Cannabis Seeds for Sale in the USA: A Complete Buying Guide

As a beginner, finding the right place to buy the seeds for your marijuana garden and the different factors to consider could be quite the task. Especially with several seed banks spread over the US of A, you might be in limbo deciding which is best for you. Well, not to worry! This article provides you with a complete buying guide on everything you need to know about buying cannabis seeds in America.

Before reviewing our top choices of cannabis seed banks, we’ll be providing answers to some frequently asked questions about cannabis seed buying.

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Legalized?

Cannabis seeds, like flowers, edibles, and concentrates, are considered cannabis merchandise. Their legality is determined by the state in which you reside. People who live in states with legalized adult usage can buy, grow, and sell seeds inside their state, but seeds cannot transcend state borders. People who live in states that have legalized medicinal marijuana can only buy seeds if they have a medical card.

Outside of the United States, seed banks can sell seeds for “memorabilia.” Still, it is unlawful to smuggle seeds into the country, and Customs will seize any cannabis seeds found in packages or on a person.

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds From A Dispensary?

Yes, you can. However, this option is only available to people who reside in states that have legalized adult usage and medicinal use of cannabis. Employees at the dispensary should be able to provide you with information about the seeds they offer but bear in mind that many dispensaries specialize in selling flowers and other end-products. It’s a good idea to contact ahead and speak with the employees to see if they know anything about seeds and can provide you with specialized growing advice.

What is the Cost of Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are commonly sold in packs of 10 or 12 seeds and start at roughly $40 per pack. High-end genetics can cost anything from $200 to $500 for each box. Feminized and auto flower seeds are more expensive since they require more breeding labor and take a shorter time for the grower to produce buds. Cannabis seeds are commonly sold in packs of 10 or 12 seeds and start at roughly $40 per pack. High-end genetics can cost anything from $200 to $500 for each box.

Feminized and auto flower seeds are more expensive since they require more breeding labor and take a shorter time for the grower to produce buds.

Top Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy From

Below are our top choices for buying cannabis seeds, as well as the pros and cons for each one:

1. ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)



  • A longstanding company with a huge selection of strains.
  • Shipping is free to any place in the United States.
  • They offer refunds and do not give bad seeds.
  • They provide a germination guarantee and will send you a replacement if your seeds don’t germinate.
  • Their products are not available in some states


  • Higher prices than some of the competition
  • $25 fee for delivery tracking
  • Not available in certain states

Owned by Robert Bergman, ILGM is an international seed bank located in Amsterdam but ships to Australia and the US. Robert founded ILGM in 2012, and the company has grown to become a renowned name in cannabis seed sales. They are especially popular for their fast delivery to the US due to their distribution center in California.

It collects seeds from marijuana cultivators all around the world. This bank has the advantage of allowing you to discover a strain that will work for you, whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting started. The variety might be daunting, but they provide a handy strain guide to help you find out which one is right for you. They offer feminized auto flower, high THC, high CBD, and high yield strains.

They also offer multiple payment methods such as Bitcoin, bank deposits, credit and debit cards. They offer two modes of shipping: standard shipping (free) and tracked shipping ($25 fee)

2. Crop King Seeds



  • Assured delivery – if your seeds are confiscated, they will replace your purchase.
  • Orders of $300 or more qualify for free delivery.
  • They offer discreet packaging for international orders.
  • Their seeds achieve a germination rate of 80%.


  • A small number of strains are available.
  • Shipping takes one to two weeks.

Crop King Seeds is a seed bank based in Canada. Founded in 2005, they had to move shop to the US during the period when cannabis was illegal in Canada. They returned to Canada in 2013 and have become a household name ever since.

Crop King Seeds offers one of the largest seed inventories and introduces new strains on a regular basis. Over 500 distinct strains are presently available, including auto flower, CBD, and feminized seeds. Crop King is an excellent way to get a completely new strain if you want to try something new.

Fast delivery is a significant benefit for American clients. Because the seeds just have to travel from Canada, your package will arrive faster than if it came from Europe or elsewhere. Crop King’s usual delivery takes 2-7 business days, and you may have it in 2-6 business days for a $40 expedited shipping premium. They also provide a guarantee on delivery. If customs confiscate your order, they will replace it at no cost to you. They also guarantee that at least 80% of their seeds will germinate, or they will – you guessed it – replace them for free. These assurances should offer you a reason to believe you’re dealing with a reliable seed bank.

3. Herbies Seeds



  • A proven track record of high-quality seeds and great customer service.
  • Offers refund policy.
  • Offers order replacement if confiscated by Customs.
  • High germination rate.


  • High per-seed prices.
  • Discreet packages could be better.

Herbies has its headquarters in Spain and was established by a group of cannabis professionals who, in conjunction with founding and maintaining Herbies Seed Bank, have dedicated their lives to cannabis research and promoting the acceptability and validity of cannabis and hemp across the world.

The pricing at Herbies Seeds are a tad on the expensive side, but the price per seed reduces a little when you buy more. Credit cards, bank transfers, and bitcoin are currently the only payment methods this seed bank accepts. Cash by mail was originally accepted, but during the COVID-19 epidemic, it was halted, and it is unclear if it will be resumed in the future. All pricing on Herbies is available in Euros or British Pounds.

Wrapping up


If you’re in the USA and you need to buy cannabis seeds, this article has all the information you need to scale. The seed banks mentioned are also the best places to purchase your cannabis seeds.

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