Your Dream Partner Is A Few Clicks Away!

In the times when you feel the need of a companionship for life, you ought to look out online and try your luck in matching with someone according to your criteria. With the online matchmaking communities comprising of tons and tons of profiles, finding your apt match is not going to be easy. Dating sites for the record has come up with a solution and has helped countless struggling singles fid their match for a long time. This makes them an automatic choice for being the top dating sites in India today.

What’s New?

They has managed to stamp its authority in the Indian dating scene and like many of its competitors; the portal has managed to spread all across India. The penetration has swarmed across major and even Tier 2 and 3 cities across the country. If you intend finding your match from Adoni from New Delhi, they offers you this feature. As users, you can use multiple features including filters and sort out profiles of users according to your likings. This can be anything, right from political to religious to language to almost any filter you’ve would like to consider today. This freedom of choosing your partner makes stand apart with its rival matchmaking brands today.

Safety Assurance


There has always been a stirring debate on the question of how safe is an online dating site? For its part has taken up this with utmost seriousness and bridged AI with the site interface. This ensures to consider strict filtering of any spam profiles the site might think, considering there are thousands of new entrants signing up daily. Every new signee needs to confirm and fill in some simple questions and develop their profiles. With every new bit of information, this makes your overall dating experience stand out and help the site in showing you the best list of names in to your page.

With that said, there are two ways a person can verify their profiles. The first is via Facebook and the next is via Phone Number.

With Facebook, all you need to do is verify your Facebook profile while signing up and this ensures there is no inconsistency while signing up.

In case of Phone Number, would send you an SMS, which has an OTP or One Time Password. You would then enter the same in the box provided and get your profile verified with ease.

Whatever methods you choose, you can safely trust for maintaining your privacy forever.

Types of Profiles to Expect

It is that dating app, which embraces every new signee from India and helps them find their rightful match today. These signees can range from Singles, Widows, Divorcees, Separated and much more. Every single individual has a chance to find a partner according to their choice. Right from major cities like Chennai to Delhi to Mumbai to Kolkata, there are thousands of new signees downloading the app and signing up with us to expand our family to the fullest. With so much to see, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to us.

Secure for Women

Women users get an additional feature that allows them to hide their names. This is done to protect their privacy and give them the freedom to choose and display their names. The process is successful and many women users have confirmed their liking and expressed their trust for a secure interface. With this, you have Female users signed up with as, almost to the same number of male users.

Chat for a thought


Much like a reliable dating app, they pushes the concept further and allows users to trade messages via the Chatbox. This makes for a great interface, backed with modern messaging features and a protective security assurance. Once you like someone and the person likes you back, the next thing you can do is build a conversation. This can be anything and we recommend keeping it simple and straightforward. With both yours and your match’s expectations met, you can carry this further and expect the relationship to move forward.

What’s more is the portal allows you trade emojis and even pictures. We recommend sending pictures only after both of you have mutual consent and from its end ensures nobody is feeling insecure. Keeping up the pace and your romantic strata mixed with pleasing words, it’s only a matter of time till the person acknowledges you and your relationship to the next level.

Go Premium and Unlock more Features

An average free user gets access to countless features and filters, which opens up large prospect of getting a match from the site. While the ones with premium subscriptions find themselves with a few more key and extremely user features unlocked. The probability of getting a quick match stands more for a premium user and this allows them to stand out without a worry.

Go Indian

India’s dating scene has never seen this level of surge in users and an app that is made exclusively for the Indian users. They stays afloat and has helped time in and time out for users struggling to find their life partner. In countless cases, people have found the portal to be an ultra-modern way of a matrimonial portal with more options for people than marriage. If you intend in finding someone to marry soon, you know where to come.

Final Thoughts


Dating site has improvised the way one looked at online dating over the past. Being one of the top free dating apps India today, the outreach has been tremendous and the growth is a evident testimony to the fact. As for you, there is no better way to check the profiles of a genuine and a true match out online than what offers. In the end, we recommend you trying out and see for yourselves, India’s top rated online dating app today.

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