10 Apps for Creating a Digital Business Card

Even in this hyper-connected, online world, business cards are an important tool for exchanging business contacts.

However, one can’t help to notice that nowadays in the digital communication era, we find ourselves in less and less opportunities where we reluctantly share business cards, but when we do find ourselves in such an opportunity, then we want them to be striking and attractive. We want the business card to be the one that will evoke the WOW effect in the person standing opposite to us. We want the business card to be our tool for networking with important people and spreading the word about what we do is of the highest quality.

Some say that a business card has a huge impact on how others see us. More than 70% of people you get in contact with and give out your card will judge you based on how it looks like. This is how powerful it can get. That is why if you don’t feel confident it will leave a good impression, better keep the card to yourself.

A couple of advice on how to create an impressive business card – a powerful marketing tool that will make people remember you, as a person (or company) who pays attention to details and presentation, including the format, shape, and design of the card. The information it contains is more or less always the same.

We are in times of pandemic, so you might not have so many chances of handing out your card in person, this does not stop you from creating a digital one. Therefore, it might be a good idea to consider hiring professional help.

The Tools Provided by Your Favorite Printer

This advice goes out to all those who have absolutely no experience with graphic design. The best solution is to hire a graphic designer. You can check out Banana Print if you haven’t found someone to work with on these tasks already.

Whether you work in a large corporation or in a small company, regardless if you are a freelancer, a start-up entrepreneur, no matter what industry you operate in, business cards are a necessity to start any networking activity. If you have no other options, be sure to leave this part of the job to the experts.  Business cards are your representative and if you want to be presented in the best light, go with what the professional has to say.

However, if you already have a vision of how it should look like, or if you had one made earlier all you need is a good tool for scanning. For that purpose, we give you 10 apps for creating your own digital business card.

1. CamCard

Quite a popular one, and for a reason. It allows you to scan both sides of the card, plus has one additional tool for adding further information about the person who gave it to you. You can add things like, where you’ve met, to have a better understanding of what a person or a company does. Aside from notes, it also synchronizes data entered with all devices you use.

2. Wantedly People

When you come home from an event with a bunch of cards, this app would come in handy, since it can scan multiple at once. You don’t even need to sort them out according to criteria because once stored contacts will be available for search based on any criteria or field. One stored, contacts are just a click away from calling, emailing, or whatever you need.

3. ScanBizCards

The greatest value of this application is that it integrates well into the CRM system, a software in which companies keep records of all customer relationships. Scanned information can be added to existing contacts or create new ones. The application comes in three editions – Lite, Premium, and Enterprise, which of course depends on the number of options.

4. Haystack

It’s an app worth trying out since it’ll offer you tons of creative tools for making your own digital business card. Sure, just as others we’ve mentioned it can scan and save the data you need from the paper ones, but creating your own is fun.

5. ABBYY Business Card Reader

As expected, the company, famous for its optical character recognition technology, also offers a specialized application for scanning business cards. It is able to read contact information (names, titles, addresses, etc.) in as many as 25 languages.

6. Inigo

This app comes with a free version and a paid one containing a bit more features. If you need an app for basic things, it will serve you just fine. You can actually keep track of how many people have clicked on your card for further information when you send it.

7. Knowee

It’s an app full of fun templates, you’ll love to play with, and on top of it all, they are promoting sustainable and eco-friendly business management. For the scanned information, you’re able to contact a person with just a click.

8. Onecard

Probably the highest rated platform out there, giving you tons of useful tools for successful networking. For those who would like to know more about you, they can choose how they wish to connect to you, via video, written story, or something else.


A platform, where you create a profile that you can, later on, turn into a digital business card. It’s sharable via social media, but also by e-mail. Quite a practical one, because you can choose which information you would like to share on your digital card.

10. Icon

Another app that allows you to create a card based on information available on your social media. All the networks you use, such as LinkedIn are a great source of information for these things, therefore this app gives you a shortcut in creating a rich presentation of what you do.

All the above-mentioned apps are a great tool for creating a digital business card. Try a couple of them and decide which answers your business demands best.

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