes that are basically the odorous part of any herb. Most of the essential oil that we enjoy contain terpenes from that particular plant, giving it the characteristic fragrance that everyone likes. So, you have guessed it by now that every strain will have a peculiar aroma. In fact, Marijuana shares terpenes with many other plants.

Have you ever noticed the fresh odour of lemons from any particular strains? That’s because they contain limonene terpenes, giving it that citrus scent. From candy to pine nuts and earthy, the list of cannabis terpenes is a long one.

By now, you know that raw cannabis is a smelly deal, but let’s move onto the main question – Does vaping weed smell just as much as the buds do? You might have had a hit with a regular bong that reeks the house with the underlining aroma of the beautiful herbs.

The answer is yes – vaping weed does smell but not as much as a joint or smoking cannabis would.

The reason why vapes aren’t as potent smelling as a joint or smoking weed is that they do not use the combustion method to turn the herbs into vapour. Therefore, since the buds are just heated and not ‘burned’, the smell is less overpowering, and if you’re smoking near a window, it might not even be noticeable. It does not linger long enough as the smoke from your doobie or bong, and definitely does not reek up the house/room like a raw bud.

According to Olivastu, a leading headshop, there are a number of other factors that affect the level of ‘smell’ in your vape including how often you clean and maintain your device and the make of your vape. Older versions of vaporizers used to keep the herbs in direct contact with the heating surface, making the fragrance stronger. Similarly, using a dry herb vape demands regular maintenance and cleaning to keep the coils and the insides clean for a less ‘odour-some’ vapour on the outside. Make sure you take a look at the user manual before deciding to soak the device in warm water or rubbing alcohol.

Now that we are talking about vaping weed, let’s look at the other methods too before we move on to stealthy vaping.

Do Dab Pens Smell?

Dabs are just the by-product of weed that are sticky and potent, perfect hit for all the stoners. And yes, they do have a certain smell to them, but not enough to stink up a room and let your secret out. Moreover, if you’re really keen on vaping stealthily, you can opt for dabs that smell less.

Softer dabs like budder have a more over-powering aroma compared to shatter and crumble that is comparatively mellow and tender in smell. But there is still a slight aroma indicative of the coil heating or the vapour that accompanies the dab pens, especially when you smoke from a traditional rig compared to the electric/pen ones.

Do oil pens smell?

If you’re someone who wants the least amount of odour possible, oil pens are the way to go for it. Of course, there will still be a slight fragrance to it since they all are still herbs, but it quickly dissipates before you even realize. The faint smell is great for someone who vapes in a closed room, as you can simply spray perfume or any other aromatic option to conceal the smell. For those who have the privilege of smoking near a window, you can barely even sense the aroma.

Moreover, these oil pens are pretty compact and can easily fit inside your pocket, making it even easier to vape stealthily.

From dry herbs to concentrates and oils, every type of weed gives off a certain kind of smell, but their intensity might vary. But don’t be worried, cause’ we have a few tips and tricks that will help you vape in the most discreet way possible.

How to be a stealthy stoner?

Let’s get down to business and discuss how one can vape discreetly.

There might be many reasons why you are looking for vaping without attracting attention, which can be a little difficult since you’re bound to blow some vapour. From vaping in public to vaping discreetly in your room, it is a talent to be able to vape in an incognito mode. Let’s see some tips and tricks.

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