11 Important Steps in Organizing a Successful Wedding in 2024

A wedding day is always the greatest day in the lives of the couple. A lot of efforts need to be put in place to make that day glamorous and memorable. Part of such initiatives includes selecting vendors, selecting the wedding color, choosing a venue, creating a checklist, among others before finally saying “YES, I DO” to that special person.

There are two ways to plan and have a successful wedding; it is either the bride plans it by herself or hand the work over to an event planner, such as Agence4Saisons. Planning the wedding by yourself is fun-filled and reduces the wedding expenses. Planning it like an expert in event planning could be stressful and overwhelming, but there are ways to give it smooth sailing and find it enjoyable if you can follow the steps below.

1) Have a fixed budget

You must have heard many times that wedding is costly.  To make it less expensive, fix a budget based on what you can afford and stick to it.  Most importantly, stick to your budget like a pro; there will surely be the desire to add more to your list as the wedding get closer, but you have to be disciplined. Resist the temptation to add to your list even if you think they are essential.  In case you get carried away and overspend on a particular item, cut price on another item. Prioritize the vital things on your list and be flexible.

2) Have a Timeline

The next important tip is to have a timeline to make your planning look professional. With a timeline, you can fix the date to make orders, shop, reach out to vendors, do follow up and other things that will make your wedding successful. The timeline must be reasonable and must fit into your schedule. On the timeline, mark out the due dates on your calendar. To understand this better, check various websites for checklists; you can easily get this on wedding websites.The timing of the wedding should be considered when creating the timeline; this is because you will need enough time to plan, so ensure you follow the timeline when planning the due date.

3) Find Event Tools Fit for You

Professional Event planners cannot do away with event tools. Aside from having checklists, get event apps that have budget, reminders, and checklists on them. If you are good with Microsoft Apps, you can create your tool on excel or use the old school method by writing out everything on a book.

Your event tool should help you to list vendors and their prices, record the items purchased with a price, show when to pay vendors and amount paid, etc. You can get creative with your list. Make sure it is detailed enough to track your expenses accurately.

4) Choose Important Details

After considering your budget, you also need to estimate the number of guests you are expecting. Remember, you have to stick to your budget. To effortlessly decide your wedding size, make your guest list and stick to it as well.

After that, choose your venue based on your budget; select your wedding date and theme.  Meet with venue managers as early as possible and make the necessary bookings and appointments.  Find time to visit the proposed venue for the party. This will help you have proper planning of your wedding based on the venue. Review the contract, and before finalizing it, double-check it with other vendors that are involved, for example, the decor vendor and music band must visit the venue before you conclude your contract with them.

5) Get Inspirations

Dream about how you want your wedding day to be. Do you want it to be classic or formal, the choice is yours. You can get wedding theme ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.

6) Be smart with Your Choice of Vendors

When you are hiring your vendors, look out for references to be sure they can deliver what you want from them.  Make sure you include their name, contacts, and back-up contacts on your checklist. Set meeting date and follow-up date too.  You can as well compare two to three vendors in terms of price and service before you finally conclude on your choice. Have a good rapport and relationship with your vendors such as the DJ, Master of Ceremony, caterer, decorators, photographer, etc.

7) Purchase your clothes

Take a lot of time to purchase outfits that meet your desire and budget. When it comes to attire for the wedding, try not to wait until your wedding is very close, you can purchase them and get them tailored a few months to your wedding. Pack all your wears and accessories for your wedding day in a separate bag, you may have to label it to avoid disorganization or misplacements.

8) Plan your pre-wedding events and Honeymoon

It is not only the day you will walk down the aisle that matters most; those pre-wedding events do too. Your engagement, bridal shower, pre-wedding photo shoot, bachelor parties are part of the fun. This will give you time to feel loved and excited before your wedding day.

Create time to plan the pre-wedding events with friends so as to ease the stress of your wedding plans. You may be confused about how to plan your honeymoon. To make things easy, plan with your partner. Choose location, if you will need to travel, book your travel and hotel and start packing your necessities ahead in a separate bag.

9) Send invites

You can start sending your wedding invitations around six-eight weeks to your wedding. Do this on time to avoid the unexpected such as having lesser guests or too much of them. Besides, this is primal to your plan.

10) Anticipate Challenges

Yeah, expect few or some dramas. But if you have a perfect idea, then the challenges will be few and manageable.

Should there be challenges, do not worry about them, maintain your sanity, and keep a beautiful smile on your day all through. This is why you need someone to oversee the event for you on that day, which you can easily call upon to handle any issue while you enjoy the event.

11) Plan your honeymoon

Without a doubt, the tools discussed in this article will go a long way in helping you organize a kickass wedding party. As long as you follow the recommended steps, success is yours.

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