Benefits You’ll Feel When You Drink The Right Amount of Water with MD Margaret L Salmon

Do you drink the recommended amount of water each day? We are instructed to drink 4 liters per day if you are a man and 3 liters per day if you are a woman in order to remain in optimum health. Despite how important this is for us all, the number of people who do actually drink the right amount of water each day is worryingly low.

Recent studies performed by Margaret L Salmon MD, a specialist in hydration and digestion, indicate that one of the key factors as to why people don’t drink enough water is that they simply aren’t aware of what the consequences are of not doing so. In reality, the consequences of this are very damaging indeed, something which Margaret’s research has found that people simply are not aware of. If you fall into this category and you’re not sure of what all the fuss is about in getting people to consume more water each day, here are just a few benefits that you can expect when you begin to take on the right amount h2o each day.

Organ Function

We’ll start off with the benefit that you won’t necessarily see, but you will certainly feel and that is the improvement of organ function, and this applies to every organ in the body. Water is absolutely essential for all organs to perform what they need to each day, and when there is a deficiency of water, this is when problems begin to arise. When there isn’t sufficient water in the system then the organs in the body have to fight it out to get hydration and this results in slow performance, inability to effectively deal with waste as well as added stress on the body that can leave ya feeling tired and achy. Over the long term, this can be very damaging and can increase the chance of having a wide range of diseases.

Focus and Productivity

Something which so many fail to recognize is the damage that we do to ourselves on a daily basis in terms of our ability to focus and concentrate. When we are not properly hydrated one of the organs which impacts what we do the most is our brain, and this is why we can become quite slow in thought and have difficulty concentrating on what we have to do. After just a few days of drinking the right amount of water, you will certainly find that you can think sharper and focus better.


Skin the biggest organ in the body and it bears much of the brunt of your body being dehydrated. The result which you will see on your skin after drinking the recommended amount of water for 2-3 weeks will be remarkable and your skin will look healthier, fuller and fat more healthy. So many people spend money on creams and treatments for their skin when in reality drinking water is likely to be the most beneficial thing that can be done to improve the appearance of your skin.


When your body is not properly hydrated and the organs are forced to work harder, it can have a sapling effect on your body and the energy levels which you have. This is why after just a week of drinking the right amount of water each day, you will see a significant improvement in your energy levels and your general ability to get up and go. Drinking water helps in the breaking down of food, the oxygenation of the blood and the smooth running of the different systems inside the body. When all of this is working as it should, you will feel far more energetic.

Weight Loss


Something which so many people fail to realize if they are losing weight is how much they can be assisted by water consumption. The first way in which water intake will help with weight loss is that it can suppress hunger, in fact, many times when people feel hungry, they are actually in need of water, not food. Beyond this, drinking enough water is also very helpful in processing and breaking down fats and nutrients from food, which increases the body’s ability to burn calories and prevent weight gain. Any diet or healthy lifestyle should be supported by drinking the right amount of water each day, failure to do this will have a damaging effect on weight loss efforts.

This is something that has so many benefits and it is so incredibly simple to do. Some health hacks require quite a bit on your part when it comes to drinking water however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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