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Let your BBQ Night be All Fun and No Mess

BBQ nights are super fun. They offer the much needed break from our mundane daily routine. Yet most of us refrain from hosting BBQ parties. We had much rather dress up and go out to enjoy grilled food at an expensive restaurant or look forward to chill at a BBQ party at a friend’s place. Isn’t it? But why? Well, it is because of the effort involved in grilling food as well as the mess that needs to be cleaned up post the party. Grilling food can be a tedious task and the cleaning required after the procedure adds to the hassle. But what if we tell you that we have the perfect solution for all you grillaholics out there? Yes, we do! Read on to find out about it.

BBQ Grill Mats to the Rescue

A BBQ grill mat is exactly what you need to avoid mess and enjoy your party to the fullest. Carnivore Style even offers lots of grill mat choices. Organizing a barbeque party is a breeze with the use of this grilling tool. Here is how it can save you from the hassle BBQs are infamous for.

Keep Your BBQ Stand and Grates Clean

When you place marinated cheese, mushrooms, lamb, pork and other food items directly on the grates, they are bound to stick to those rods. You wouldn’t be able to rid the grates of the food that is stuck on them immediately. So, it will continue to grill and burn as you place more sets of food on the grates. This residue can be really hard to clean later. If you have ever tried getting rid of it, you will agree at once. Besides, the food often slips through the grates and thus dirties the entire stand. This adds to the mess and makes the cleaning task all the more difficult. However, you wouldn’t face any such problem if you spread a good quality BBQ mat on the grates before starting with the procedure.

Just grease the mat with a pinch of oil and you are good to go. You can place your well-marinated chicken wings, mushrooms, fish, pork, cheese, lamb, cabbage steaks, potatoes, and soy steaks on the mat to grill them properly from all the sides. The grates, as well as the stand, will remain clean as there would be no sticking or slipping of food.

Avoid Wastage of Food

Imagine purchasing expensive food and investing time and effort in marinating it only to see half of it falling through the grates or sticking to it. Disheartening, isn’t it? Want to avoid this unnecessary wastage? Then you must definitely not miss out on a good quality mat that spreads evenly covering the grates entirely. As already mentioned, the food wouldn’t slip through the grates nor will it stick to them if you spread this tool on them. So, you can very well avoid wastage of food by this small addition and enjoy all the delicious snacks that are being grilled.

No Need to Indulge in Extensive Post Cleaning

Now, you must be thinking, that if not the grates, you will have to clean up the mat that may require the same amount of effort. But no, a grill mat does not require extensive cleaning. You can just leave it as it is after the party. As it cools down by next morning, just soak it in lukewarm water for around half an hour to get rid of the food residues. You may add a mild detergent to the water. Take out the mat after the mentioned time and wipe it off with a soft wet cloth. Let it dry completely before you store it back.

Other Must-Have Grill Tools

In addition to bringing home a good quality grill mat you must also go for certain other tools that can ease the grilling procedure. Here is a quick look at some of these tools:

Long-Handled Tongs

Heavy-duty yet lightweight long-handled tongs offer the ease of twisting and turning the food placed on the mat to ensure proper grilling. It is also suggested to buy a stainless steel spatula and fork to manage this task efficiently.

Smoker Box

Up your grill game by bringing home a smoker box. Placing the smoker box filled with flavourful wood chips on the BBQ stand while starting with the grilling procedure helps infuse the food with that awesome smoked flavour and taste. It will add to the taste as well as fun.

Grill Time App

A grill time app eases the grilling procedure to a vast extent as it offers flip reminders and also offers other necessary instructions to grill the food appropriately. You don’t have to keep a check on the items placed on the grill as you get busy serving snacks to the guests and chit chatting with them if you have this app downloaded.

Stainless Steel Skewers

You may also buy a couple of stainless steel skewers to grill your vegetables and other items more conveniently.

Grilling Gloves and Apron

Make sure you buy BBQ grilling gloves made of silicone to manage the whole procedure without incurring burns or cuts as they offer complete protection. It is also a good idea to wear a grilling apron. These aprons have a number of pockets to keep all your grilling tools handy. Besides, you wouldn’t end up ruining that beautiful party dress with this addition.

What a relief, isn’t it? This simple tool is truly a saviour for all those of us who love BBQs. Grill mats are readily available in the market. You will find these by different brands. The mats vary based on their thickness, size and quality. It is suggested to go for one that is neither too thick nor too thin. The size can be chosen based on the size of your barbeque stand. And don’t compromise on its quality! Besides, make sure you also bring home the other grilling tools mentioned above for a seamless experience. Well, you can thank us later!

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