How to Keep Your Furnace in Great Working Condition

As the weather cools off, your furnace helps keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long. Unfortunately, your furnace will not last forever. Over time, it will begin to show signs of wear and will become less effective when it comes to keeping your space warm.

However, there are things that you can do to keep your furnace in great shape for as long as possible. This not only keeps you comfortable, but also saves you money as you can avoid going out and paying thousands of dollars for a new furnace.

With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few great ways that you can keep your furnace in great working condition for years.

Call in a Pro


If you truly want to keep your furnace in the best shape possible, it is crucial that you call in an expert annually to inspect and check your furnace. It is hard for the average homeowner to truly know what shape their furnace is in, and this expert can check all components and functions to make sure there are no issues that could cause problems now or in the future.

Be sure to check Morris Jenkins or another trusted company in your area to ensure you end up with a professional who is experienced, knowledgeable, and able to do a good job. Sure, calling in an expert annually comes with a cost, but it is well worth it for the peace of mind knowing that your furnace is in good shape and there are no red flags present. If the expert identifies anything, you can fix it immediately to ensure your furnace remains in the best condition possible.

Keep the Filter Fresh

One of the best things that you yourself can do for the longevity of your furnace is remembering to change the filter from time to time. Your furnace has a filter that is responsible for keeping dust, dirt, and various other types of debris from getting into your furnace. It can also help improve your indoor air quality.

But over time, this filter will get clogged up and need to be changed. Not only does this mean it is less effective, but the fact that it is clogged full of debris means that your furnace will need to work harder to push air through a full filter, thus putting it through more wear than it needs.

How often you need to clean or change your furnace filter depends on the type you have. Some need to be changed out every month, while others are generally safe to use for about 3 months before switching them out. These filters are generally quite easy to find, but they come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so make sure that you get one that fits with your furnace and system.

Pay Attention to Strange Sounds and Scents


During normal operation, furnaces will make a bit of noise. This will occur when they start up, and often while they are running, too. However, over time you will get used to the sounds your furnace normally makes. If you begin to notice different or louder sounds, it could be cause for concern.

This could be banging, clanging, grinding, clicking, buzzing, or any number of other sounds that could indicate a problem. If you identify these, it is best to turn off the system and call in an expert so that they can inspect the issue and fix it before it causes more damage to your system than necessary.

In addition to weird sounds, be watchful for strange scents coming from your furnace, as they can also be signs that something is wrong. This can include musty scents, the scent of rotten eggs, and plenty of others.

Make Sure Vents and Open and Unblocked

Oftentimes, the deteriorating condition of your furnace has little to do with your furnace itself. A great example of this comes down to vents and registers. If your vents and registers are blocked or closed, they will not allow very much warm air throughout your home.

This means the furnace needs to keep pumping out hot air to attempt to heat your home, even if most of it is being blocked. These vents can be blocked by things like furniture and boxes, but can even simply be closed instead of open.

Overworking your furnace like this can be awful, and will be incredibly expensive. As a result, go throughout your home and make sure all vents and registers are free from blockages, and can help warm air successfully travel throughout your home.

In a similar vein, you want to ensure you get your ducts cleaned every couple of years. Ducts can get clogged up with dust and debris, which can force your furnace to work harder in order to push air through. Trying to clean your ducts on your own can be done, but it is generally quite difficult and requires tools you may not have. It is normally easier to call in a professional who can simply do it for you.

Ensure Your Home Has a Tight Seal

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Last, but not least, you want to ensure your home has a tight seal. By air sealing your home, you make sure that no cold outdoor air is able to enter your home. If your home is full of drafts and cold air is constantly getting inside, it will make your furnace work even harder to keep temperatures at your desired levels.

Over time, this will not only lead to increased bills, but can also hurt the efficiency and effectiveness of your furnace. Sealing your home involves finding the cracks or leaks, and simply filling them. This should be done before winter, to ensure your furnace isn’t forced into working overtime. These can be anywhere, and you should check all exterior walls of your home, but these can often be found near door or window frames.

In conclusion, by doing the things outlined and mentioned in this guide, you can ensure your furnace remains in great working condition for as long as possible.

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