Top Irrigation Systems: How to Choose

You have to choose the irrigation system wisely, considering versatile factors. Since there are no identical gardens in the world, the decision of whether you want a soak, spray, or drip system is up to you. Some gardens do not need lots of water, while others can’t grow without daily irrigation. No matter what you choose, a sprinkler pump is the first thing you have to buy. After that, decide which irrigation system suits you the best. Learn more on

Few Question to Ask Yourself

Before you buy any irrigation system for your garden, you have to understand which factors may be the most relevant to consider. Efficient watering is one of the most challenging problems even for experienced gardeners. Even if you have a garden for all your life, you may still face unpredictable situations. No matter which system you choose, it must be of high quality.

Now, ask yourself the next questions:

  • Do you know the proper amount of water your plant needs? Perhaps, you have a wide range of plants with a specific need for water in your garden. You have to find out how much water each type of plants needs to calculate the most appropriate number for all of them or choose the right method of irrigation;
  • Which climate do you live in? If you live in a tropic zone, you have to provide a different amount of water than a person who lives in the highlands, for example. One of the widest zones in the USA is a subtropical and humid subtropical, the second is a hot-summer humid continental. If you live in a hot climate area, you need to water your plants more often;
  • How often does the rainfall occur? Depending on its frequency, you can decide whether you need to water your plants so frequently or not;
  • Do you live in a sunny area? Territories under direct sun require more watering. Check out whether you have a shade over your garden, and how much it is. Places covered from the sun usually require less watering;
  • Is there a slope? If your garden is placed on flat terrain, you need less water than on the slope, since there is an extended runoff.

Common Systems

The answers to all the questions above can help you choose the irrigation system that suits you the most. There are several most typical options. Each of them has its benefits as well as some flaws:

  • Sprinkler system. The in-ground system requires lots of effort from you during the installation process and regular care. However, this type is one of the top choices. It can be more expensive than a simple hose or a bucket, but it is more advanced. You don’t have to stand near every plant to water it.
  • Soaker hose system. You can install this system on your own, without any help. This method allows you to provide a different amount of water to the different plants, which is beneficial for the garden. You have to make sure that it is made of high quality and the hose is durable, or you will have to change different parts of the system all the time. The hose system disperses the water evenly around the plant.
  • Sprinkler hose system works the same as a soaker hose, using different tools. Water is sprayed with more pressure. However, it may leave the ground too wet. It does not require any specific knowledge on installation as well.
  • Drip irrigation. It is quite similar to the soaker hose system, as this type of irrigation also can be placed in any pattern around your garden. It is perfect for big territories and huge vegetable gardens. Since this system offers precise watering, you may want to organize the garden in neat rows. This system provides water only to the places where you attached the drip connectors so that you don’t water all the territory.

The Best System for Raised Bed Garden

The raised beds are currently popular among gardeners. They are simple to take care of and provide more opportunities to grow a wide range of plants. You can use raised beds or containers to achieve amazing results in the end. The best choice for such construction is probably the soaker hose system.

You can install this system in the base of the plants in the raised bed. You may dig it slightly, so the whole system stays invisible and does not ruin the perfect view. The good news is that you don’t need to move the system once it is placed. Unlike the sprinkler system, the soaker hose does not water territories you don’t want to. Hence, you don’t waste precious water without the need. You can take it completely under your control and provide only the amount that is needed. The coverage totally depends on you.

The Benefits of Irrigation System

Any of these systems can be installed by you. They do not require a fortune to work. The most expensive one is probably the sprinkler system, but the price varies based on the materials, the territory you have to cover, and even the developers with the warranty they give.

With an irrigation system that matches your garden perfectly, you can double your harvest or improve the total outlook of your yard. While you may need to experiment with the system you choose, you will quickly learn which features are necessary and which are not. You may decide to give a chance to the soaker hoses to cut the number of water you spend or sprinkler hose system to water the plants faster.

Which System to Choose?

If you are completely new to the whole gardening activity, you may ask experienced gardeners for their advice. Don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of your neighbor who has a beautiful garden. You may ask your family members or friends if you know that they have gorgeous gardens. They will unlikely refuse to give you consultation. Follow their advice, but make sure that they are suitable for your garden.

Besides, you can use science, and find everything you can about the land, climate, and plants you want to grow. Match them with the system of irrigation and decide which one you really need. Find the answers to the questions above and choose the best system.

You also can ask the hose supplier about the most effective watering. If you find the system you want to buy, read the reviews from other customers as they may be extremely helpful. Make the watering process advanced.

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