8 Most Reliable Digital Currency Trading Apps to use in 2024

Digital currencies are once again the talk of the town, not that they did ever stop being prominent and appealing to invest in though. With the recent changes in the market and the fact that a new group of investors and enthusiasts appeared, it is important to learn about the best ways of doing things in the year 2024. If you are looking to start a career in cryptocurrency trading and be a part of the future, it is time to learn the ropes and get the information you need to be among the best right from the start.

Once you have decided what crypto you want to invest in, it is time to pick the right place for all of your trading, selling, and buying. There are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and applications to choose from but not all of them are suitable nor do they have everything you need in order to perform as you should. Lucky for you, this article has all you need when it comes to the most reliable digital currency trading apps to use this year. If you are looking to learn more, then check one of the best places to begin at

What is It?

Before mentioning any apps in particular, there should be a few words about what they are exactly. Crypto apps are smartphone applications meant for managing your digital currency portfolio and doing business independent of your location. If you have a relatively modern digital device like a mobile phone or a tablet, as well as a stable internet connection, you can easily perform all you need when it comes to the world of virtual currencies. These apps are easy to download and use, they have clear options and straightforward user interfaces, and they are made so that anyone can easily operate them.

There are a few different crypto applications in existence. These include exchanges, wallets, news, and trackers. However, nowadays most of the good ones combine a few or all of these features in order to stay competitive and rise above the competition. Exchanges, as the name suggests, are there for anyone to actually do business and trade their cryptos. Wallets serve to store your crypto balance and they are arguably the most important part since they store everything you have and protect with passwords and other forms of security. News and trackers are self-explanatory, as they update you on the latest in the world of digital currency in the form of new stories and developments, or offer real-time info on the process of currencies you are interested in.

Last but not least, we must mention the crucial things to look for in every app. Like most of the time, you want high levels of security to prevent hackings and other problems. Real-time data is key since you need to react quickly based on precise info. Finally, the app should work without any issues in your geographical area, but this also largely depends on the laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies where you live. Let us now see the best apps on the market.

1. eToro

If you need an app that is arguably the best for global users, eToro is the app for you. It allows connection, sharing of strategies, and market talks due to the fact it has a wide community of investors and users. One of the best features is the practice account with $100,000 you can use to test your skills for when you one day truly make that money. This virtual portfolio is enough for you get the hang of things and never make a bad business move in the real game. Depending on the security and leverage, there are different commissions involved. The minimum for Australia and US is $50, while the rest of the world needs $200. In total, there are more than 30 different indicators and tools to help you along the way.

2. Gemini

The popular platform is among the best in the industry, largely due to the knowledge and skills of the CEOs, the IT experts and entrepreneurs and the principal co-founders of Facebook Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. With commissions of 0.25% and less, and the account minimum of only 0.00001 BTC, it is extremely easy to stay afloat and keep an account going. If you want to continuously stay atop all of the market trends, experiment with your portfolio, share strategies and employ different tools, look no further than Gemini. It has all of the above mentioned features as it is an exchange, a wallet, and a news and tracker app all in one. Arguably the simplest to use and customize, you can make schedules, set alerts and notifications, and stay up to date with real-time info. Account creation takes mere minutes and it is completely free.

3. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most popular and populous exchanges on the market, and their app is a big reason why. Commissions are only 0.50% per sale and there is no account minimum in terms of crypto balance nor dollars. For absolute beginners in the game, Coinbase is the best solution. Learning all there is and making jumps in knowledge and skills is made easy with this platform. Beginner-friendly at every step of the way, it allows buying, selling, and trading of cryptos. You can also use credit cards and bank accounts to finance your business. Their education section allows you to earn free crypto by learning more and increasing your digital currency knowledge. Although it currently operates in 32 countries only, they have big plans and wish to expand as soon as possible. Check it out if you are an absolute beginner.

Five More

While all of the apps on the list have their specific purposes and uses, the above three are slightly ahead of the competition. If you wish to explore more options, the following five crypto apps should be the ones you pay attention to.

  1. Voyager – Best for iPhone users, no commissions, $10 minimum, charts, exchange, wallet, newsfeed
  2. Crypto Pro – Best for privacy, custom widgets, exchange, wallet, iCloud and sync, TouchID, FaceID
  3. BlockFi – Best all-in-one, high security, independent app
  4. Kraken – Versatile, complex security, 24/7 global support, fees as low as 0%, real-time, easy to use
  5. Delta – Best for tracking, detailed analytics, sync of 2 devices, multiple portfolios, custom notifications
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