7 Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2024

Planning and hosting your own wedding has to be one of the most amazing moments in one’s life, especially if everything goes according to plan. But, creating the perfect plan for such an event is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to arrange hundreds of different things. You will need to contact your guests, pick the right venue, you will have to go through a checklist with dozens of items and many more frustrating tasks.

One of the most important tasks on that checklist has to be your wedding dress. What kind of wedding would it be if you do not find the perfect dress? You probably want to find a special dress just like everyone else. But, finding something so unique is almost impossible when you consider just how many people have picked that same dress you liked at the shop.

To ensure that your wedding during this spring is as unique as possible, here are some wedding dress trends in 2024 you should check out.

Naked back

According to Cathytelle, having a naked back at your own wedding is definitely a brave and bold move that not everyone can do. It will definitely come as a surprise when the bride-to-be comes out on the path to the altar with a completely uncovered back. You probably have noticed that this v-neckline has become popular in other outfits such as bathing suits or one-piece workout jumpsuits. So, why not jump into this trend?

Keep in mind that if you do not feel comfortable uncovering such a big portion of your back, you can always get a thicker veil that will cover up the skin. If you can’t find any brands that provide backless gowns, we recommend you check out Lela Rose, Berta, and Ines Di Santo.

Colorful floral prints


You might be thinking that florals are simply too colorful for a wedding, but isn’t that what you are trying to achieve? Break those standards and create your own unique style that will surprise everyone. Believe it or not a lot of fashion shows in 2024 have features gowns with a lot of florals and colors. Greens, reds, and blues go great with white.

You can do a search on Oscar de la Renta’s, Carolina Herrera’s and Zac Posen’s collection of wedding gowns with floral prints. You will be quite surprised just how cool and pretty they look at the same time.


It might not be important what your undergarments will look like to your guests, but how you will look at night for your partner is very important. Once the dress comes off, you will need to surprise him/her with something as amazing as your gown. So, how do you choose the best lingerie set?

Well, it comes down to whether you will choose looks or comfort. Don’t worry, even the undergarments that fall under the comfortable category look great too. But, if looks are your most important factor, you will definitely look better that way.

The color is also your decision, it won’t be noticeable through the gown either way unless you are wearing something too lacey. Our favorite combination is lacey brief with both a sexy and classy look at the same time. If it is a G-string, that’s even better. You can then combine the brief panties with a push-up bra. If you have trouble finding the right push up bra, you can check out Hauteflair.

Short Dresses

If you don’t want to go all out on luxury and elegance, you can go with something more comfortable and casual such as a short dress. Don’t worry, by showing so much leg with these short ones, you will still be the best looking girl at the entire event. Make sure you pair it with a nice pair of shoes. The higher the heels, the better in our opinion. But, don’t go too far because you will have to be on your feet for at least four or five hours that day. You won’t have a lot of time to rest your feet.

What’s great about these short gowns is that you can take them off and put them on in a matter of minutes without anyone’s help. You can go and change your clothes or go to the bathroom by yourself. You won’t have to look for your friends to help you.


If you want something that is really trending in 2024 then you should definitely go with a pants dress. It is both sexy and classy while showing off your figure that you have been working on for months. What’s the point of getting so much in shape if no one can see your physique, right?

In this kind of dress, you will feel like you can take on the world and your guests will see you as a badass which is something every bride wants to achieve. You also have the freedom of going with any kind of color or prints you want. It doesn’t have to be white only. You can go with florals or with other colorful prints that will go well with your style.

High Slit

Many people would argue that a woman’s leg might be their most attractive physical part of their body and we couldn’t agree more. Showing off your toned legs at your wedding truly is the best way to show off. What’s even more interesting about high slit dresses is that they became quite popular these last couple of years and it is especially popular during fashion shows in 2024.

You’ll find such gowns from designers such as Eisen-Stein, Berta, Carolina Herrera, Lela Rose, and many others.

Tiered skirt

If you are looking for something classic and traditional, tiered skirt dresses are definitely the way do go. These tiered skirts add enough fluff to your gown without the hassle of having to constantly drag the skirt behind you or holding it high not to step on it. While doing the wedding dance with your partner, you will look beautiful in this kind of dress.

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