5 Tips for Hiding The Smell of Stored Cannabis

There’s no mistaking it when you smell weed and cannabis. The odor is unique, and anyone would make a difference out of it. The user itself probably loves the smell, but for most people, it’s not something they want to feel. Even some who use it behind closed doors don’t wish others to know it by merely smelling it. There is much reason why someone wan to hides the fact they’re using cannabis or weed or even CBD. For one, in some states, it’s still illegal, so you shouldn’t even consume it if you want to avoid having troubles with the law enforcement agencies. Others do not want to talk about it, as they see it as something private. Either way, if you’re on a mission to hide the smell from others, you’re in the right place.


So, have you ever wondered what you could do to hide this smell? Did you? And nothing to show for it? Worry not, we got your back. In this article, we are going to lay down for you the top five tips for hiding the smell of stored cannabis. As you’ll about to witness, there are many ways to make this possible, and we’re sure you’ll find many of these useful. If your new favorite of hiding the smell of cannabis is on or list, please share it with us in the comment section.

Take it Outside

This is something you could have thought of by yourself, but you didn’t. Anyway, the smell of smoking and storing weed is not the same. While you can smoke on the outside, you can’t keep your goods there. Well, not in the open space anyway. What we had in mind is that storage is secluded from your living quarters. It all depends on the climate in which you live, as the weed needs to be stored properly. You can achieve this by keeping it in proper canisters. Once held like this, you can keep it in your cellar, shed, or even in the attic. All of these places are usually off-limits to most visitors you might have, and they’ll hide the smell of cannabis from any curious nose. If you are open-minded about your hobby, you can even keep it outside your home on the balcony or terrace.



Ventilation is the key when it comes to any smoke. While stored cannabis won’t provide any smoke, it will still leave a particular odor. So while you might have it stored properly, you shouldn’t keep it inside a room where there’s no air. It would be best if you always aimed to keep your goods in a place where there’s ventilation present. If the conditions are stagnant, the smell of weed is going to be predominant. You can avoid this by allowing some airflow in its quarters. Plenty of airflows is what should do the trick. You could do this by installing a high-tech air conditioner, but it could also be done with natural airflow via doors and windows. A simple draft is going to do the trick sometimes. It all comes down to the amounts of it you have stored. The smell of smaller pieces is more comfortable to hide. Some people also set up a fan for their merchandise to deal with the smell.

Cover Your Cannabis

You are allowed to cover your buds and plants, to tuck them in if you say so. If you keep it in a small place, this could do the trick. You do not want the smell of it to spread all over the area. If this is the case, you can cover them up and stash them away for better preservation and stop the smell from spreading. All of us who take serious care of our products make sure that they’re properly stored, including the containment of the scent. Sometimes you’ll have people over you don’t want to smell what you’re cooking. Privacy is the mother of all relationships.

In the end, if you are serious about consuming a real product to the fullest extent of what it offers, you’ll already going to have it stored the right way. It is essential to do this if you want to preserve the flavor and aroma. Proper storing will also keep the smell from spreading and the mold and humidity from reaching your cannabis. Furthermore, it is also vital to get your hands on the real goods like the one toptiercannabis.co is offering, as it will guaranty that a pleasant smell will spread around if there’s a leak.

Room Deodorizer


Not too imaginative, but it can do the trick without a fault. You can use this method as one of the simplest but most effective ways of keeping the smell concealed. It all comes down to using one or a couple of room deodorizers, which smells that you find attractive. They are a great way to keep your space free of the smell of cannabis and give it a hole another scent. Fresheners work amazingly, and we would recommend them to anyone who is storing cannabis in their home.

Scented Candles and Essential Oils

This is a natural alternative to all, and any smell you might have in your home and cannabis can’t beat it. Not only that you will hide the smell of stored cannabis, but the whole atmosphere of your home will alter. You can choose any of the available natural odors that include lavender, lemon, orange, and other citrus fruits or even eucalyptus. No smell can’t beat the nature of these products, and they might be precisely what you were looking for when thinking about the hiding of the scent of the stored cannabis.

Of course, in addition to everything we have mentioned, you shouldn’t forget to buy mason jars. They will keep the smell tight and concealed from the start and make sure that your product is remaining fresh. Hiding smell can be important but keeping it fresh is vital.

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