6 Ways to Plan Your Dream Wedding Amidst the Pandemic

The year 2024 has been a tough one. Entire cities have been put into lockdown and a multitude of businesses have been closed down. Tragically a lot of engaged couples have also been forced to reschedule their wedding dates.

However, if you and your partner already paid for the vendors, and most of your funds are already tied up, you will have to make do with a bad situation. Don’t fret though, you can still have your dream wedding. You just need a good strategy. Here are 6 ways to plan your dream wedding amidst the pandemic.

1. Make Some Hard Decisions

We are going through confusing times this year. It sometimes feels like we’re just trying to stay afloat during these times of crisis and uncertainty. Engaged couples can truly relate to this because every aspect of your wedding plans can feel like a challenge. Your guests may not be able to make it due to travel restrictions. Some of your vendors may also have canceled on you. So before you commit any more funds and time to the wedding plans, you should make a decision. This is the last chance for you to reschedule your wedding.

Weigh out the pros and cons. If you have your wedding this year, this means that you will be able to get married within the year. You will also not spend too much on the wedding because you’ll be forced to downsize your operations. However, there is the downside of not being able to have all of the wedding features that you want. There may be a chance that some of your guests may not be able to attend.

Overall, the challenge of having your wedding this year can be quite stressful. So before you and your partner decide on anything, you should talk it out and make a decision.

2. Keep It Small but Classy

If you and your partner do decide to go through with the wedding, you should keep it small but classy. Downsize every aspect of the wedding.

Remember that not all of your guests will be able to make it. There may be a lot of empty seats there. So it does not really make any sense to hold a grandiose wedding. Keep it small, but classy. You could still use most of your wedding ideas, but limit them to a smaller scale. That way you won’t have to spend a small fortune on your wedding.

3. Make Sure Your Vendors Are Still Capable of Delivering on Their Services

Aside from downsizing your wedding, one of the most important aspects of your preparations should be your vendors. Remember that a lot of businesses were forced to close this year. This is a sad reality of the pandemic.

So there is a chance that your vendors may have canceled on you. The worst-case scenario is that they won’t be able to return your down payments. So it is important that you stay in touch with your vendors. That way, if they cannot deliver on their services, you’ll still have time to hire other vendors.

4. Make Sure Your Venue Follows COVID-19 Regulations

Although you should be focused on your wedding, you should still be on guard for the Coronavirus.  Remember that we are still going through a pandemic, and it might be dangerous to have your guests gather in an enclosed space. So make it a priority to check if your venue follows COVID-19 regulations. Make sure that the venue conducts temperature tests before any guests could come in. You should also ensure that the venue conducts contact tracing and enforces the use of facemasks and face shields. The venue should also provide hand sanitizers and alcohol at the door. If you are holding the ceremony in a religious site like a church or a mosque, you should still make sure that they follow these regulations.

It is also important that you remind your guests to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Although your wedding should be a wonderful day for you and your partner, you should still practice constant vigilance against the threat of the pandemic.

5. DIY your Giveaways

It is a tradition at most weddings to distribute giveaways to visitors. However, seeing as you’ll be downsizing your wedding operations, you should just make your giveaways yourselves. This will not only help you save money, but it will also enable you to customize them yourselves.

There are so many giveaway ideas online, such as using high-ended perfume bottles to create specialized sanitizers for your guests, click here for more info. You could also create wedding-themed face masks or face shields. By making these COVID-19 themed giveaways, you can still remind your guests to stay safe during the pandemic. You can also show your guests that you and your partner could still have a sense of humor, despite the pandemic.

6. Keep your expectations realistic

Although you should strive to make your dream wedding a reality, it is also important that you keep your expectations as realistic as possible. It can get stressful at times, and you won’t get everything that you want due to the pandemic situation. However, if you keep your expectations realistic, and you prioritize what’s important you will be able to enjoy your wedding without getting frustrated.


The Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in a very confusing and frustrating year for engaged couples. Some have to reschedule their weddings for next year.

However, if you are forced to hold your wedding this year, you should not panic. The year may have been a disaster, but that does not mean your wedding has to be. With these tips, you’ll be able to plan your dream wedding.

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