Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Digital Currency World

Cryptocurrencies have defined the modern world. It has taken the entire digital and technological sector to new heights. Apart from the technological aspect, the digital currency world has improvised in many different fields and industries.

There are some basic things that everyone knows about cryptocurrencies. These include that they are highly volatile, involve blockchain technology, faster and smoother source of transactions, and many such things.

There are many news platforms and sources that have provided this basic information about the crypto coins and raised awareness among people. Apart from these sources, an increase in the number of professional trading platforms like has also provided more information about these currencies.

However, there are many facts and things that many people are unaware of. Even traders and some crypto enthusiasts are unaware of the digital currency world. The following section provides a detailed guide for understanding a few unknown things about cryptocurrencies.

8 Most Interesting Things To Know About Cryptocurrencies

Since crypto trading is not easy, a person should be well aware of various tricks and tactics and possess a complete understanding of digital currencies. The following points highlight some of the unknown facts about cryptocurrencies.

First Ever Crypto Transaction

It holds a little significance, but the first-ever commercial transaction through crypto was not for a usual commodity. It is hilarious or a unique thing to come across that it was used to purchase pizzas.

The transaction can be dated back to May 22, 2010. In this case, a person from Florida bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. Around this period, the number of bitcoins amounted to $40. But, with time, people would have noticed the sudden change and rise in the value of bitcoin. These bitcoins traded at that time would have been valued at around $350 million in today’s date.

Discovery Of Cryptocurrencies Is Unknown

Everything that was invented or discovered is noted down in various books so that the creator can be rewarded and named in history. They are remembered for their notable work. For example, Thomas Alva Edison, Newton, Vasco De Gama, and many leaders are still remembered for their discoveries and inventions.

Thousand years later, there would be complete silence when someone would ask who created cryptocurrencies. In other words, there is no true or credible source that mentions the crypto creator’s name. However, many sources claim that Satoshi Nakamoto is the original creator. However, there is no confirmation of this invention.

Satoshi And Logic Behind Satoshi

As mentioned earlier, there is no confirmed creator of cryptocurrencies, but people believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is the person behind its creation. Due to this belief, the smallest unit of digital currency (named bitcoin) is called a satoshi.

The value of this unit is approximately 0.00005 U.S. dollars. It is said that a person will require around one hundred million units (satoshi) to create one bitcoin. This figure changes according to volatility. In recent market values, a trader will need 15,800 satoshis to make one dollar. There are more than 9500 cryptocurrencies being traded and exchanged in the market through various platforms.

Limited Number Of Cryptocurrencies

In the banking system, the currencies and their volume are regulated by a central authority. The circulation of coins and currency notes is authorized by various departments and agencies in different countries.

But the scenario is not the same in the digital currency world. There are a limited number of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in the market. In simple words, there is a predefined limit on the currencies being mined.

Every time a miner mines the crypto coin using blockchain technology. They receive rewards in the form of the same coin. Therefore, in this process, there are limited coins left in the circulation cycle.

Ban On Cryptocurrencies

There is a big question among various crypto enthusiasts. Many people think that cryptocurrencies can be banned in the future. Unsuccessful traders often say they can be banned due to less compliance with the banking system.

However, it is impossible to ban them physically. A person can easily and conveniently get a crypto wallet. Since different countries have different sets of regulations and rules on specific cryptocurrencies, crypto trading can be regulated. But as a whole, a person will never see the entire digital currency market being banned.


Cryptocurrencies are diverse and are traded as per the regulations of the countries. The tax brackets for investing and mining cryptos differ by place. Most countries charge a high amount of tax for trading in this market.

Losing Bitcoin Address Is More Dangerous As It Seems

Many people have a habit of forgetting some unique and important things. It might be their OTP, bank account pin, or anything else. In the crypto world, traders usually forget their bitcoin address.

But people need to understand that it does not mean losing only their unique identification. It can cost a person more than that. The trader will lose all the cryptocurrencies or bitcoins present in their wallet. There are more than 60% dummy bitcoin addresses. In other words, these dummy addresses are those which are not active and belong to people who have forgotten their addresses.

Expensive Technology Behind Crypto Creation

It is not a simple and pocket-friendly process to create cryptocurrencies. It requires an extensive amount of time, money, and power. It needs supercomputers to solve complex processes as a result of which digital currencies are made.

The speed of the mining process is determined by power generation. Moreover, the electricity needs are closely evaluated by the professionals to speed up the entire process so that they can be rewarded more.

Key Takeaway

There are many things unknown to many people and even to many professional crypto traders. However, the above guide gives a clear view of how different things align to make cryptocurrency a meaningful investment opportunity.

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