9 Best Maternity Clothes During Spring

Spring is just around the corner. Therefore, it is high time you started spring shopping. When shopping during this season, you need to note that this season is usually marked by increased temperature and rain. Rain is common in areas that receive snow during winter because the snow starts to melt. However, these elements differ from one location to the next. The Spring season is accompanied by some of the best fashion trends in existence. Being pregnant does not have to keep you from looking chic and stylish this summer season. Below are some of the best maternity clothes to wear during spring;

Culotte jumpsuits

Your summer maternity closet wouldn’t be complete without a pair of culotte jumpsuits. This jumpsuit design is great for maternity because it is roomy around the legs and very comfortable. It is especially great if you are in the third trimester, and pants are not doing the trick for you. However, these may not be the best jumpsuit options if you have a petite body type because the roomy legs may swallow you up. For summer, you may want to pair this jumpsuit with a duster coat and block heels, depending on your style and comfort. The jumpsuit can feature some colorful patterns that are in for the summer season.


As mentioned earlier, sprint is usually associated with high temperatures. Therefore, your maternity closet should feature a couple of pairs of shorts. Traditionally, pregnant women could not wear shorts because designers had not come up with pregnancy-friendly designs. However, the market is currently packed with a wide range of maternity shorts designs. Therefore, nothing is keeping you from wearing shorts this spring. You can pair the shorts with some light layering and a cute top to create a chic and complete look.

Light layering


Another must-have item in your summer maternity closet is some light layering. Most of the time, during pregnancy, your body experiences more changes apart from the growing belly. Therefore, you may need some light coverage to give you confidence. Layering may not do the trick in spring because of the rising heat. Therefore, the best option would be light layering. You can shop around for some incredible light layering pieces. These pieces will give you the coverage you desire while keeping you cool at the same time. The incredible thing about these clothes is that you can wear them even after having your child.


This list would not qualify as a maternity clothes list if leggings were not mentioned. Every mother-to-be needs a pair of leggings or two. Leggings offer stability and a great amount of stretch that provides you with the comfort you need during pregnancy. Most leggings are usually hot and made using thick materials. However, there are great legging options you can consider for spring. You can wear the leggings when lounging at home or working out. You can also pull off some incredible looks with a pair of cute and comfortable leggings. You can pair them with a cute top or light layering when going out. Leggings are an excellent alternative for jeans, which would be extremely hot during spring.


Skirts are very popular during the spring season. They are a fun and easy option of clothing for pregnant women. Skirts will look great with your bump. You need at least two skirts for the season to pair with different pieces during the spring season. Try some fun patterns and colors depending on your needs and style. You can pair the skirts with cute tops, jumpers, or blazers.


For spring, going into summer, one of the must-have clothing articles you need in your closet is a cute dress. You could do with a couple. Breezy dresses are perfect for spring because they do not retain heat. They are also very comfortable and a must-have clothing item for every pregnant woman. The market is packed with a wide range of dress designs that you can explore. During pregnancy, you may want to go for a dress with an empire waist or no waistline. This design is great because it allows you to give your bump the freedom it craves. They are also ideal for a wide range of occasions. Whether it is a wedding, a trip to the restaurant or beach, you cannot go wrong with dresses. Consider dresses with different patterns, colors, and fabrics if you are looking for some diversity in your wardrobe.

Types of maternity dresses you should have for spring

Below are two main types of maternity dresses you should get during spring shopping.

Short dresses

Being pregnant does not have to keep you from dressing sexy and cute. You can get a couple of short dresses in different colors and styles to wear during this season. Please make sure they are comfortable and roomy enough for your belly to breathe and move freely.

Maxi dresses

Every pregnant woman needs a few maxi dresses to wear in spring and other times of the year, like summer. They are great for maternity because they are roomy and comfortable. They are also incredible because you can wear them even after you deliver your baby. You can try various patterns and colors to create some diversity.


Blazers may seem like an off clothing option for spring. However, they are incredible clothing pieces because they look great paired with other pieces like short dresses. Denim blazers are particularly incredible because they do not retain heat. You may also want to consider oversized dresses because they are roomy and very attractive. Note that you can always wear these pieces after pregnancy. Therefore, it would help if you put some thought into the purchasing process.

When shopping, other than the different types of clothes, you also need to consider materials. For spring, denim and chiffon are incredible options. This is because they provide ample coverage and are not too heat retentive.

Final word

When shopping for maternity clothes, you need to be careful about your expenditure. Remember that pregnancy is just a short period in your life, and some of the clothes you may not be able to wear afterward. For instance, maternity shorts and leggings are exclusively worn during pregnancy. Therefore, you need to make sure not to buy too many clothes or spend too much money on clothes you will not wear after a few months.

Consequently, it would be wise to take advantage of great deals like using a coupon code during shopping. Online shopping is a great route because there are several great deals like online coupons, voucher codes such as H&M Promo Codes, and coupon code that you can apply to spend less. You can also look out for promotions on sites such as or reduce the number of clothes you purchase.

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